Weekly Report: 16/09/2018–23/09/2018

Good evening Galacticans! We are pleased to share our week’s developments with you!

We can proudly say that we are soon to reach another milestone at Intergalactic Gaming. Firstly, we are looking at offices in Manchester, where we hope to have our Intergalactic Gaming HQ. It is yet another exciting chapter on our Intergalactic journey and one step closer to the final execution of our vision.

TRONScan Progress
Tokens Issued:
3,394,899,097/10,000,000,000 available
Tokens Frozen (3 November): 40,000,000,000
TRX Raised: 28,000,000 TRX

We have withdrawn 1.7M TRX from the IGG Wallet. This TRX will be utilised for:

  • New HQ office in Manchester, UK

As we draw closer to 3 October, we will begin to ramp up efforts for global expansion.

Social Media Presence
IG Telegram Channels:

  • IG Announcements Channel

New Partnership — New member of the IGGalaxy!
A few hours ago, we released an article on Medium announcing a partnership with a FIFA scouting network and agency who work with the most promising FIFA gamers. This agency has a wealth of experience within esports, having worked with some of the biggest names in English football. With our new partnership, comes new tokens. 100m for F1FA SAKE (FFS) tokens have been created, like our other partner tokens, they will be exclusive to IG.

Please follow the link below to find out more about our new exciting partnership.


Official Partners
Esports Organisations:

  • Mazer Gaming (MGG)

Non-Endemic Organisations:

  • Noise Creative (NCG) — Marketing Company

Over the last week, we have been in London, at the ESI 2018, a leading esports business conference. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our brand: what we are about, and how we plan to change the world through competitive gaming.

ESI London was a three day business conference, involving various notable guest speakers providing their insight on the esports landscape. A talking point during one of the seminars was whether franchised leagues had a place in esports. The majority of the audiences contended nay, citing the detrimental effect it would have on the grassroots movement, as it will only be teams with large capital that benefit.

This event also allowed for the opportunity to meet professional footballer, and Leicester City full-back, Christian Fuchs. He has his own esports team ‘No Fuchs Given’ and discussed the benefits of professional footballers joining the movement. Firstly it provides exposure to the whole esports scene, which will bring with it a huge influx of revenue. Secondly, it will enable professional footballers and general public figures, to build their own personal brands and monetise their reach. The life of a professional athlete is very short when we compare it to the age of retirement; esports therefore becomes a viable career option to diversify their portfolio.

With all other speakers from blockchain companies utilising Ethereum, IG was the only representative present from the TRON community, allowing us the opportunity to provide extensive exposure to the IG project and the TRON blockchain. Founder of the TRON Network, Justin Sun’s vision of a decentralised entertainment internet, is synonymous with our own. The TRON network is far superior to Ethereum’s, handling over 2000 transactions per second. Furthermore, their reliable network structure has undoubtedly supported our distribution plan. IG’s presence at the ESI sure turned a few heads.

Our co-founder Naeem, spoke on the panel regarding the unification of blockchain and esports; in particular, how it will intertwine with the future of gaming. As previously discussed, the amalgamation of the two offer for a bright future. In short, it will allow grassroots gamers at the heart of esports to participate and thrive through their own decentralised digital economies. Through our strategic partnerships, we will be able to shape the future of the esports industry, thus facilitating the natural evolution of interaction and the exchange of value. Our vision sees the fragmented landscape connected through social competitive gaming.

We had an opportunity to speak to number of organisations at the ESI 2018. These conversations were positive for us, leading to the potential for exciting partnerships; all with the promising aim of securing IG’s foothold in the esports x blockchain landscape. We can confirm that we have spoken to disabled gaming charity SpecialEffect who provided us with a greater insight into what they do. Accessibility and inclusion is central to IG; we firmly support disabled gaming. At the ESI conference, we were extremely excited to test the new XBOX controllers designed specifically for disabled gamers. As IG develops, we intend to conduct regular research into ways in which we can bridge the gap and assimilate disabled gaming into the mainstream. We hope to work closely with SpecialEffect and other similar organisations to help them flourish on the esports scene.

Outside of the conference, our co-founders set up a number of meetings that will look to enable adoption across Europe, with high profile professionals eager to join our ranks. We anticipate detailing the outcome of these meetings when appropriate.

Intergalactic Waves
Our Galactic Magicians have incorporated a ‘New Wallet’ section this week; users now need to verify their wallets to be counted in main airdrops. Does not affect rain/airdrops on Telegram. The second 1b airdrop at the end of the month will now only count verified wallets. Users can verify their wallets by visiting www.iggalaxy.com, logging in and going to the wallet section where the instructions straight-forward. Galacticans will just need to send TWO payments of varying amounts, amounts are generated per wallet to our address, and the system will automatically mark it as verified. With this update came the ability to delete and rename wallets, in addition to switching primary wallets.

5k bonuses will also be getting sent out BEFORE the 1b airdrop, provided requirements are met.

We have prioritised design work this week as we work on our alpha platform. We are progressing well, and will be releasing some teasers on our progress in the coming weeks; we cannot wait!

With the release of FIFA 19 and our alpha Platform imminent, we look forward to soon hosting our very first tournament on the Intergalactic platform. A lot more exciting things to look forward to as FIFA 19 is released.

What we look forward to:

  • Release of FIFA 2019–28 September 2018

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:

Website: www.iggalaxy.com
Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/user/Intergalactic_Gaming
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/official_IGG
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OfficalIGG/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergalactic_gaming/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intergalactic-gaming
Medium: https://medium.com/@info_91865


https://t.me/IGAnnouncements — ANNOUNCEMENTS CHANNEL
https://t.me/IGgge — Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE)
https://t.me/IGG_English — ENGLISH (MAIN)
https://t.me/IGG_Korean — KOREAN
https://t.me/IGG_Spanish — SPANISH
https://t.me/IGG_German — GERMAN
https://t.me/IGG_French — FRENCH
https://t.me/IGG_Dutch. — DUTCH
https://t.me/IGG_India — INDIA

Esports Telegram Groups:

https://t.me/IGFIFA — FIFA
https://t.me/IGRocketLeague — Rocket League
https://t.me/IGFortnite — Fortnite
https://t.me/IGOverwatch — Overwatch
https://t.me/IGNHL — NHL

Fantasy Football Telegram Groups:

https://t.me/IGNFL — NFL
https://t.me/IG_FF — Fantasy Football (BPL)

Partner Telegram Groups:

https://t.me/MazerGaming — Mazer Gaming
https://t.me/TronEsports — Tron Esports
https://t.me/GSINesports — GSIN Esports
https://t.me/DemiseEsports — Demise Esports
https://t.me/SangalEsports — Sangal Esports
https://t.me/FuegoGaming — Fuego Gaming
https://t.me/FFSeSports — For F1FA Sake
https://t.me/TronWalletMe — Tron Wallet Me



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