The IGGenesis Cup

From all of us at IG, we are extremely thankful to Gavin Clancy who worked diligently to organise this weekend tournament! A historic moment — the first IG FIFA Competition.

If we could sum up IG’s first FIFA tournament in one word? Interesting. The IGGenesis Cup was hosted on the Battlefy platform, which has also been previously used by Manchester City’s FIFA esports cup. Many are unaware of the current landscape of online competition, and specifically how IG can adopt it onto our platform. Although this was meant to be a private tournament with the IG team to be streamed online, we thought it would be a great opportunity to invite a mixture of Galacticans and other FIFA gamers along. We had 29 entrants and there certainly were hiccups along the way, but we feel the actual fixtures were thoroughly enjoyed by our Galacticans; we can all agree the prospect of online tournaments, in all capacities, on our IG beta platform seems overwhelming — we do.

The Battlefy platform certainly has its fair share of issues, as evidenced by Saturday’s semi-catastrophe. The primary issue being that many players signed up, but failed to attend the fixture! Following a basic sign up process, all that was required was an email address and password, many players found themselves progressing or being eliminated without even playing. This is not to suggest that forfeits do not happen, they do, but it was extremely difficult to coordinate matches against your opposition. The tournament needed to be reset as fixtures had timed out, consequently disqualifying players. In addition, Battlefy gave no clear indication, or notification, that a fixture was about to commence, or that you had progressed or been knocked out. As you can imagine, it is quite frustrating to wait 10 minutes, to the then be informed that you had ‘failed to check in.’ I’m sure you all participants had other issues that we can criticise extensively, but we won’t.

Unlike Battlefy, IG intend to ensure our online platform is accessible and user-friendly for all. Battlefy allows users to create multiple accounts and has no KYC verification, meaning there is a higher chance for potential for scammers/cheaters We witnessed many participants who complained at their opponents attempting to lie about fixtures. In short, Battlefy did not provide adequate support at the beginning to help gamers to join and compete fluidly. Our KYC elements will provide a sense of security for our Galacticans. It will allow them to play, communicate, and stream comfortable in the knowledge that all participants are verified by our verification system, with the addition of all tournaments being monitored. The future tournaments facilitated on the IG platform, powered by the TRON blockchain looks to be immense.

Despite the stress of having to rectify mistakes on Battlefy’s behalf, it was a positive indicator for IG admin and our Galacticans alike. We are confident that through our beta platform, will address the current issues with online competitive gaming that Battlefy had exposed this weekend. Once the confusion had settled, and the fixtures began, our vision for future tournaments to be carried out on the IG platform is something we anticipate completely overturning the landscape of online gaming.

It wouldn’t be a competition if there wasn’t any prizes would it?

Final Standings:

  1. @Harry
  2. @Joji
  3. @Dan Diesel

IG had some amazing prizes to mark our first ever competition, and best believe there are many more to come. Before the final kicked off, @Dan Diesel finished third after his play-off opponent disqualified for cheating. Our platform will subsequently allow us to strategically capitalise on the errors prevalent within the Battlefy platform. @Harry received a reward of 500,000 IGG, @Joji 250,000 IGG, and 250,000 distributed to all participants; but this was just the start. @Harry, @Joji, and @Dan Diesel all received brand new copies of FIFA 19, courtesy of IG. Finally, last week IG announced a partnership with Mazer Gaming, the semi-professional FIFA esports team. Through this partnership, Mazer Gaming are extremely proud to offer @Harry an trial to join their team. Could this be the start of an illustrious FIFA career for one of our early Galactican adopters?

If you missed out on the IGGenisis tournament, don’t worry! We have another in six weeks, where there is an opportunity to win more exciting prizes;a few of which have already been announced. The latest addition we’ve added to our growing prize pool, will allow the winner of our next tournament to receive the Oculus Marvel Powers United VR special edition Rift + Touch. If you haven’t already signed up to our website, then we suggest doing so as a matter of urgency. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the prizes to come. You do not want to miss out. Seriously.

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