The IG Platform: A Rewarding Competitive Gaming Ecosystem — June Update

As you know, our tournament hosting platform, and its subsequent success, will lay the foundations to ensure Intergalactic Gaming (IG) can achieve the mission we set out to complete. We anticipate that much of our community are excited by the progress of the IGGalaxy, as well as its eventual deployment at the end of the year. Because of this, we are thrilled to bring you these platform updates; the current state of the platform, and future development thereof, is a testament to the support, and at times patience, our community have demonstrated. As always, we are thankful that you continue to motivate us to uphold our promise to evolve the competitive gaming landscape, whilst also spreading the mainstream adoption of the TRON network.

This update, which will also be included in the Q2 Progress Report, will provide our readers focused insight into the development of the competitive aspect of our platform. FIFA 19 is the platform’s current test title meaning some members in the IG community will find they have restricted access. Therefore, the updates discussed in this document solely pertain to the next phases of tournament testing.

Life on the Flip Side: IGLabs

On Sunday, in celebration of IGLabs’ first month, we released an insight into how our application will feature in the IGGalaxy. To summarise, we expect the full development and deployment for IGLabs commence on a sidechain, in Q1 2020. In short, this is due to the current high transaction fees required for storing IGG in IGLabs’ power capsules; as it stands, we can expect energy consumption for “quests” and other functionalities in the IGGalaxy to be significantly higher. To read more about the benefits of migrating on to a sidechain, read our IGLabs’ one-month update!

Current Platform

Our competitive platform is currently in the Beta phase of development and has the following features — readers should know that there will be some overlap between this aspect and IGLabs. We will provide a brief explanation to each:

  • User Features
  • In-Built Wallet

When creating your IG wallet, you will be required to create a ‘wallet password’. We encourage all users to ensure their wallet password is different to their account passwords. In addition, it is essential that you keep a record of your wallet password, Seed/Mnemonic Phrase as we do not keep a record of these.

  • Join Tournament (restricted access to FIFA players only)*
  • Teams + Players (restricted access for FIFA players)*
  • Other

Competitive Platform Updates

The following developments have been deployed, and as such, will soon be available to our FIFA player base to test. With that said, our developers will continue to test existing features as we scale our user base up until the Q4 public launch, and beyond.

Create Tournament (Phase One: Core Team)

Our developers have done a fantastic job establishing the foundations of the IGGalaxy; we hit our first milestone with the successful deployment of our Alpha phases, successfully hosting our first FIFA 19 tournaments for PS4 and Xbox players on the platform. As we journey through the Beta phase, we have hosted our second FIFA tournament, in a different game mode, and under different test conditions, whilst also deploying an application that supports the growth and sustainability of the IG token economy.

Moving forward, all tournaments will be created by members of the core IG team, outside of development. Eventually, we will expand our testing for members outside the IG team to do so, but this will be communicated beforehand clearly. With the ultimate aim to allow users on the platform creating tournaments, we must thoroughly test end-user flows and journeys to ensure an streamline, intuitive and rewarding experience.

The table below illustrates the current tournament creation form, which we will reaffirm is only in the first phase:

Developments expected to follow…
We have allocated the entire month of July to test the first phase of creating tournaments via our admin panel.

Following on from this, in August, selected users will have an opportunity to test the tournament creation function prior to the release of FIFA 20 and the public launch expected in Q4 this year.

It is also worth noting that we soon intend to begin testing, prior to integrating, our second esport title into the platform. In addition, our tournament creation module will enable the hosting of esports competitions of varying formats, such as leagues.

How does this impact the IG and wider community?
We have highlighted the importance of users having the ability to create their own tournaments; a logical next step now we have our minimum viable product in place. In terms of scalability, we can now look to deploy tournaments for partners, educational, social or charitable events; however, this is the beginning.

Whether you’re a gamer, spectator, or even just intrigued by the fastest-growing segment of the entertainment industry, this update brings with it a multitude of opportunities.

Firstly, the wider IG community, non-gamers specifically, will have the opportunity to host their own tournaments and then eventually in titles other that FIFA.

Secondly, a proliferation of tournaments, organised independent of IG, will demonstrate activity, engagement, enjoyment; essential elements to sustainably retaining users. Supporting independent tournament organisers in hosting competitions for hugely popular esport titles will no doubt further the reach of the IGGalaxy. It will also enable the distribution of IGG to key stakeholders within the IG ecosystem, gamers and teams!

As we have reiterated the value of IGG is driven by utility; utility is primarily driven by activity on the IG platform; utility should therefore point towards a consolidated, stable value for IGG.

Automatic Prize Distribution (Phase One: IGG Rewards Only)

The Intergalactic solution commits to automatically reward all players that participate in IG tournaments, regardless of skill or match outcome. However, at this point, we will reiterate that disqualifications may result in the forfeit of rewards. This can also be used by tournament creators to automatically distribute the reward the participants of their competition.

The automatic distribution of rewards are primarily supported by the IG wallet function; users will be able to choose a wallet for tournament rewards to be distributed to. This feature will prove to be central to the gamers that will participate in tournaments within the IG platform; powered by TRON, the stage is set for our innovative and rewarding social competitive gaming platform. Certainty of rewards will be validated and enforced by smart contracts.

IG, our partners, sponsors, or anyone that creates a tournament are required to hold the full amount of prize pool before a tournament can be confirmed. These funds are essentially sent to an escrow wallet, where they are distributed as per the demands of the agreed terms upon the completion of the competition. With regards to managing the distribution of rewards, tournament hosts can also set the rewards to be distributed for participants finishing in particular rounds.

In the event that players from any given team participate in an IG hosted tournament, rewards will be distributed directly to the players competing. Once the platform develops and further features are implemented, smart contracts will execute any payments to players from their respective teams, eliminating the risk of players being unpaid.

What developments to expect…
Whilst not too detrimental, we imagine some players may eventually wish to have more than one tournament reward wallet: either for different titles; formats (later including leagues); or individual and team rewards. When appropriate, our developers will look to push this update, but this will be prioritised according to the demands of the platform’s wider development. For now, we can confirm that development for an algorithmically calculated rewards distribution is in progress.

Next, TRX and further TRC tokens. IGG is currently the only TRC20 token whitelisted for automatic reward distribution. As we look to drive the exposure of our partner tokens, players on the platform can also expect to receive tokens other than IGG.

How does this impact the wider IG x TRON community?
Once again the successful automatic distribution of prize pools will serve as a vital measure of success with regards to our platform development schedule; it is a component that essentially reaffirms our passion to make gaming rewarding for all!

For the community, player engagement in tournaments hosted on the IG platform, and the subsequent adoption of IGG by our primary intended user base, will naturally contribute to a fluid market. Here, by subject of utility, IGG should witness reduced volatility on exchanges coupled with greater stability in the overall market value.

We are sure you would agree that this has the potential to be huge for the wider TRON community. The scale of users we have targeted for our competitive platform is huge, not only this, but we must also remember we are currently only hosting tournaments in FIFA 19. In theory, as the titles supported on our platform grow, as should our overall user base; in practice, we will dedicate resources to ensuring our user targets are met.

We must also acknowledge the fact that IGG is currently the only token whitelisted for rewards. Although driving exposure and utility for IGG is important to long-term plans of growth, equally as important is exposure for TRX (TRON). Having the ability to reward players in TRX permits the freedom to explore the TRON ecosystem as a whole; to potentially observe wider TRON projects where TRX may be used. In addition, to further incentivise the holding of TRX, we will have numerous resources dedicated to the education of the network; the benefits, opportunities, and long-term proficiency and confidence with blockchain technology and crypto management.

One engagement incentive in the very early conceptual phase is the establishment of the very first TRON SR tournaments hosted on the IG platform. This again, will prove to be another decisive measure that has the ability to engage the TRON community as a whole, resulting in a far more engaging and socially rich ecosystem. As the platform development progresses, this will likely take the form of a league; notwithstanding, this is provisional — this of course will be subject to demand from the other TRON SR’s and their respective communities.

Looking Ahead

As we are heading into the third quarter of 2019, we will be releasing our IG Q2 Progress Report. In this later update, our community can expect to read all developments related to IG, from both a business and platform development perspective.

With regards to further insight on July’s platform testing, we will be releasing a tournament schedule clearly outlining the dates, times and game modes for tournaments. This will be accompanied by a commitment, to allocate amount of IGG for the coming and subsequent months leading up to the full public release.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:




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