The IG Effect — Partner Tokens Sold Out in Weekend Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE)

Over the weekend, we successfully launched our Galactic Grand Exchange (henceforth known as GGE) where we enabled the exchange of TRC10 tokens within the IGGalaxy. It also provided an opportunity for many of our community to interact with our co-founders and core team to ask any questions they may have. Transparency is important as it dispels any FUD —and there is no better way than to do so by getting an insight of an organisation from the horses mouth.

The GGE was, without a doubt, a resounding success. The tokenisation of our partners’ infrastructure has proven to provide hugely positive and tangible results. We expect these results will entice a significant number of non-endemic and endemic organisations. We are proud to provide you with the results and the future impact of the Telegram GGE below:

GGE Results Overview

  • Over 3.5 million TRX exchanged for approximately 200m IGG.
  • 100m IGG exchanged for 60m of our partner tokens (MGG, TEG & GSG).

First Round of Partners’ Token Exchanges:

  • All partner tokens had 10m of their tokens listed in the GGE, enabling users to exchange IGG for these exclusive tokens at a hugely favourable rate. This began on Saturday morning (UK time).
  • All three of our partner tokens were sold out within several hours of the GGE opening; MGG sold out within two!

Second Round of Partner Token Exchanges:

  • Once all partner tokens were sold out within the first few hours of the first day of the GGE, we decided to list another 10m — this time at a different rate.
  • As a result of the astonishing support from the IG community for all our partners, this second batch was sold out by early Monday.

Mazer Gaming (MGG) : 40m IGG

TRON Esports (TEG): 30m IGG

GSIN Esports (GSG): 30m IGG

NB. IGG raised will be held in a wallet that will be excluded from the upcoming 1 billion airdrop. We will work with our partners to provide all the community with a distribution plan of the raised IGG, providing clarity as to how it will be used to scale up and facilitate their plans.

Furthermore, we will also work with our partners to provide a more comprehensive plan about their plans to adopt esports into the IG ecosystem and onto the TRON blockchain.

Benefits of Weekend GGE to Partners

  • Huge exposure and support to the IG and TRON communities.
  • A bespoke token that provides a unique value proposition to their current and future communities.
  • Significant IGG tokens raised to enable them to carry out their exciting plans for adopting esports onto the TRON network, via our platform.

Online Exposure:

All our partners have experienced significant growth in engagement across all channels as our Galacticans are in full force supporting our partners. Simply looking the impact to all of our partner Telegram groups demonstrates the success of our plans to integrate them into the TRON ecosystem. We had Galacticans purchasing our partners merchandise and sharing their social media on Twitter. It was amazing to see!

The numbers below have been built from ground level. All these groups are less than a few weeks old:

  • Mazer Gaming — 623 member
  • Tron Esports — 516 members
  • GSIN Esports — 689 members

Positive engagement from a significant proportion of our community was also further demonstrated last night as we announced our partnership with TRONWallet. Our new partner’s Telegram group increased from around 250 members to over 580 members — in less than a day!

See more about our partnership below:


Earlier this month, we announced our plans to tokenise the esports landscape — starting with Mazer Gaming. Since then, we now have three partners that are adopting our tokenised infrastructure. Each partner has 100m issued tokens bespoke to their brands and exclusive within the IGGalaxy. These partner tokens will be eventually multilaterally exchanged with other tokens within the IGGalaxy, including IGG.

This limited Telegram GGE was to provide an insight to the flow of value throughout the present unilateral ecosystem. Furthermore, the rationale was to provide a demonstration of a vital component within our platform and digital esports economy infrastructure — the GGE!

The GGE will facilitate the exchange of value between stakeholders. Users will be able to utilise IGG in consideration for listed products or services. These listed products or services will be from ourselves and other approved stakeholders, including our partners. It is much more than just a market place; it will essentially facilitate the flow of value throughout the liquid IG ecosystem.

The GGE will drive merchandise revenue across the esports landscape for individuals or entities that may have struggled otherwise. For example, the GGE on our platform will enable users to buy their favourite teams apparel, in IGG, via secure smart contracts. Or perhaps you need some training ahead of a tournament? Pay in IGG for some lessons from an approved coach.

This GGE should begin to paint a picture of this vital component within our infrastructure. The tokenised infrastructure, along with our planned GGE on the platform, will enable use to tailor the activation of any of our current and future partners within the esports and blockchain landscape. This is important for adoption. The possibilities are endless for non-endemic and endemic services.

The beauty of esports is that it converges various established industries. This we will also demonstrate. Big things ahead for esports, TRON and the IGGalaxy!

DISTINCTION BETWEEN IG & IGG — See our thread posted last night:

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:









Esports Telegram Groups: — FIFA — Rocket League — Fortnite — Overwatch — NHL

Fantasy Football Telegram Groups: — NFL — Fantasy Football (BPL)

Partner Telegram Groups: — Mazer Gaming LLC — Tron Esports Ltd — GSIN Esports — Tron Wallet Me



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