Sangal Esports 🇹🇷 — Trade SEG/IGG on TRONWatch Market!

With the recent launch of the first IG Gold (IGG) trading area on TRONWatch Market, we will be providing exposure to all of our current partners as they list on the exchange!

Our next article aims to provide an insight into our Turkey based partner, Sangal Esports and their SEG token, which can be purchased on TRONWatch Market now!

Sangal Esports is a Turkish based professional esports organisation founded in June 2017, under the leadership of Emre Ergül. As of 2018, they decided enter the IGGalaxy, opting for a partnership with Intergalactic Gaming, in turn adopting the TRON protocol. Esports has a relatively large market in Turkey, and so our partnership with Sangal will no doubt provide mutual benefits. Tokenisation exposes Sangal Esports to an entirely new market, which they may not otherwise have been exposed to.

Sangal believe in the Intergalactic vision and will be working closely with us to grow the esports and competitive gaming scene. Sangal Esports will be a key partner as we look to expand the adoption of IGG in Turkey!

Turkey’s Esports Market

Entering the Turkish esports market via a partnership with Sangal offers the opportunity for IG to further solidify presence outside the UK. This is essential from two perspectives. In terms of business development, expansion is vital, and this partnership furthers the exposure of our unique value proposition to a new target audience, for which we are in no doubt certain of its success.

Second, but by no means least, esports in Turkey offers much potential. Limitations within the Turkish economy, as well as wider issues in terms of revenue for esports teams, our tokenised model will see competitive gaming nourished from the ground up. As Sangal grow, they will continue to utilise IGG to incentivise their players and teams which will increase the sphere of influence of the token.

Turkey, a bridge between two continents, sets out to be one of the most valuable gaming markets in the EMEA region! With a total population of 82,003,882 and millions of young people, Turkey certainly has the necessary ingredients for the sustainable development of gaming, esports and blockchain technology.

To date, Sangal have already demonstrated their appetite for success. Growing in independence with interacting with the TRON ecosystem, we have already seen them achieve some astonishing things, with relatively little supporting capital.


Over the past year, Sangal have competed in 79 tournaments, travelling over 12,000km, and across three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

SEG Token

Token Allocation:

  • 30% for Public Sale
  • 25% for IG Platform and DApp Integration
  • 25% for Sangal Esports
  • 10% for Sangal Team and Founders
  • 10% Reserved for a Year (Frozen)

Generic Partner Token Use Cases:

IG Platform

  • SEG utility will be integrated throughout the IG platform, with entry to exclusive Sangal tournaments, events and competitions. In addition, there will also be utility for SEG in the Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE) in exchange for discounts on Sangal products and services.

Apps and DApps

  • IG will be developing applications (centralised, decentralised and hybrid) that aim to support the token economies of partner tokens, whilst also aiming to provide new revenue streams. This will be particularly relevant to the long-term vision to our virtual token economy.


  • Incentivise community engagement through competitions and rewarding interaction.

We will continue to work with our partners in supporting them develop their token economics as we look to collectively adopt esports and competitive gaming onto the TRON network.

Online Presence



  • Followers: 528


  • Followers: 52

Discord Server:

  • Members: 283

If you have not already, you will be able to read our partner Demise Esports’ document below:

Remember to always DYOR and not view these tokens as an investment; the prices of these tokens will be determined by conventional supply and demand economics!

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