IG Q1 Progress Update

Before we progress into the second quarter of 2019, we will provide a reflective overview of Q1, compiling our developments and sharing our community’s insight.

On a developmental side, we now have our minimum viable product, having successfully concluded our Alpha phase of development. In terms of our community presence, we exceeded 5,000 Twitter followers this quarter, and so, we would like to welcome the new Galacticans to the IGGalaxy.

With that said, we remain on track with our proposed road map for 2019. We hope you all enjoy catching up with our developments, and like us, are looking forward to the quarter ahead!

Token Swap (IGG TRC10 — IG Gold TRC20)

At the start of the year, we made the decision to convert our native token from the TRC10 to the TRC20 standard, providing greater functionality as it enables IGG to be utilised for smart contracts. This gave us the opportunity to rename our token to IG Gold, keeping the token ticker as IGG.

To date, the majority of IGG has been converted; for those unable to do so so, please watch the video shared below. Tokens are unable to be retrieved once sent to our conversion wallet, however.

Wallet Conversion Address: TNgecdBdYY7ZvMC1p2ycPiyJ1siwHcS6KQ
Total IGG Converted:
48,751,911,471 (97.5%)
Remaining IGG to be Converted: 1,248,088,529 (2.5%)

All the IGG TRC10 tokens that are swapped will be burned at the blackhole address, removing them from circulation. You can see the burned IGG TRC10 tokens at the address below:


niTROn Summit 2019 Welcomes the TRON Community!

The first ever niTROn Summit in San Francisco saw members of the IG team meet the IG and TRON community for the first time! The Summit welcomed TRONICS from all over the world to discuss TRON’s progress against competing blockchains, as well as a strategy for reaching the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Furthermore, news of BitTorrent’s BTT token launch broke, which later in February became available for a period of time on the Binance Launchpad, and finally scheduled monthly airdrops to all TRX holders.

With talks from key TRON personnel regarding accelerating TRON’s Virtual Machine and encouraging DApp developers to join the TRON ecosystem, a fundamental takeaway remains: mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, when?!

As discussed by our fellow Super Representatives, end users must be able to interact with blockchain technology, without being put off by technical jargons. The technology must be accessible, relatable and simplistic in its everyday use; until then, it will remains incomprehensible. Of course this does not mean we are lightyears away. TRON’s community-centric approach dedicated to rewards, coupled with an ever-increasing number of viable use cases will undoubtedly propel TRON to their target of top four in the CoinMarketCap by the end of 2019.

IG Attend Esports Bar 2019 in Cannes

Like the niTROn Summit, Esports Bar also explored the ways in which we attain “mainstream enlightenment.” Like blockchain technology, the esports industry is nascent, with both presently lacking a sustained interest from institutional investors. With many of the industry’s leading business and non-endemic executives from all over the world in attendance, the event itself was a huge success as it provided IG with an opportunity to forge relationships with others in the space.

The event’s keynotes are to be found in the nourishment of the grassroots competitive scene. As discussed, Summer Esports Camps for children of all ages may be introduced as an educational tool, which of course bridge the perceived cultural and socio-economic gap currently present between competitive gaming for the masses and elite level. Increasing prize pools and including game developers and publishers in the planning of esports events were factors discussed that would ensure grassroots gamers are kept central to the industry’s growth.

Unlike previous esports events both Josh and Naeem had attended, like the ESI event last year, this time they were able to demonstrate a working version of our concept. Naturally, this placed us in a much stronger position as we could clearly illustrate the the various stakeholders may interact with the IGGalaxy; for example: basic tipping to gamers, tournaments right the way through to non-endemic brands sponsoring teams, smart contract implementation and team establishment.

Little did I know when joining the IG telegram that this one click would reshape my perception of an industry I have been involved in for as long as I can remember. Gaming is no longer ‘a waste of time’ as many of our parent would have described it, it is much more. The industry is changing and adapting and unrecognisable from when I started gaming and IG will be at the forefront of this innovation for years to come.

As the industry continues to mature, we will ensure that IG remain at the forefront of innovation, utilising our unique platform’s ecosystem, and adopting the TRON protocol to evolve the competitive gaming landscape.

Alpha v2.0: FIFA 19 IG Alpha Cup Milestone!

As we are finishing up Q1 of 2019, there has been a slight confusion amongst
the community due to the fact the platform is not available to a broad
audience, and more downtime between announcements. This is to be expected as most of the IG teams resources have been focused in development of the platform.

Following the successful deployment of the v1.0 Alpha Testnet back in December 2018, we mobilised a team of 10 developers, the majority of whom in different time zones. Our aim for this phase was to successfully host a head to head FIFA 19 tournament for PS4 and Xbox players, providing an infrastructure where we could begin to build a player history and evaluate the “user story.” In this context, the user story is effectively how each user navigates the platform.

As it stands, users on the platform can currently:

  • Create Profile
  • P2P Chat
  • Join Tournaments
  • Establish Teams
  • Join Teams (either through request or invitation)
  • Record Scores
  • Submit Evidence

Despite all players providing positive feedback with regards to the the platform’s aesthetics and functionality, we identified two key areas that we will look to conduct further testing on. This will be addressing the minor glitches with some button functionality as well as further, but planned, testing with regards to the automation of the platform.

Whilst we appreciate many would have liked to witness our platform’s progress first hand, we must ensure we execute the platform’s deployment pragmatically. In rushing users on to the platform, we run the risk of compromising the overall success of the platform, which we are sure you can accept. We will continue to regularly stress-test the platform’s infrastructure following the implementation of further features, and incrementally adding users as appropriate.

Beta Phase Update

With the Beta phase of our development plan officially initiated, we will now begin to implement additional planned features into the platform to enrich the social competitive gaming experience for our users. There will also be significantly more integration of the TRON protocol into the IG platform.

On the surface IG has already built a great foundation, a beta platform, multiple FIFA tournaments, 15+ partnerships and a strong community that has been a credit to the TRON ecosystem. But what really intrigues me are the things in the pipeline that Naeem are Josh teases us with every time they visit us in the telegram!

As this Galactican correctly speculates, we have a number of “intriguing things in the pipeline” all of which will become clear this coming quarter!

We look forward to providing more details regarding our development plan in the beta phase. With this in mind, we must also be weary not to reveal too much about our platform for the sake of staying ahead of our competitors. With our minimum viable product in place, we are in a strong position as we proceed to the public launch of the IG platform.

Utility Utility Utility!

As we progress through the beta phase of development, expect to see much more utility for IGG and other tokens within the IGGalaxy.

Chibi Fighters, a DApp currently on the Ethereum blockchain is due to officially launch on the TRON blockchain in April. In celebration of our partnership with Chibi’s, a special Galactican set has been included, designed by one of our very own community members! We look forward to revealing further information about how we intend to collaborate with them and other projects on the TRON network to further the adoption of the TRON network.

‘Freeze Function’ Update

Having previously mentioned our intention to implement a ‘freeze function’, we have since opted to introduce it with a ‘gamified’ edge. We can assure you, our community that fundamental components to this function have since been established, where we will soon see an added utility for the IGG token. We’re looking forward to sharing further updates regarding this feature very shortly!

ABCC Exchange and Huobi Wallet

Last month, IGG became available to two ecosystems outside of the TRON network: ABCC Exchange and Huobi Wallet. With our TRON presence very much solidified, we will now look for means to expand the IG vision to new exchange communities, on both centralised and decentralised platforms alike.

Recording a trading volume in excess of 100 million TRX on TRON’s DEX last year, we understand the importance of encouraging such liquidity. Even more pertinent when you consider our token economy model that has been designed to cope with our dynamic competitive gaming platform. With the popularity of competitive gaming alone, we will aim to

Trading Pairs Available:


ABCC is the first exchange to provide a TRX trading area, enabling users to trade TRC tokens with TRON’s TRX!


During this quarter, Huobi Group officially launched of Huobi Wallet, which is now available for download on Android and iOS! With a user base of over 20 million, IGG was chosen by TronTrade to be a flagship project, also becoming the first TRC-20 token to be traded and featured on the Huobi Wallet. With an accumulative turnover that has already exceeded $1.2 trillion, the ability to now hold IGG on Huobi Wallet provides invaluable exposure and of course entices an entirely new demographic. Looking to the quarter ahead, we will begin to see our IG brand featured in further communities outside of TRON.

Accelerating Competitive Gaming: Elected SR’s Intergalactic-Gaming

As we proceed into our sixth month as elected SR’s, continuing to efficiently produce blocks for the TRON network, we remain firmly rooted to the network’s growth. At the time of writing this report, Intergalactic-Gaming are ranked number 23 with a productivity rate of 98.98%, producing over 140,000 blocks.

To further reinforce our intentions for adopting competitive gaming on the TRON blockchain and belief in the IG token economy, we updated our reward plan. Here, we have decided to reduce the daily TRX rewards by 10%, which will be subsequently allocated towards buying IGG back from the market. The TRX allocated towards the IGG buy-back will amount to approximately 4500–5,000 daily, an amount too insignificant to artificially pump the price.

Amongst all of this: IG Sign very First all Female CSGO team!
To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, Galacticans United signed our first roster, Team Tripping, a highly promising female CSGO team. They will be competing in various events whilst representing Galacticans United, providing further exposure to the IGGalaxy and the TRON network. From the IG x TRON community: Good Luck at the Copenhagen Games this month!

A Final Thought

As we progress towards the eventual public launch of our product, we will continue taking strides towards establishing the most unique, and enriching and gamer-centric online competitive platform. Looking to the quarter ahead, you can expect us to intensify our efforts to build a social competitive gaming ecosystem that is inclusive for all. In the coming weeks, we will also be outlining details for our next online tournaments, where our two Alpha Cup champions will be back to defend their FIFA 19 titles’. As always, make sure you stay up to date with all the developments in IGGalaxy, you will definitely not want to miss out!

What to look forward to this quarter:

  • Online tournaments and leagues to be hosted on the platform providing opportunities to gamers around the world
  • Live events
  • Galacticans United compete at the Copenhagen Games
  • Freeze Function update
  • Further exchanges and IGG base pair
  • Further utility
  • More Galacticans invited to participate in the testing of the Beta platform
  • Further rosters to join Galacticans United
  • And much more that we cannot wait to reveal…

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

Website: www.iggalaxy.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/igg_esports
Discord: https://discord.gg/5kx4tKR
Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/user/Intergalactic_Gaming
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/IG_Galaxy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IGGalaxy/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergalactic_gaming/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intergalactic-gaming
Medium: https://medium.com/@info_91865
Telegram: https://t.me/IGG_Official



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