Progress Report: 19/03/2019

As we appreciate things move quick in the IGGalaxy, our progress reports aims to provide you with an overview of recent developments.

Since the last report, we have made significant progress having just concluded the Alpha phase of our our development plan.

Esports BAR Cannes 2019

Our co-founders were invited to feature at Esports Bar in Cannes last month. They had the opportunity to network with many of the industry’s leading business executives, as well as other non-endemic leaders from all over the world. The event itself was a huge success; Josh and Naeem had an invaluable opportunity to put forth the vision that drives IG making great contacts in the process!

See our official write up of the event below!

Alpha Progress: The IG Alpha Cup

Since the launch of our first version of the Alpha (Alpha v1.0) on Boxing Day last year, we have seen the IGGalaxy undergo a spectacular transformation! And now, in less than five months, the first phase of our three-phase development plan has been successfully concluded with the IG Alpha Cup!

Over the weekend of 22/02/2019 to 24/02/2019, we reached a crucial milestone, successfully hosting our FIFA 19 IG Alpha Cup. We opened the tournament to a total of 128 players, 64 for each console, yet this number was reduced. Overall, the general feedback from the tournament was positive, with many new Galacticans loving the new platform!

To date, whitelisted users on the platform are able to:

  • Create their Intergalactic Profiles
  • Upload identity verification documents*
  • Join & Compete in Tournaments (including recording results)
  • Peer-to-Peer Messaging
  • Establish Teams (realistically, we imagine it will be at least a month or so before we begin to see teams established on platform)

*all documentation provided for identity verification is not stored by IG; it is verified by Credas, a secure identity verification company.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing details of another set of tournaments that will be on on the IG platform to welcome the Galacticans new to the IGGalaxy.

IG x Sports Management Worldwide

Last Thursday, we announced a strategic partnership with Sports Management World Worldwide (SMWW). We will be supporting SMWW’s entry into the esports industry, as they look to hold ‘Business of Esports’ courses that will help nurture the development of the future leaders of the industry. In case you haven’t already, be sure to check out our official announcement below.

Galacticans United’s New CS:GO Roster!

Galacticans United signed their first CSGO roster, known as Team Tripping. This new but highly promising team will be representing Galacticans Utd at the Copenhagen Games next month!

The Copenhagen Games

You can read our official announcement regarding the the signing below:

IG x Chibi Fighters Partnership

Chibi Fighters, a DApp presently on the Ethereum blockchain will be coming to TRON this month! Our partnership with Chibi Fighters will see IG armour available on the game, created by a Galactican in our community.

If you haven’t already, you will most definitely want to catch up with this latest partnership development.

We look forward to continuing to work in synergy with Chibi’s and other DApps on the TRON network.

IG TRON Super Representative (SR) Update

As we continue our drive towards establishing an esports presence on the TRON blockchain, we decided to transition to the next phase of our SR community plan.

Previous Distribution Plan
From the TRX earned from producing blocks for the TRON network, we previously distributed:

  • 85% TRX to voters, proportionate to the percentage of their contributing votes for Intergalactic-Gaming as an SR.
  • 15% TRX to the Intergalactic Foundation

In addition, we distributed IGG distributed at a 150% rate for every TRX rewarded to the voter.

Current Distribution Plan
Presently, we are distributing:

  • 75% TRX earned distributed to voters, proportionate to the percentage of their contributing votes
  • 15% TRX earned distributed to the Intergalactic Foundation Wallet
  • 10% TRX used for IGG buy-back daily

( )

The IGG bought back will be distributed to participants in our upcoming application, previously known as the freeze function.

  • IGG distributed at a 100% rate for every TRX rewarded to voters

Click below to see the details of SR community update, which includes further details regarding this transition.

Mysterious Application (Freeze Function)

We had previously outlined that we will be looking to implement what we described as a ‘freeze function’. This would enable Galacticans to lock their IGG in smart contracts earning rewards for doing so. This function was intended to replace the loyalty reward scheme whilst supporting the IG token economy.

At IGHQ, we have conducted various design sprints to test how we could deploy this concept in a more interactive and impactful manner. Having concluded these sessions, we are excited to announce that we will be creating a decentralised application that enables IGG holders to take part in quests, mining IGG and other valuable resources within the IGGalaxy. This will be the next step for our layered tokenised ecosystem.

We look forward to revealing further details about this mysterious DApp very soon.

Token Swap Update

On the 14th January 2019, we announced our intention to migrate from the TRC-10 to TRC-20 standard. The current status of the token swap is provided below:

Total IGG TRC-10 Swapped: 48,470,852,372 (96.86%)*

Remaining IGG TRC-20 to be Swapped: 1,568,744,487 (3.14%)

Total IGG (TRC-20) in Circulation: ~11,500,000,000 (conversion still ongoing)

*Please note that the TRC10 IGG tokens that have been swapped have been sent to a ‘blackhole’ wallet address where they cannot be retrieved.

How to convert your IGG:

IGG Listed on ABCC Exchange

Last Wednesday, ABCC Exchange opened up the IGG/BTC pairing! IGG was the first TRC-20 token to be listed on this centralised exchange.

With recent news of ABCC’s new TRX trading area that enables the pairings of TRC tokens with TRX is a vital step in TRON’s mission to become the top crypto platform, and of course an increase in liquidity to the TRC token economy.

Current Exchanges

LATOKEN (CMC listed) and IGG base pair (partner tokens) coming soon!

We have had contact with multiple other exchanges for IGG to be listed in the coming months as we look to increase liquidity within the IG token economy.

However, we be strategic with exchange listings. They are not the sole solution to sustainable and organic token growth. That being said, now IGG is beginning to list on exchanges outside the TRON network we will look to list on additional platforms that provide fundamental analysis.

CoinGecko —
Coinstats App

Huobi Wallet
To conclude our report, Galacticans are now be able to hold and trade their IGG on the Huobi Wallet app. Huobi Wallet app was recently launched by Huobi Global who have a vast user base worldwide. This has been possible thanks to support from TronTrade, so we thank them deeply for supporting us with this. Click below to see what this means for IG!

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:




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