Popular Mobile Gaming Trends

Thinking about it, most, if not all of us enjoy playing games. It is a form of entertainment that is widely enjoyed, diverse, becoming very widely accessible, and still continues to grow at astronomical rates. Specifically, the mobile gaming segment of the video games industry has consumed more than 45% ($68.5 bn) of the global games market, which is huge!

Credit: Newzoo, Global Market Reports 2019

Mobile gaming has massively expanded the video games industry, as introduced, due to the fact that smartphones — and related products, like tablets — are now very accessible. Almost everyone has, or at least has access to, a smartphone. So, what gaming trends will continue to encourage this growth?

Online Casino/Cash Reward Games
These types of games engage end-users with the immediate rewards, or fast pay-outs. These games include blackjack, poker, roulette, or slots, but other games may also offer the ability to earn prizes. Though extremely popular, online casino games come with their own controversies as oftentimes gamers, or even those with gambling addictions, can be left with huge financial losses, or gambling addictions.

Competitive Multiplayer Games
Due to the connectivity capabilities of smartphones today, our favourite genres can now be easily be played in close or far proximity with friends or others online. Popular titles like Fortnite, PUBG, CS:GO and Overwatch are no longer exclusive to consoles or PC’s, so these games can now be enjoyed on smartphones. What’s more, these games compliment the growing trend that is in-game micro-transactions, that allow gamers to purchase battle passes, skins and weapons, which ultimately serve to encourage engagement and retention.

Activision Blizzard’s COD Mobile launched at the start of October

Hyper-Casual Gaming
Hyper-casual games pertain to those that possess very simple mechanics, requiring little time in terms of development. A perfect example here is Candy Crush; a game very easy for gamers to pick up — and put down — with very little dedication required. We are seeing waves of gamers shift their attention towards casual games, which explains why more gaming companies will mark their entrance into the casual gaming landscape.

Credit: King (developers of Candy Crush)

Cloud-Based Gaming
Cloud-based gaming is an extremely exciting prospect. Cloud gaming allows gamers to connect to host gaming servers that stream a game’s data directly to players’ devices. Earlier this year, multi-national technology giants Google announced their entry to the gaming industry with their cloud-based gaming and streaming services, Google Stadia. Sony and Microsoft, have also announced their intentions to incorporate cloud gaming services with their PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, respectively; however, unlike Google’s Stadia, both have outlined that they will still offer physical discs. It is an upcoming trend that is set to radically evolve our [online] gaming experiences, providing immediate playability.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Niantic’s Pokémon Go

Captured on video or camera, AR offers the opportunity for a compelling, real-world interactive experience where objects are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. In short, the visual and auditory aspects of the game are integrated with each user’s surroundings. The real-world is very much deeply rooted in these AR games, which is the reason that AR game developers can ensure engagement with their games is maintained. Take Pokémon Go, for example — a worldwide phenomenon that quite literally had millions of gamers engrossed in their devices.

These are some of the biggest mobile gaming trends this year — all eyes will be on 2020 to see how these trends will develop!

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Building a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform that empowers gamers and teams! 👽