Progress Report: 02/06/2019

As we head towards the mid-point of 2019, and May concludes, we are back to share our end of month progress report. May has been very eventful; we began this month with two events orientated towards students in Manchester and the UK. The primary purpose for these events were to introduce ourselves as an innovative gaming business that is growing and actively looking to recruit top talent as we strive to execute our vision for an inclusive and fun online competitive gaming community.

In addition to strengthening our team with experienced individuals, we will also look to attract and nurture raw talent and creative minds; preferably those with an interest in blockchain and/or gaming. With IG still very much a start-up organisation, this was our first experience of showcasing our organisation in such capacity. The events were fantastic, allowing us to build our presence amongst the local community. The students in attendance were both keenly inquisitive to learn exactly how IG could change the world for the better through gaming and blockchain technology.

The common consensus: it seems like the dream job!

Over the coming months, we will be contacting candidates giving them an opportunity to either join the team, or take part in potential seasonal internships. In addition to this, we have also been contacted by various other educational institutions to attend further careers services and add value to their students.

Aside from recruitment opportunities, we will be scheduled to attend various networking events and collaborative initiatives with the University of Manchester and further educational institutions around the UK.

More information on this will be provided as appropriate.

New Additions to the Team

Simon Gatenby, former member of the IG community, officially joined the IG team half way through last month — although Simon’s work for IG started long before. When we first launched, Simon demonstrated his willingness to go above and beyond, providing technical support as when needed. Simon had always expressed his desire to undergo a new challenge after holding a Senior Software Developing role for 30 years. Simon now supports our Lead Developer, Jamie, working on the platform’s back-end functionality and security.

Chris Satchell, a local legend from a small town in Manchester called Chorlton, joined the IG family enthusiastic about this next step in his career. Chris is our UI developer and has a total of over 15 years’ worth of experience. Although Chris is new to esports and blockchain, he joins with the main aim of designing our platform’s user interface with this in mind. Our main user base, like Chris, will have very little knowledge of blockchain; with this in mind, Chris’ learning will undoubtedly influence the platform’s aesthetics and ability to communicate our unique selling points moving forward.

Farewell IG Nidge!
Nigel Morrison, our official tournament co-ordinator is officially no longer working for Intergalactic Gaming. As sad as we are to see Nigel leave the IG team, we wish him all the best in the future!

Super Representative Update

Currently ranked 37 with 15,334,662 votes, Intergalactic-Gaming no longer produces blocks for the network. Below, is our final block production productivity, which demonstrates our effectiveness maintaining the blocks productivity.

Re-election Campaign: TRON Adoption #IG4SR

In preparation to our re-election campaign, our developers have completed upgrades to our SR TRON nodes, as we look to increase performance and security. We will provide a full SR update to announce our intentions when appropriate.

IG Token Ecosystem

IGG Overall


Total IGG Burned

Partnership with TRONWatch Market (TWM): IGG Listing and Trading Area Open!

IGG Trading Areas:

  • IGG/TWX (TRONWallet)

TRONWallet is a secure peer-to-peer crypto wallet and exchange. Check out their website for more info!

  • IGG/DEG (Demise Esports)
  • IGG/SEG (Sangal Esports)
  • IGG/MGG (Mazer Gaming)token distribution altered; refer to White Paper attached.

Our IGG token will evolve the way that the various stakeholders within the competitive gaming ecosystem interact and exchange value with each other. With this, some partners of IG will also have their own tokens created for them, which is initially paired exclusively to IGG; it will allow them to offer a completely unique value proposition to their respective communities. Part of these partnerships will also involve IG providing adequate guidance for navigating the blockchain ecosystem, and support with their individual distribution plans.

This partnership with TWM will no doubt generate substantial exposure for the IG brand, whilst providing greater stability to the IGG token economy overall. Read more about this strategic partnership above!

You can also check read an overview of each of our listed partners!


IGG Deposits Available on LAToken!

After months of waiting, we have finally been given confirmation from LAToken that IGG will be available to trade against BTC and ETH as of 5 June 2019. Whilst we appreciate holders of IGG have been expecting this listing since January, all we can do is apologise — we had done everything possible to have this listing in time. In spite of this, we are thankful to LAToken for preparing this listing, and look forward to further listings, which in turn will increase exposure and thereafter further liquidity as we proceed with developing our rewarding and socially competitive gaming ecosystem.

Developments in the IGGalaxy

Since the FIFA 19 IG Beta Cup last month, we have seen significant developmental progress. Many of our community will have noticed slight UI updates to our landing page; this is part of a three-phased deployment plan, which we will deploy as certain milestones are met.


IGLabs, formerly known as our “freeze function”, this has seen the majority of our community who have been outside of our tournament test groups enter the IG platform for the very first time. IGLabs’ mission will be to converge the blockchain and gaming communities, to facilitate the adoption of crypto through education and reward incentivises.

Last Sunday, we released our very first update in relation to IGLabs; you will be able to read this below.

Our developers have also successfully integrated the following:

  • Sign-Up Flow

For now, we have completely revamped our user signup flow, which we believe is far more considerate to our market audience; gamers and crypto holders. In addition to this, infrastructure maintenance had been successfully carried out building both the resilience and security of our network.

  • Processing and Storage of the Network’s Data + Maintenance

We have started processing a significantly large amount of data we have obtained from the TRON network, which will primarily benefit us twofold; understanding our holders, and understanding the network. On the one hand, this will better support with our overall IGG token economics, ensuring maximum value to our holders. Secondly, as more users enter the IGGalaxy, our developers will be monitoring the services in development to enable our development team to react to any issues in a timely manner, to the highest degree of accuracy.

  • IG Wallets

Having completed the integration of our wallets last month, we spent this month testing the wallet functionality in a closed environment prior to opening it to users. As we have maintained throughout, we had to take our time deploying our wallets for security reasons; in particularly, that user wallet information was safely and securely encrypted.

Users are able to import and export existing TRON wallets, as well as create new wallets via the IG platform; however, TRONWallet’s mnemonic phrases do not currently work with our platform, though importing via Private Keys do.

Overall, the platform’s wallet functionality is intuitive; it has been designed to allow for seamless user experience, that provides each user with adequate guidance as they interact with it.

We will never have access to passwords or mnemonic phrases, so we urge all users of the IG wallets to carefully store their security details. We also encourage users to keep their wallet passwords and IG platform login passwords separate.

  • Token Swap Enabled

Token swaps have now been implemented on the platform enabling holders of tokens that need to be converted to do so without having to fetch the necessary conversion wallet address — they can do so at their leisure.

As it stands, this feature is available for holders of TRC-10 IGG and GSG tokens; however, we kindly ask all users to be mindful that they are sending the correct tokens; we may not be able to send tokens sent by mistake back.

  • Smart Contract Deployment

Smart contracts will ensure integrity throughout the IG ecosystem. There are currently four active smart contracts running on the IG platform, these are;

  • 50% of IGG for team creation to be burned immediately upon receipt
  • 0.2% of IGG stored in IGLabs power capsules to be immediately burned upon creation
  • All token swap wallet addresses
  • 10% of TRX earned from TRON to buy IGG back from exchanges to be burned

The first two smart contracts will run indefinitely, albeit all percentages are subject to change depending on the overall IGG token economics.

With regards to IGLabs, we understand that the current energy rates for participating in IGLabs are relatively high, we designed our reward structure to compensate for that. Developments with TRON’s side-chain, the SUN Network, may see us migrate over so we can reduce overall energy rates; notwithstanding, we will communicate any updates as appropriate.

Looking to the Month Ahead

Looking towards the month ahead, our team will continue with in-depth planning for the coming weeks and months. Over this weekend, we will be planning our third FIFA 19 tournaments, which once concluded, we will begin our countdown for the release of the second game to be supported by our platform.

With this naturally our developers will spend the early parts of next week testing and refining the platform’s automatic prize pool distribution. We look forward to the end of next month where we will be providing our end of Q2 progress report.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:




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