Intergalactic Report 03/12/2018

We are pleased to share our developments with you through our Intergalactic Report! To say the past few weeks have been hectic is an understatement. We have new followers and naturally more doubters; Intergalactic Gaming is well and truly on the map! Similar to our initial letter addressing the TRON community, we have written a letter addressing our Galacticans.

Please follow the link to read our letter to the Galacticans

Our Intergalactic Reports will aim to provide weekly updates of developments within the IGGalaxy.

Super Representative Updates
On Monday 19 November, Intergalactic Gaming officially announced SR Candidacy plans. Four hours after this announcement, we were voted second behind Sesameseed. Since, we have maintained our position amongst the top 27 SRs on the TRON Network.

Please follow the link to our Official SR Candidacy Announcement

Intergalactic Gaming SR Productivity:
Blocks Produced: 14,523
Blocks Missed: 16
Productivity: 99.89%
Votes: 181,135,813

As of Monday 26 November we moved into Phase 2 of our SR rewards. This reward is for those that vote for Intergalactic-Gaming as an SR. Voters are rewarded a share of 85% of the TRX (proportionate to their TRON Power) we receive for producing blocks. In addition, we have committed to rewarding voters 1.5 times the TRX amount in IGG. Please note that these numbers will be subject to change once we move into Phase 3.

Last week, we decided to announce the Galactican Incentive Reward scheme, which is separate to the SR rewards. This incentive aims to reward Galacticans for holding IGG tokens as we execute our vision. Over each 24-hour period, 120,000 IGG is distributed to Galacticans, taking into consideration total number of votes cast and total IGG holding. The script for this incentive rewards structure is currently undergoing developments and will therefore be backdated from Monday 26 November. While Galacticans wait, we would like to thank them for their patience. As always, we will keep you posted on all updates.

Please follow the link to learn more about our IG SR Reward and Galactic Reward Incentive including details of how to vote for IG as an SR. #IG4SR

Developments within the Intergalactic Ecosystem
Last week, Yannick Bolasie took to Twitter announcing his intention to enter the esports industry. Yannick was inundated with offers from prolific esports organisations with many eager to begin talks immediately.

Although many within the UK esports scene had taken the opportunity to offer household names, they also decided to insult everything Intergalactic Gaming stood for. Numerous organisations and their respective fans competed to entice Yannick, but Intergalactic Gaming became the target of an unfortunate group attack. We were called a “ponzi scam”, our community were called bots, and all because they fail to actually understand what we aim to achieve. An energised community is clearly something they are not accustomed to. Seeing this probably strengthened Yannick’s belief in how passionate we were about our Intergalactic vision. Anybody can go for a household name. But what household names cannot provide is the opportunity for a legacy. The opportunity to grow with a young organisation that yearns for a better future, through gaming. Yannick yearns for an opportunity to build something meaningful and believes that IG is the best platform for him to do so, particularly considering his passion for gaming. We look forward to meeting with him to discuss what his role within the IGGalaxy may look like.

We are a young organisation with aggressive ambitions. Very soon we will release details of other influential figures, who like Yannick, align themselves with IG’s values. There are many more to join the Intergalactic Ship!

Two days later, we announced the recruitment of Nigel Morrison. Having previously worked with Sweetpatch TV and Ultimate FIFA HQ, Nigel brings with him 13 years of competitive gaming experience. Over the coming weeks he will play an integral part in developing our FIFA esports ecosystem. He will also be involved in the IG FIFA Esports Academy.

Please follow the link to read more about Nigel Morrison joining the IGGalaxy

Alpha Platform
Our Alpha platform is set to land over the next month shifting our esports takeover to the next level. Over the past couple of months, our developers have been working around the clock to lay the foundations to the IG esports ecosystem. As mentioned on our Lite Paper, core functionalities will include:

*We are looking to potentially burn a proportion of the the IGG required to establish a team on our platform and the TRON blockchain. As the number of teams on the IG platform proliferate, naturally the number of IGG tokens burned from the total supply will increase. More information regarding this, as well as other burn function, will be released when appropriate.

In the build up to the Alpha release, we will be sharing some teasing snapshots so be sure to pay attention to our social media channels. Following from the Alpha launch, we will host FIFA 19 tournaments on the platform. In January 2019 (Q1) we will initiate the Beta phase of development where we will begin to integrate and test additional planned features.

Followers: 3,975
Likes: 3,379
Retweets: 1,759
Replies: 712
Organic Impressions: 325.5k

Developments to look forward to this month in the IGGalaxy

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