With relocation to Manchester almost complete, it’s been a while since our last report, but we are back. We are well within Q4, and with that we have a lot of exciting updates to bring including; coverage of esports tournaments within the IGGalaxy, IG’s plans for our SR candidacy, and details pertaining to the unfrozen 40b IGG — be sure to stick around!


Last weekend, our IG Overwatch community hosted their very first online Overwatch 3v3 tournament for PS4 players. 16 teams entered and it was Emergence who prevailed as the champions, beating BDGD in a nail-biting final. You can find a video to the matches played below:

Our IG Overwatch community worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the tournament; we at IG commend them on this successful event. Prize pools have been paid out and we look forward to supporting further community-led Overwatch tournaments.

Over the weekend, we hosted our very first IG tournament for FIFA 19. The purpose of this tournament was to primarily provide an insight into hosting a tournament using a blank page. We are sure all of those that followed the matches on Twitch would agree the quality was fantastic. Although there were issues with organising fixtures throughout the weekend, with many having to wait to play, we at IG are working very hard to eradicate these issues when we host tournaments on our own platform. A lot of time was spent manually updating the tournament tree, as well as arranging fixtures following “no-shows”; this is something our alpha platform will aim to address. In total, we had just over 200 players who competed for the PS4 and Xbox FIFA 19 crown, which is an amazing turnout. Of those 200 players, we had players from our partner organisations, and 86% of players that were free agents. The finals saw @Xesi1211 and @arkid1 crowned champions of the PS4 and Xbox One, respectively — both free agents.

We are currently in talks with @Xesi1211 and @Jamie18x to offer them a player contract to represent @IG_Esports to compete in future tournaments hosted on and off the IG platform. The total prize pool of £600, as well as 2,000,000 IGG that has been distributed. We would highly suggest FIFA players sticking around to be in with a chance of winning these cash prizes plus other exciting opportunities and surprises.

New Partners and Tokens in the Galaxy
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Team KaiRoS who are based in Newport Beach, California. Their founder, Greg Zinone is a firm believer in the IG vision and shares the same core values as ourselves; we feel this will be an exciting partnership!

Please find more information on our partnership with Team KaiRoS by following the link below:

Updates on the Alpha Platform
Our alpha platform development is on track and we are excited to announce that it is due to be released in early December. This will give us enough time to prepare for our first esport competition on the IG platform. Our software developers have been working overtime and diligently testing to ensure frameworks are in place and functionalities are working smoothly. We will provide additional updates and further insights closer to the launch time.

SR Candidacy
As we have now completed our relocation to Manchester, and moving into our new offices in two weeks, means plans for our SR candidacy have now been initiated. Over the next week, we will be finalising our plans and viewing spaces to place our physical servers. There will also be an official SR candidacy document released detailing our community plans and reward scripts. We anticipate officially announcing our candidacy by the end of the month at the latest.

Plan for Frozen 40 Billion IGG
We have now unlocked the 40b IGG (40,000,000,000) that was frozen until the 3rd November 2018. We will begin to initiate distribution plans following from the alpha platform release.

As outlined in our Lite Paper, our present plan for the 40b IGG entails:

  • Long Term Distribution Plan: 20b IGG will be utilised in our plan to distribute IGG from the bottom up. By this, we mean that we will inject IGG into our esports ecosystem via the participants. IGG will be earned by Galacticans on the basis of the value that they add on our platform.

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:



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