Intergalactic End of Year Review

As we reflect on 2018, it sure has been an exciting year! Rewinding back to this exact day last year, our co-founders Josh and Naeem had set themselves the goal of placing Intergalactic Gaming on the map; fast forward a year and they definitely have!

In December of 2017, Naeem, co-founder of Intergalactic Gaming, published his book on the dynamic esports or competitive gaming industry. Focusing on its rise from obscurity, he mapped the constructs of esports, drawing comparisons to traditional sport. Additionally, he focused on the flaws pertinent within the esports scene, particularly how a focus on elite esports organisations currently limits accessibility. Naeem thus concluded his book with the ways in which the Intergalactic model will unite the fragmented esports landscape, increasing overall accessibility into the industry.

To do so, we must begin to recognise the importance of rewarding the casual gamer. For them to have an opportunity to capitalise on the time they have invested in doing what they love. By the end of July, the stage was set for Josh and Naeem to launch their assault on the esports landscape. TRON had successfully launched their mainnet and esports was gaining significant traction. It was the perfect time for them to enforce their changes for a prosperous esports future.

Members of our community have generously written reviews of their first-hand experiences witnessing Intergalactic Gaming’s evolution over this relatively short period of time, which we have included throughout this Report. So before you read our annual review, here is a quote from one of our Galacticans that epitomises the dedicated hard work that has gone into laying the foundations for our Intergalactic esports takeover.

The core group that I like to say grew up with IG to this point is made up of some of the smartest and most creative people I’ve met in my lifetime. Looking forward to seeing IG succeed on the big stage 😉

We Come in Peace: IGG Token Sale [3 August — 3 October 2018]
Our first days on Telegram Messenger evoke feelings of nostalgia as we reflect on the year. We entered Telegram, discovering a new world. Thanks to the Seedit Bot developed by Rovak and Sesameseed, we were able to tip IGG to members across the TRON Telegram groups. It was our first opportunity to introduce Intergalactic Gaming, specifically how we intended to promote adoption of esports onto the TRON Network. This was a crucial moment for IG, and so we released our Letter to the TRON Community providing a transparent insight into the Intergalactic vision. This was received well, and it was the beginning of a closely-knitted solid community founded on the core principles of communication, reward and transparency.

From day 1 when I got into the room for IG, I had felt a sort of camaraderie I hadn’t really felt before unless, it was a feeling of togetherness shared amongst friends and family.

During our token sale, the IG team spent 24-hours a day answering the community’s questions and providing insight on how we intended to revolutionise the landscape. We received an influx of messages, a responsibility initially shared by five of the core Intergalactic team members — it’s safe to say it wasn’t easy. We had set ourselves the target of reaching 10 million TRX in two months, but astonishingly it only took us 17 days to reach. It was clear that the TRON Network was calling out for esports representation!

On 5 August 2018, two days after our token sale had started, we carried out our first manually executed 100 million IGG airdrop to reward our very first Galacticans. This was distributed to a relatively small, but lively community who were extremely grateful and excited for the beginning of the Intergalactic journey. Once we had developed our script to automatically execute our IGG airdrops, we took it to the next level, carrying out a 1 billion IGG airdrop to reward those proactively supporting IG. The ability to automatically distribute tokens through a script set the foundations for our eventual SR community plan.

With the Official IG Telegram Channel full of intrigue and innovative thoughts and visions for the adoption of esports onto the TRON Network, our numbers grew by the day.

I suddenly found myself here nearly almost every single day checking in, wanting to hear how everyone’s day went. They love gaming, they have a strong desire to be heard, and have the hope for a better life for themselves or their families.

Land and Expand!
An air of optimism swept our Telegram groups, and they continued to grow. We witnessed Galacticans rise from amongst the ranks, organising their own community led groups naturally adopting the IG ethos. Members of our IG community have formed their own gaming groups, hosting community led online tournaments in various esport titles like Overwatch and Rocket League. Feedback from tournaments have been extremely positive and the number of gamers within our ecosystem has proliferated.

Official List of Founding Partners

  • Mazer Gaming (MGG)

When I first got into a call and talked with Naeem, I knew he had a huge passion and a lot of knowledge for the industry he is working in. Mazer Gaming is very honored to be called the first partnered organization to join the IGG community. We will continue our support and are looking forward to what IGG will bring in the upcoming year. Month after month they continue to impress us with all of the amazing benefits of working with them.

A key success indicator for IG is adoption; is Intergalactic Gaming really providing the solutions? Thanks to an active community and a growing presence on social media, it was not long until we saw esports organisations joining the IGGalaxy. We look forward to growing with our Partners and know they will achieve great things!

Since we started our partnership with Intergalactic Gaming, we obtained access to many more people outside of Turkey. With the support it has provided, we have started to take more places in international tournaments, and most of these tournaments are tournaments with Tier 1 teams. We believe that Intergalactic Gaming will contribute more to us in the new year. We aim to spread IGG & TRON further in Turkey. Adoption is coming!

Our Partners Mazer Gaming and Sangal Esports recently outlined plans to expand their respective esports organisations. Mazer Gaming will be heading out to Mexico City in February for a 5v5 Gears of War event. Sangal are calling upon the IG and TRON ecosystem to support with increasing their reach within PUBG. Members of the community can view our Partners’ proposals submitted and contribute IGG or TRX to their respective wallet addresses.

Mazer Gaming:

Wallet Address: TZ8MnBvXLYUDvuJaDHvbkcWp69XSy9gwqU

Sangal Esports:

Wallet Address: TBtvJh9XDmrHj4rbmRQbBGMDvyvNJHDv83

IGG is growing and growing all the time, it is a fantastic product to be involved with and the support offered from the team behind the scenes is fantastic. As a company which is new to the blockchain x esports industry it has been a great opportunity to learn and grow our network further. We fully believe that through IGG and our GSG token this will be hugely beneficial to our continued growth in 2019. Thank you to all the team and our continued support from the growing community.

The Telegram Grand Galactic Exchange (GGE)
With our community engaged and IGG a dominant token on the TRON Network, we launched the Grand Galactic Exchange. This exchange channel on Telegram allowed for TRX to be traded for IGG, but also IGG to be traded for our Partner team tokens.

On the platform, the GGE will serve as a marketplace where merchandise and services can be sold. Following our platform launch, we will announce further information on how we intend to utilise the GGE within the IGGalaxy.

First FIFA Tourney
Our first ever Intergalactic FIFA tournament came in the summer, hosted on Battlefy’s tournament platform. This event saw the Intergalactic community come together for the very first time to compete for the IGGenesis Cup where winners of the PS4 and Xbox 1 competitions won a free copy of FIFA 19. The build up to the event was the moment that defined the IG community. Certain community members went above and beyond, filling in to provide support and welcoming new members to our newly formed IGGalaxy, confidently spreading the Intergalactic word.

One community member, now Guardian, even offered his time to help with the running of the tournament. We will be the first to admit our first tournament had a few hiccups; however, this was the point! This tournament served as direct evidence in support of the need for the Intergalactic solution. We would like to thank him, and other valued community members that have given their time to allow us to progress to where we are today.

Even though this certain Irishman’s FIFA record is questionable, and it’s unlikely he’ll have a place on our Galactican United squad, he, like many other individuals within our community exemplify the drive and passion that motivate us to succeed.

Personally, I feel privileged to have been a part of IG’s launch and cant wait for 2019 and the full platform release. Another year of laughs, ideas and enjoyment from helping IG succeed in its core mission of fostering inclusivity within esports. Oh and just a few games of FIFA along the way!

ESI Conference
Naeem’s first public appearance officially representing Intergalactic Gaming and TRON came at this year’s ESI event in London, speaking about the adoption of blockchain technology within esports. Christian Fuchs, owner of FIFA esports team No Fuchs Given also came to represent esports, discussing the benefits of footballers joining the esports impetus. As the Intergalactic model will continue to demonstrate, providing access for professional sports athletes to join the competitive gaming scene will be integral to taking grassroots competitive gaming to the next level. We have a handful of key sports personnel eager to join the IGGalaxy, stay tuned.

Our Intergalactic Statistics

Post Token Sale: Home Sweet Home
Our IG team had been working remotely from separate parts of the UK but in November we moved into our first Intergalactic HQ located in Manchester City Centre. By this point we had the opportunity to work full-time to ensure our vision became a reality.

For all of us, it has been an exciting learning curve that we are glad to have shared with you all. Although the journey has been rocky at times, we are extremely proud of where IG is today; of course, we are equally proud of the dedication shown by all that has contributed to IG.

A Time For Giving Back
Once we had relocated, we installed our servers to begin taking steps towards becoming Super Representatives on the TRON blockchain; the total cost for this was $30,000 which we covered entirely by ourselves. Of the top 27 SRs elected, SR’s are responsible for producing blocks, but also acting as guardians of the TRON, steering the blockchain’s future. We had outlined plans for our SR candidacy in our Lite Paper, to bring the representation of esports to TRON. We intended to help ensure productivity of the network, whilst also using our position to further the adoption of competitive gaming on the TRON blockchain.

After a few months of involvement — delivering future use cases and applications. I was excited to deliver the SR community plan and to be apart of the successful election, joining the team was a stand out milestone of my 2018.

Within two hours of launching our SR candidacy, Intergalactic-Gaming became elected, two hours later, we were second behind Sesameseed. We are extremely proud to have reached this feat, thanks to the hard work of our SR team we have remained in the top 27 since. Those that voted for Intergalactic-Gaming as SR with TRON power receive rewards proportionate to the votes they contribute. We also included an SR reward Loyalty Incentive scheme that rewarded those that voted for Intergalactic-Gaming as SR, but also rewards for holding IGG. Our SR status on the TRON blockchain will ensure we provide adequate representation for esports; to ensure its growth is simultaneous with the growth of TRON. Remember to vote Intergalactic-Gaming for SR! #IG4SR!

We are all a family ready to take the next step forward in gaming and in blockchain alike. Every voice here no matter their holdings is valued. The writing is on the wall for anyone willing to read it.

The best way to nourish the grassroots competitive landscape is to provide opportunity; opportunity that our various Intergalactic Institutions will provide. We aim to build the infrastructure that will provide the tools for anyone to pursue a career within esports. Furthermore, in support of Partners and prospective Partners alike, we have committed to providing a platform for them to submit their proposals for scaling up in the New Year.

IG wholeheartedly recognises the importance of using our privileged position to improve the world that we are living in, and the TRON Network will be integral to this. We have already shown our support to Binance Aid, donating 0.37 BTC (£1150) towards the Restore Bududa Program. We intend to integrate a similar function and continue to donate to projects that support the development of third world countries.

Our Partners
December was a particularly exciting month for our Partners Team KaiRoS as they hosted their very own charity event. Scott, one of our Galactic Guardians wrote of his day out with Team KaiRoS. It is certainly events such as these that we very much look forward to supporting in 2019 and beyond, as we begin to solidify our presence within the esports industry. We are extremely thankful to Greg and his team for agreeing to a Partnership that will undoubtedly be monumental for both organisations.

This event involved the Washington Redskins, but the real stars of today were the United States Marines who are stationed at the US Marines Barracks in Washington, DC.

The Marines stationed there came into the Great Hall and were really excited. The Redskins organization gave every Marine there a copy of Madden 2019! They also provided an Xbox 1 as the prize for the tournament.

Have to say, the Marines were turned up from the word go and competing with each other got them fired up! As players were eliminated, they would grab a plate of food and come sit near Greg and myself and the staff. We would chat for a bit and then they would go and root for their brothers.

The NFL and the Redskins had their “salute to service” and even interviewed Greg and the winner as well as Redskins players. We talked about gaming and future plans for TKG, IG and the partners. The man is truly focused and I am personally excited to have TKG tokens and to have watched Team Kairos do their thing!

As the tourney carried on, the guys got SERIOUS! Believe it or not none of the Redskins players made it to the quarter finals! 😂

Mazer Gaming too, demonstrated their community presence as their players hosted a 24-hour Twitch Stream. Proceeds went to Thirsty Minds Design and Media that aims to use game development as an alternative education for at-risk youth. In total, our community collectively raised $2,631.44 in IGG and TRX donations. We will look to continue to support our Partners in their charitable projects.

Competitive Gaming Galaxy
In order for us to stick by our word and provide the greatest competitive gaming platform in history, it is only right that we bring on board the right people! Prior to joining Intergalactic Gaming, Nigel has accumulated 15 years experience in organising LAN and online competitive FIFA tournaments. His work with Sweetpatch TV and his instrumental role in the development of Ultimate FIFA HQ will undoubtedly place Intergalactic Gaming at the forefront of the grassroots competitive gaming landscape. We are sure he will be very successful in his new role with us and wish him the very best of luck!

Our Alpha v1.0 went out on 26 December and we can provide you with a cheeky screenshot of one of our Team pages. We will not say anymore on this, but just know we are very much looking forward to its public release.

1:1 Airdrop
Early on in our Intergalactic journey, we committed to repaying the fantastic support of our early adopters with a 1:1 IGG airdrop, essentially doubling the total amount of IGG in circulation. As we take steps towards releasing our IGGalaxy, we will see the IGG token maintain organic growth as it is utilised for its prescribed purposes.

The Road Ahead

  • IG Updated Roadmap for 2019

To be apart of such a passionate team and community is exciting, I feel fortunate

to be in such a position to work on your passion. I look forward to what 2019

will bring for IG and the future milestones which will be achieved -

if this previous year is anything to go by, it will be awesome!

We hope you enjoyed our Annual Intergalactic Review. For those of you that have been a part of the journey from the very beginning, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. For those of you just joining the journey, we hope to create more memories for us to reflect upon next year. 2019 is sure to be a hell of an Intergalactic year! We look forward to unveiling more details surrounding developments within the IGGalaxy. We have been bursting to show just how far the Intergalactic fever is spreading, especially in the faces of those that doubt us. But for that very reason, it’s important we remain humble, and let our actions speak for us. Besides, surprises are fun right?!

We wish everyone across the globe a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:



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Fantasy Football Telegram Groups:— NFL— Fantasy Football (BPL)

Partner Telegram Groups:— Mazer Gaming— Tron Esports— GSIN Esports Demise Esports Sangal Esports Fuego Gaming Proton Gaming Masked Esports For F1FA Sake TEAM KaiRoS Tron Wallet Me



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