Intergalactic Announcement — 1:1 IGG Airdrop Taking Place This Month!

IG prides itself on having a community-centric approach. airdrops are a way that we can give back to our community for supporting ourselves in all kinds of forms. This 1:1 airdrop is a way for us to give back to all those who believed in our vision. We look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming airdrop, including how to verify your account.

1:1 Airdrop Details:

The 1:1 airdrop format is such that any eligible Galactican would receive an airdrop equal to their holdings.

IG Account Verification Application Deadline (KYC Documents):

23 November 2018

Snapshot Deadline:

25 November 2018

The snapshot will enable us to identify how much IGG Galacticans hold in their verified wallet(s). The IGG will then be airdropped to all eligible users shortly following from the snapshot.

The minimum IGG amount to qualify for the 1:1 airdrop is 50,000 IGG.

To sign up to the IG platform, visit

You will be directed to this page where you will find the ‘Galacticanship Application’, where you can to enter your name, email, as well as your preferred platform to create an IG account.

Once you have done this, you will need to enter your information, such as address and date of birth. You will also need to upload two forms of identification for our KYC process. If you find that you are unable to successfully upload your document (you will likely receive the error message: “Address Line 1 is a required field”), then simply compress the size of your uploaded documentation. You can do this via email if you are on phone OR you can re-save on Microsoft Paint (for example) as a smaller file.

You will then need to add a new wallet by copying your Seedit or TRONScan wallet address to link to your IG account. Here, you’ll be able to name, rename, or add multiple wallets.

Verifying your wallet[s] simply requires you to transfer two small transactions of IGG. You will lose this IGG but you will get 5000 IGG for having a verified IG account.

Our wallet verification is an automated process that may take up to five minutes to be processed. This is a necessary feature that ensures the wallet actually belongs to the individual claiming so. This is important to ensure fair distribution of airdrops.

Once your account is fully verified, you will automatically receive the 5,000 IGG bonus and therefore qualify for the 1:1 airdrop, providing you hold at least 50,000 IGG!

Follow the steps mentioned to ensure you are verified before the 1:1 airdrop. If you require any assistance from our Galactic Wizards, please do not hesitate to get in contact via email:

If you want quick assistance — please join our main Telegram group where there are always people willing to help.

Unlike previous airdrops, we cannot make any allowances for those that are unable to get verified on time. We have admins working to ensure everybody is processed in time for the airdrop. Please ensure you submit your KYC documents in a timely manner so that our team can process them.

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