IGGalaxy’s esports tournament schedule: 15/03/2021–25/04/2021!

IGGalaxy is the home of social competitive gaming! Whether you play competitive Fortnite; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; Black Ops Cold War; Warzone; FIFA 21; Rocket League; or Mortal Kombat 11, or you’re more of a competitive mobile gamer, in which case Call of Duty: Mobile, Clash Royale or PUBG Mobile would be the esports games that interest you, our competitive gaming platform provides free entry esports tournaments that are guaranteed to take your competitive gaming experience to a new galaxy!

The best thing, though? All esports gamers are rewarded for participation, win or lose!

In fact, last year we distributed over $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency to our esports gamers, and this year, with more new features and an exciting range of esports competition formats to be deployed, we intend to truly leave our mark on the gaming and esports scene!

IGGalaxy esports tournaments: What you need to know!

IGGalaxy is our next-gen social competitive gaming platform that is currently in beta phase development. We have spent the past year providing a space for competitive gamers of all levels to test their skills, meet up with like-minded gamers to socialise, and for many, even start to earn some serious rewards for ultimately doing what they love: competing in their favourite esports games!

New IGGalaxy esports tournament schedule!

If you’ve taken part in IGGalaxy esports tournaments before, then feel free to skip to the bottom of the page to check out our next six-week IGGalaxy esports tournament schedule.

If you’re new to IGGalaxy, however, there’s a few things you should be aware of first:

  1. You must have an active account at www.iggalaxy.com to participate. Follow the link to create one one if you need to.
  2. You must be on time to any IGGalaxy esports tournaments you are playing in. We encourage you to check out how IGGalaxy esports tournaments work to ensure you are eligible for tournament rewards.
  3. You must have a wallet set up to start earning rewards.
  4. All tournaments are segmented by region so please only join tournaments listed to your current location. The use of VPN’s to join tournaments is strictly prohibited as this is in place to prevent latency issues that would impact the experience of our players.
  5. We have a very active Discord group that we invite you all to join! Here, you will be able to contact IGGalaxy admins should you need any assistance!

Below, you will find the esports tournament schedule for the esports games we support in IGGalaxy:

The competitions that feature in IGGalaxy or IGGalaxy, specifically, are in no way AFFILIATED, AUTHORISED, LICENSED OR ENDORSED by any of the developers or publishers. Furthermore, IGGalaxy in no way permits the wagering or gambling of any kind throughout the platform. Anyone found to be in breach of this may be subject to disciplinary action.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:




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