IGG Token Economics & 5 Use Cases

In this article, we will discuss the IGG token economics and some of the use cases of IGG in esports.

Intergalactic Gold (IGG)

Intergalactic Gold (IGG) is an integral component of Intergalactic Gaming (IG).

IGG tokens will flow throughout our esports ecosystem. Gamers, teams, brands, professionals and the wider public, will be able to use IGG to interact with each other and exchange value. There are boundless use cases for various stake holders across the Esports landscape.

We hope to tease you with a few today! Firstly, it is worth recapping the details of IGG offering and progress:

Total Supply: 50 Billion IGG

Frozen Supply: 40 Billion IGG (3 months — Unfrozen in November)

Available Supply: 10 Billion IGG

Distribution of Available Supply:

  • 6 Billion — Offered to the Tron Community in exchange for TRX
  • 3 BillionAirdrops & Community Rewards
  • 1 Billion — IGG & TRX Esports Community & Ecosystem Development

The remaining 40 billion has been frozen for 3 months. When these are unlocked in November, we will then pursue listings on exchanges to enhance liquidity.

There will also be a 1:1 IGG airdrop following the unlocking of these tokens. More information on the distribution of the frozen supply will be released in due course.

There will be a scheduled coin burn in Q4 2018.

IGG Use Cases:

Value of IGG will be determined by the market and hence susceptible to supply and demand economics. For there to be increased demand and adoption of a token, there must be real world use cases. Considering there are over 2.2 billion gamers across the planet, there will undoubtedly be interest in holding onto IGG tokens and using them in our digital economy.

IGG will have extensive use cases for all key stakeholders across the esports landscape. This includes gamers, teams, professionals, brands and the wider public. Due to the nature of electronic games, the audience is huge and the landscape is fragmented. Different games have different markets. The FIFA audience and market will have nuances when compared to the Dota-2 market, for example. The IGG token will be utilised to interconnect these various fragments across the landscape to create a global digital economy.

Our multifaceted platform will have features that will integrate IGG in all aspects. We always intended to have an in-game currency called Intergalactic Gold (IGG) but now we have a digital token, on the Tron platform! Tron was made for organisations like us — facilitating innovation. The IGG token will now enable us to execute our vision for a digitalised and tokenised competitive gaming economy.

We will reveal our extensive use cases over the coming months. We cannot reveal many of them at this stage as they are tied to our USPs. Here are just 5 to get you thinking about the potential benefits that the IGG token can provide to the esports industry, as well as the vast additional possibilities;

  • Competition Ecosystem: IGG will be rewarded to players and teams for participating on the IG platform, regardless of result. All gamers will earn IGG as they compete. Performance will be a big factor in determining how much you IGG you earn via prize pools and other gamer centric features.
  • Teams pay gamers a salary in IGG: Using smart contracts and escrow accounts, we can facilitate the secure payment of salaries for players competing whilst representing a team. The ‘player contract’ will enforce the agreement of payment in IGG per match completed for the team. There will also be additional elements that could be added to the agreement, such as bonus IGG for win.
  • Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE): IGG will be the token used on this exchange to purchase products or commission services. For example, users will be able to purchase the merchandise of their favourite team using IGG. This will enhance fan base monetisation for gamers and teams, along with a whole host of other benefits.
  • Loyalty rewards to users: We have integrated reward features that will incentivise the co-creation of a global competitive gaming community. IGG will be used as part of the reward schemes, along with free premium memberships and other cool stuff!
  • Sponsorship: Sponsorship is the largest revenue stream within esports. It currently contributes 77% of the global revenue ($694m) and is expected to increase to $1.4 billion by 2021. By bespoke activation plans and the use of IGG, we would ensure a good return on investment for the brand. Gamers, teams and other key stakeholders within the IG ecosystem can be sponsored with IGG.

Fast speeds, secure and cheap transactions. IGG will facilitate enhanced monetisation and accessibility of esports across the planet.


You can exchange TRX for IGG in our Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/IntergalacticGaming

Tutorial: How to Purchase IGG Using Fiat Currencies

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