IGG Airdrop Schedule 2018 — LIVE DOCUMENT 1.0

As a team of individuals who value and appreciate the role of the community — we believe airdrops are a fantastic way to reward participants within our IG ecosystem. They are a way to reward those that have become early adopters of our IGG esports token. It is for this reason that we will distributing billions of IGG over the coming 3 months to our community.

To provide clarity, this article will outline the upcoming airdrops and what you need to know. This will be a live document and updated as new airdrops are announced and elements change. You will be notified of these changes.


Below are the airdrops that we have currently completed.

  • 100m+ Airdrop [5th August 2018] — Based on Tron Power and IGG held

This was done manually a few days after the launch of our offering. We wanted to reward our early early adopters who believed in our vision and use cases. We wanted to utilise Tron Power in the formula as many of our community had TRX frozen and we wanted to incentivise voting.

  • 10m+ Airdrop [15th August 2018] — Equal amount to all eligible holders

The next Airdrop we implemented a script to distribute 10m IGG to all holders with above 1,000 IGG. This was to test our initial script, as well as helping holders get to the 50,000 minimum requirement for the 1 billion IGG airdrop.

  • 30m Airdrop [20th August 2018]Based on IGG holdings

Over the last 2 weeks we have been perfecting our script ahead of the 1 billion IGG airdrop on the 26th. We changed the formula to one based on IGG holdings, when compared to the total eligible circulating supply. This has been successfully distributed, bar a few addresses which we believe is due to the transaction time between the batches (we are looking into this to ensure smooth processes for upcoming airdrops).

Please note:

The total eligible circulating supply is the total IGG in circulation, excluding the IG wallet and 4 other wallets. The total IGG eligible amounted to around 985m at the time of snapshot.


  • 1b Airdrop [26th August 2018] — Based on IGG holdings
  • 1b Airdrop [September 2018+] — TBC
  • 1:1 Airdrop [November 2018+] — TBC
  • Various Other Surprise Airdrops

With a script that is almost perfected, we will be able to carry out various other surprise Airdrops on the basis of different formats. We will inform you about them in advance if appropriate and required (particularly if tasks need to be done to become eligible).


1,000,000,000 IGG Airdrop (1 Billion IGG — 26/08/2018)

This Airdrop is only 7 days away and it is absolutely huge! It is 10% of the available supply of IGG. This is going to be distributed in a similar way to the 30m Airdrop, but with bit more to do to become eligible.

Eligibility — What You Must DO To Ensure You Get Airdrop:

  • MUST hold at least 50,000 (50k) IGG (around $20-$30)
  • MUST be signed up correctly to www.iggalaxy.com

Following sign up — you will receive a confirmation email enabling you to login to your account. You must then fill in the required details before being fully eligible.

More information regarding the sign up requirement will be released when we make the updates to the website live. Please be patient we will provide enough time for all to ensure their accounts on our website are verified.


We want to reward individuals who are actively participating to add value to the IG ecosystem. We want those who believe in the project to be rewarded. Our distribution plan for this Airdrop reflects that, rewarding the early adopters for exchanging their TRX for IGG at some incredible rates.

We will distribute the 1 billion IGG according to eligible wallets holdings, compared to the total eligible circulating supply.

To work out how much you will get:

[Your wallet IGG holdings]/ [Total eligible circulating supply] x 1,000,000,000


We have made extensive progress over the last few weeks that we are now in a position to scale up and execute our vision that we have laid the foundations for over the last few years.

We will continue to reward the Galacticans that show their support for our vision of an esports ecosystem within the Tron Network. This has been demonstrated by our actions in the past, as well as our future plans.

As a result of reaching this prior to anticipated, we intend to release EXTENSIVE information to the whole world — demonstrating that we are here to really disrupt the competitive gaming industry.

Thank you for your patience and support! Please check out our other articles posted on medium to give you a solid understanding of the IG project.

IF you want to know more about esports, our co-founder Naeem has published a book (available on all Amazon sites);

Esports: The Complete Guide 17/18: A guide for gamers, teams, organisations and other entities in, or looking to get into the space

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:

Website: www.iggalaxy.com


Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/official_igg

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OfficalIGG/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergalactic_gaming/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intergalactic-gaming

Medium: https://medium.com/@info_91865



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