IG x TRON Esports Ltd. Partnership

Last week, we announced our strategic partnership with professional esports organisation Mazer Gaming LLC. Yesterday, we announced our strategy to tokenise the esports landscape — starting with esports organisations.

This week, we continue our crusade to tokenise the competitive gaming economy. Today, we are proud to announce our next endemic partnership with an esports organisation based in the UK. Our relationship with TRON Esports Ltd. will be very similar to our relationship with Mazer Gaming LLC. We will work together strategically to bring the esports economy to the TRON blockchain. We will work together to drive the sustainable growth of the esports industry forward. We will help them navigate various obstacles they face when navigating through the vast and complex landscape.

Yesterday, we issued 100m Mazer Gaming Gold (MGG) on behalf of our partners. We have moved all MGG tokens to the IGG Wallet - a small proportion will be utilised for community and ecosystem development. Please NOTE: MGG is NOT available to exchange via TRONScan.

Today, we have issued 100m TRON Esports Gold (TEG) on behalf of our new partners. We have moved all the TEG tokens to the IGG wallet and a small proportion will be used for community and ecosystem development. PLEASE NOTE: TEG is NOT available to exchange via TRONScan.

We will release further information about our tokenised model structure in due course. We will be providing more information about how this tokenised infrastructure will work and how all stakeholders within the IG Universe will benefit. MGG and TEG are the first two tokens within our competitive ecosystem. See below for a greater insight into our plans to tokenise the esports landscape and create a digital economy.

TRON Esports Ltd. — An Overview

TRON Esports Ltd. is a company based in Leeds, UK. It is a relatively young organisation founded this year. It presently boasts over 24 players across five main titles and is looking to scale up quickly.

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (10 players)
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (5 players)
  • League of Legends (5 players)
  • PUBG (2 players)
  • Fortnite (2 players)

TRON Esports Ltd. has a lot of room to grow, particularly as esports is yet to pick up in the North of England. TRON Esports Ltd. highlighted the issue that they faced is the lack of available pro players around the Leeds area. It is difficult for them to find players, so they have been providing opportunities for grassroots players to enter the esports scene. We really like hearing this — IG will support in nourishing the grassroots so that there is more gaming talent being scouted and developed across the world.

TRON Esports Ltd. are more than an esports team; they are an organisation. They will operate like a business and will commercialise their organisation to enable their fans to purchase merchandise and gamer apparel. They also have a venue where they can host competitions. We look forward to working with them going forward and welcome them to the IG family!

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What Does This Partnership Mean?

This partnership is indicative of the attractiveness of IG’s offering. This strategic partnership will demonstrate the legitimacy and real-world applicability of our platform, as well as our integral IGG token. TRON Esports will begin immediately utilising IGG & TEG in their organisation for the intended use cases. More in this later.

We will be working with both Esports Organisations to help them truly integrate within the TRON network. As we demonstrate that this is a fantastic solution to help facilitate growth across the esports industry, more esports organisations & teams will wish to join the IG Galaxy. We already are in talks with a number of other esports teams and organisations, all varying in size.

As we saw from the last 24 hours, Mazer Gaming joining the IGG ecosystem with their MGG token was hugely beneficial for their integration into the TRON network. Their Telegram group increased by 400 members and there is a demand for their exclusive token.

We are truly humbled to have been given this platform by our loyal community. We have the opportunity to disrupt the largest entertainment vertical in the world with the TRON network. Fast real time transactions, smart contracts and a tokenised ecosystem will create an exciting digital economy — for a generally speaking digital activity. #adoptioniscoming

There is some really disruptive work being done behind the scenes. Please be patient as we begin to provide further insights into our strategy for a digitalised and tokenised esports landscape.

Want your team/organisation part of the IG Universe? Get in touch with us on Telegram or via email — info@iggalaxy.com — more insightful information about the benefits to come soon.

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