IG x Esports Organisations — Synergetic Partnerships


  • Why?
  • The Barriers
  • How?
  • Join the Intergalactic Movement
  • What is Pro Clubs?
  • Benefits of Partnering with IG
  • Tokenising Esports
  • Use Cases of Partner Tokens
  • What About IGG?
  • Early Adopters: Use Cases (MGG/TEG/GSG)
  • The Grand Galactic Exchange (GGE)


Our mission is to digitise the esports economy by tokenising our esports partners onto the TRON protocol. In doing so, we will interconnect the various stakeholders across the fragmented esports landscape, combatting an a pressing issue. Ultimately this will result in an exciting future for a very nascent industry.


A significant proportion of the 2.2 Billion gamers around the world are essentially consumers within the present $135 billion dollar gaming industry. They love, as many do, to play their favourite games for countless hours strictly for entertainment purposes. There are millions around the world who can admit to having spent countless hours and money on gaming but not really getting anything back, other than the entertainment. Why should such little money trickle down to the core component of the gaming industry?

With the rise of the competitive gaming or esports, more players are able to transition their hobby and passion into a career. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins confirmed to a Forbes contributor that he was making $500,000 a month streaming Fortnite on Twitch alone, back in March!

We believe the gamers and teams, both at a pro and grassroots level, should be nourished. They are the future of the next billion dollar industry. We want to provide the tools to all gamers

The Barriers

Despite this significant progress, there are evident barriers to the mainstream adoption of esports. Barriers that are hindering the casual gamer from being attracted to further venture into the esports world. These barriers include:

  • Significantly Fragmented Landscape
  • Limited Gamer Retention and Replay Value
  • Limited Accessibility

We have experienced these issues first-hand when we tried to enter the esports industry. It is a combination of these factors that are hindering monetisation and total mainstream adoption of competitive gaming. There are millions across the world who face the same issues. It just isn’t practical or feasible for the casual gamer to dedicate their time to esports at this moment in time.


The IG competitive gaming infrastructure will draw inspiration from traditional sports, creating an ecosystem that will support the professionalisation of the esports industry — transitioning the activity from a hobby to a career.

The IG platform will provide all with a stable framework that enables easy access, navigation and a unique user experience. We believe that everyone should be able to participate within the esports ecosystem. Not only as a consumer, but a stakeholder within the esports economy. Our platform will facilitate the fair monetisation of the the time and value added to the IG esports ecosystem for all users, regardless of skill.

Our solution to facilitate the growth of esports entails disruptive gamer centric features at the core of our platform. Surrounding the core are additional features that have extensive utility for teams, brands, professionals and the wider public. This multi-faceted platform will successfully interlink the various fragments of the vast esports landscape.

Utilising blockchain and a universal digital token, we will be able to disrupt the way stakeholders interact and exchange value with one another in the esports landscape. Smart contracts will enable the automatic enforcement of agreements between stakeholders, whilst IGG will enable real time exchanges of value. This infrastructure will revolutionise esports.

Join the Intergalactic Movement

IG has not simply come out from nowhere. The IG Project is over three years in the making. As we continue to execute our vision, we will continue to partner with various endemic and non-endemic stakeholders across the world. We want to co-create the IGGalaxy with like-minded individuals who foresee the future in gaming.

We have started development of our alpha platform which will enable us to host our first IG esports competition on the platform, which we anticipate to launch in October.

More detailed information about our first competition will come in due course — however, we are looking at hosting an EA Sports FIFA 19 for PS4 and Xbox. Teams will generally consist of between three-to-five players, as we will be utilising the Pro Clubs game mode. We will have a limited number of teams that will compete in this first competition — so far we have three officially registered to compete.

IG will fully support our strategic partners in creating an esports organisation on the TRON blockchain. You will have the ability to build and develop your brand, through exposure to a global community and creating a team, with players and merchandise.

What is Pro Clubs?

Pro Club is a game mode on FIFA which was initially established on the game in 2011 and has since gained momentum and popularity. Players can play together with friends or others online, using their own created footballers or pros. Teams within the Pro Clubs mode can compete with as few as two players and as many as a full 11. Of all the 3 main online game modes within FIFA, Pro Club is most relatable to traditional football (or soccer); there is extensive discipline, strategy and skill required.

We believe that this mode that will catapult the FIFA video game series into a top esports title contender. The present FIFA esport landscape pertains to the Ultimate Team mode, where people who spend money often have an advantage (P2W). More information on this mode and our first competition will be provided in the coming weeks.

Benefits of Partnering with IG:

We are now looking for individuals and entities to establish an esports organisation on our platform. Partnering with IG can be bespoke to suit your needs. We have already partnered with 3 esports organisations, with many more in the pipeline. These 3 present organisations have different plans but we will support them all, as it is synergistic to our mission.

There are a multitude of opportunities within the IGGalaxy — we look to create bespoke relationships with our partners to support their needs.

Some benefits of partnering with IG include:

  • Full support from our growing global esports infrastructure, built on the TRON blockchain.
  • Become and active member of our community and involved in the direction in which IG esports develops.
  • Incorporate innovative technologies into your organisation infrastructure; blockchain, smart contracts and a digital token.
  • Access to exclusive IG Esports Competitions (tournaments and leagues) where all participants are rewarded.
  • Enhanced monetisation of time and value added to IG esports ecosystem.
  • Exclusive access to the distribution model of the Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE) — sale of merchandise or services to a global community.
  • IGG Signing on bonus

Tokenising Esports

We’ve partnered with three esports teams including Mazer Gaming LLC and began talks with numerous others, where we’ve implemented a strategy to support our partners integration into the TRON ecosystem. It’s a different world. We have and will continue to support them and other partners that join our ecosystem. This will be one of our goals as a TRON SR; facilitating the adoption of esports onto the TRON network.

2.3 billion gamers worldwide and 385 million esports enthusiasts — adopting the TRON Protocol.

IG’s main mission is to tokenise and digitalise the esports economy. We have stated this on several occasions and we mean it. Esports is a global phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down. We believe integrating a bespoke tokenised structure for our partners can prove to be hugely beneficial in bringing esports to TRON.

The benefits associated with each partner having their own token include:

  • Integration into the TRON network – one of the largest communities around a blockchain protocol.
  • Enables diversification of value propositions and revenue streams
  • Transactions are real time and fees are considerably low.
  • Marketing Tool - The ability to tip followers on various mediums for value added; twitter, telegram & discord.
  • Enhanced monetisation
  • Enables fair playing field — all teams have a fixed supply of 100m of their tokens — new dynamic to the competitive landscape
Phase 1: Tokenisation of Esports

Phase 1:

This stage of tokenisation will be unilateral — meaning it only goes one way. This is the phase that we are currently in. TRON holders will be able to exchange their TRX for IGG. They will then be able to exchange their IGG for any one of our partner organisations tokens.

Phase 2: Tokenisation of Esports

Phase 2:

The end goal will be to create a multi-lateral ecosystem. In this phase, IGG is at the core of the ecosystem. More information will be provided on this phase at a later stage, but there will be a token economy created that flows through IGG. As we add more tokens to the ecosystem, the demand of IGG and TRX will naturally increase. We are a few months away from this phase.

Use Cases of Partner Tokens

There will be a number of other use cases that will be bespoke to our partners infrastructure and future plans. These will be released in time. Tokenisation of our partnered teams and organisations is truly disruptive and will play a pivotal role in the future growth of the infant but global esports market.

Some of the standard use cases of our partner tokens (MGG, TEG, GSG):

1. Used to get discounts on any merchandise or services provided by our partner

2. Used to incentivise the community to engage and participate – eg incentivising people to watch a stream (marketing)

3. Used by fans to subscribe to any players/teams within our partner’s organisation

5. Example of another use case: One of our partners will be setting up a gaming house in the next month or so. Their native token will be able to be utilised within this ecosystem, along with IGG

6. Direct exchange with IGG (use case will be in Phase 2. Unilateral at the moment; IGG → MGG/TEG/GSG)

What about IGG?

IGG is still the core component across the IG esports ecosystem, justifying its larger circulating supply. This 50b total circulating supply is a conservative figure when you consider that we are trying to digitalise the esports economy.

Below, we will provide some of the use cases of the IGG TRC-20 Token. It has extensive real world applicability, and therefore our total circulating supply of 50 billion is evidently quite conservative.

Use cases of IGG:

  • Competition Ecosystem: IGG used as a reward token to be distributed to all participants within the competitive component of IG.
  • Player Salaries & Bonus: Using smart contracts and escrow accounts, we can facilitate the secure payment of salaries and bonuses for players competing whilst representing a team. This will provide a whole host of benefits, including security that the payment will be made.
  • Sponsorships & Advertisement: Sponsorship and advertisements are the largest revenue streams within esports, currently contributing over 77% to the global revenue ($694m) and is expected to increase to $1.4 billion by 2021. Utilising bespoke activation plans and the use of IGG, we would facilitate a fantastic return on investment from any endemic or non-endemic brand. Gamers, teams and other key stakeholders within the IG ecosystem can be sponsored with IGG.
  • Galactic Grand Exchange: IGG will be the exclusive token to be used in the GGE to exchange for products or services. For example, users will be able to purchase the merchandise of their favourite team using IGG.
  • Player Transfers: IGG will be utilised for exchange of players between teams
  • Loyalty & Reward Systems: We have integrated significant reward features that will incentivise the co-creation of a global competitive gaming community. IGG will be distributed to Galacticans that continually engage with our platform and bring friends to the IGGalaxy. Through an XP, levelling and reputational system, we will be able to provide IGG to reward experience and time spent within our esports ecosystem
  • Tournament Entry Deposit: To enable teams/players to participate in IG tournaments, they will have to deposit a set amount of IGG before entering. This is returned upon completion of competition.

The universal IGG TRC20 token opens up a multitude of other innovative opportunities and use cases. We cannot wait to reveal these to you — particularly our major unique selling proposition that directly ties in with the IGG token.

Early Adopters:

So far, we have 3 organisations that have partnered with us with the intent to integrate a tokenise feature to their infrastructure. We issued 100m tokens associated with their organisation.

Mazer Gaming LLC – https://mazergaming.com

TRON Esports Ltd. – https://www.tronesports.com

GSIN Esports – http://www.gsinsports.com/esports/

More information about these organisations and their tokens to be released on Saturday. In a short space of time, we have provided significant benefits to these organisations. We are the solution.

Tokenisation of Mazer Gaming LLC

We partnered with Mazer Gaming LLC, an American based professional esports organisation towards the end of August. They have over 50 professional gamers that compete across 12 esport titles.

As a professional organisation, Mazer generate revenue primarily from conventional sources such as prize pools, sponsorship, advertising & merchandise.

Following from our partnership, we delved into the logistics of tokenising an esports team such as Mazer.

How we did it?

We created 100m Mazer Gaming Gold (MGG) tokens on the TRON network, which were then moved from the issued wallet to the IGG Wallet, preventing any tokens being distributed on TRONScan. Once the beta platform is launched, we will release the full supply of tokens to our partners.

5m~ has been withdrawn from the total supply, primarily for ecosystem development and rewards for value being added by the community. This is also good for the health of the P2P trading ecosystem for the tokens within the IGG economy. We have continued to support Mazer Gaming in promoting their brand and adapting to this completely new dynamic in the TRON universe. They have taken to it well and are engaging with the TRON community.

Without a doubt, the bespoke tokenisation of Mazer Gaming has provided a multitude of benefits to the organisation. As a result of our support and the commitment from the Mazer team, we have managed to successfully integrate Mazer Gaming into the TRON ecosystem. Their Telegram group consists of over 600 members, achieved in the space of a few days. Their Twitter and other social media accounts are beginning to grow as more interests are peaked.

What we are now seeing is significant members of the IG and TRON Community becoming exposed to Mazer Gaming — an Esports Organisation. We are seeing many within the Mazer Gaming community rearing to buy Mazer merchandise or engage with the pro gamers and teams. .

The above case study is NOT an anomaly. It is a similar trend for both our more recent partners, TRON Esports Ltd. & GSIN esports, who have seen jaw dropping growth. The exposure we are providing to our partners is unparalleled, particularly as our reach grows. This week, our retweet count reach hit 2.66 million!

We are providing all partners with the same support and wish to lay the foundations for them to build within our esports ecosystem. It is then how our partner plans to integrate into the IG and TRON community, whilst also adding value. Having spoke to the key decision makers in all organisations, it is clear there is some exciting developments taking place.

More information about our present partners will be released on Saturday 8th September.

The Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE)

The GGE played a critical role within our esports ecosystem. Read more about the Weekend Telegram GGE below:

The fundamental purpose of the Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE) on the IG Platform will be to facilitate the exchange of products or services, including our partner tokens (MGG, TEG, GSG…). This exchange/market place opens up a multitude of opportunities, both endemic to and non-endemic within esports.

For example:

  • Need a player for your esports team? Find players for sale on the GGE to acquire. Offer players lucrative IGG salaries to entice them to play for your team.
  • Esports team needs a coach for FIFA 19 to train players? Find a FIFA 19 coach on the GGE and set up a smart contract for the IGG payment
  • Want to purchase your favourite teams merchandise? Pay in IGG and get a discount with the team token.

Want to know more about IG? Want to join IG? Send us an email at info@iggalaxy.com

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:

Website: www.iggalaxy.com

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Fantasy Football Telegram Groups:

https://t.me/IGNFL— NFL

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Partner Telegram Groups:

https://t.me/MazerGaming— Mazer Gaming LLC

https://t.me/TronEsports— Tron Esports Ltd.

https://t.me/GSINesports— GSIN Esports



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