IG x Noise Creative Partnership Announcement

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with a marketing company based in the UK. Noise Creative is the first marketing company to tokenise their services within the IGGalaxy. The IG landscape will compose of a diverse range of endemic and non-endemic stakeholders across the world, participating and adding value within our digital esports economy. They will all be interconnected via the Intergalactic Gold (IGG) TRC10 token.

We have now created 10 million Noise Creative Gold (NCG) tokens on behalf of our new partner, which will NOT be available on TRONScan. More information will be released about Noise Creative’s integration into the IG esports ecosystem, as well as the use cases of NCG.

Please read the full article to learn more about our new partner and what this partnership means.

Noise Creative — Overview

Noise Creative are a very young marketing company that value the rule breakers, the trendsetters and the dynamic go-getters. Powering the current visual first culture approach through their Gen-Z and millennial mindset, they have combined their expert knowledge of the latest industry trends over the last eight years to implement strategic and creative marketing solutions.

Within a short period of time they have worked with fashion labels, recruitment analysts (http://www.talentinsightgroup.co.uk/), as well as globally recognised companies from Surveyapp to Sellsy, who are France’s leading suppliers of CRM software. And now they look to a future in esports with Intergalactic Gaming, planning to go above and beyond to add value to the IG esports ecosystem.

Surveyapp’s survey terminals can be spotted all around the world, in airports, hospitals, classrooms and the workplace


Facebook Page:


They do not require a specific Telegram Group at this stage.

What this Partnership Means?

This is the first partnership with a company that can provide some value adding marketing services to our esports community. This is a fundamental aspect of our esports ecosystem. A strong brand and effective marketing is key within the digital esports landscape for all stakeholders. We will partner with a number of marketing companies that will be able to offer their expertise and services to our global gaming community.

The nature of our tokenised model enables us to create varying tokenomics for our partners. Our strategy is to create bespoke standards across different segments for the total supply of our partner tokens. For partner esports organisations, there is a total supply of 100 million tokens. For partner marketing companies, there will be a total supply of 10 million. For gaming communities, brands and other service providers, the total supply will also be different. We will release these in time. The tokenomics largely depends on the intended use cases for the tokens of the partner that we are adopting into our ecosystem.

There is clear rationale behind this differing in total token supplies for our tokenised partners. Our partner tokenomics are important as they will ultimately impact the IGG tokenomics, as IGG is still the universal ‘in-game’ currency used within the IGGalaxy. Different partners will have different use cases for their tokens integrated into their infrastructure. These bespoke tokenised infrastructures simply provide our partners with potential to diversify their value proposition for their own community.

Our plans for the integration of marketing companies into the IGGalaxy entail the provision of their expertise to our community. For marketing companies, their token would be primarily utilised for providing access and discounts to their services.

Esports teams are just like any other company/club/organisation in the world — they require money to continue to operate. A strong brand and marketing plans are critical for organic growth. Our marketing company partners will be able to provide extensive services to our esports community, allowing gamers and teams to focus on what they do best — game. Our partner will offer bespoke packages for esports teams to grow and compete with the best:

  • Market Research
  • Branding
  • Marketing

Market Analysis:

We want to master the mind of your audience. Firstly, we want to understand your impression of your current primary consumer and then reflect that on your existing consumer base.

Then we will devise two detailed consumer profiles to help develop your relationship with your audience. The first on your current primary consumer and the second on a variety of potential secondary consumers.

Brand Analysis:

We need to understand the roar of passion that drives your brand, and we do that by immersing ourselves in the heart of it.

We first examine the internal components, the heritage of the company, brand values, USP and the product. Then analyse the external fundamentals, such as the visual and verbal identity and your online presence.

Competitor Analysis:

To identify your strengths and weaknesses of the market, we need to understand your competitors. Together, we will elect a panel of your vital competitors to conduct an external brand analysis on each of their businesses.

By doing this, it will allow us to gain a clearer understanding of the opportunities you have to grow and become a distinct voice
on the market.

Trend Research:

As a brand, we are incredibly passionate about trend analysis and how it affects the market. We are continually engaging with current cultural movements, consumer behaviours and the latest technological trends.

We will use our expert knowledge to help direct you on the right path and engage with a movement that will benefit your brand’s

Brand Positioning:

We use all the information we have accumulated through each stage of your brand analysis to pinpoint the distinct place your brand sits within the market.

We can then decide on the most suitable marketing trends to implement within your communications strategy and begin to develop a more cultivating voice for your brand.

This is another step to our grand vision for adoption of esports onto the TRON blockchain.

Soon, we will release more information will be released in terms of how all these tokens will interact with each other. Please do read our other Medium articles in the meantime. Thank you for your patience.

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