IG Tokenising Esports Organisations — Mazer Gaming Gold (MGG)

Last week, we announced our first strategic partnership with a professional esports organisation — Mazer Gaming LLC.

Mazer Gaming (MG hereafter) is based in the USA, boasting approximately 50 players across 12 esport titles. They have an impressive infrastructure when compared to your typical gaming team. They have full fledged employees, contracts and generally speaking, run themselves like a professional business. They generate revenue to keep their activities profitable, particularly from sources such as sponsorship, advertising, merchandise sales and prize pools. They understood the need in esports for what IG offers and have become the first team to adopt our solution into their infrastructure. They will be continuing to work with us as we drive forward in our pursuit of a digitalised esports economy.

Following the announcement of our partnership, we stated we would outline how we will be working together in more detail. This article will provide you with a greater insight into our partnership and what it means.

We will then outline our plan to facilitate mass adoption of gamers and teams across the planet by tokenisation.

The Partnership

As with all IG partnerships, we look to support each other with mutual benefits. We rely on organisations like MG to provide a fresh perspective on blockchain and digital tokens. We will support MG with integration onto the TRON blockchain. The mutual benefits of our partnership is apparent.

Our partnership with MG is of a long term nature as we both share the passion for gaming. We want passionate organisations like MG to have the same opportunity as those teams with big money backers. Our revolutionary changes will not happen over night — we all understand this. We will work with MG and other partners to ensure we execute our vision effectively, with the interest of all stakeholders across the landscape in mind.

As we run for SR, our mission will be to promote and support the adoption of esports on the TRON blockchain. We will support all esports organisations within our ecosystem and beyond. We want the industry and economy to thrive. Our mission is to make monetisation more efficient and effective for all stakeholders. We want to provide a solution for teams to gain an online presence, as well as monetise their fan base.

IGG Use Cases Implemented by MG:

  • Salaries & Bonus: At this stage, IGG is being utilised as a bonus that is supplementary to the player salaries. Of course as we progress and IGG has a stable and healthy token economy, we will look to fully transition player salaries and bonuses through the IG economy. This will naturally take time.
  • Ecosystem Development: MG is using IGG to facilitate growth of their online community, which in turn would mean greater exposure for the organisation. The increased exposure would mean they could earn more revenue from sources such as sponsorship and advertising. IGG is the most exciting token on the TRON network.
  • Competition Reward Token: We have recently hosted an online FIFA 18 competition, in partnership with Mazer Gaming. The prize pool for this tournament was 1,000,000 IGG distributed among all participants. The winner, Harry, will trial with MG as they search for their pro FIFA player to represent them in our competition in October.

Tokenisation of Esports Organisations

The reason the Super Representative candidacy is so exciting to us is that we are very transparent in what we do. We are not afraid of scrutiny. We know what our mission is. We have a mission to truly digitalise and tokenise the competitive gaming economy. We want to nourish the industry to create a global esports community that can all participate within the economy.

We have been looking at ways for esports organisations to truly benefit from our platform. We wanted our partners, MG, to properly enter the TRON ecosystem. This is when we will have succeeded in beginning to bring the esports industry over to the TRON blockchain.

IG Solution:

Our solution and plan is to build sub-ecosystems for our partnered esports organisations and teams, essentially micro-economies off the IGG token. This would truly enable the interlinking of each stakeholder within the esports landscape. How it would work:

  • Each esports organisation/team that joins the IG platform, has their own TRC-20 Token
  • For example, Mazer Gaming Gold (MGG)
  • This MGG token will be Mazer Gaming LLC’s tokens that will be integrated into our platform.
  • MGG will be exchanged for IGG
  • MGG can be used by Mazer Gaming fans for discounts when purchasing their apparel and other merchandise.
  • MGG can be used as a reward token to incentivise community, such as for watching streams on Twitch.

These are just a few examples. This is all possible due to the TRON blockchain. The MGG token use cases would tie into MG’s organisation and team infrastructure, as well as ours. As we build our platform and reveal further use cases, it will become apparent how we intend to digitalise and tokenise the esports economy. Our tokenised infrastructure will interconnect the fragmented landscape. This will create a global economy that will take esports to untold heights.

Which team or organisation would not wish to join the Intergalactic Galaxy? Think of the possibilities and the benefits – Limitless….

We will release more information on our plans with Mazer Gaming & other esports organisations we are in talks with. Please remain patient. Adoption is truly coming.

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts on our plans to facilitate the tokenisation of esports organisations and teams.

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