IG Progress Report: 17th August -30th August 2018

We would like to apologise to our community. This progress report was delayed as we wanted to wait until the release of our 1 billion IGG Airdrop, and the announcement of our first esports organisation partnership. Going forward, we will release progress reports every Sunday, starting from the 9th, primarily to inform our community of what we are getting up to!

We have continued to power through laying the foundations for our digital competitive gaming economy on the TRON blockchain. We have continued to build momentum and power forward towards our vision of a digitalised esports economy on the TRON blockchain. We are delighted to share with you these developments that demonstrate the rate at which we are working. We have the capacity to scale up very quickly — inflection point comes to mind. Adoption is coming.

TRONScan Token Sale Progress

  • Tokens Issued: 2,400,046,268 IGG / 10,000,000,000 total available supply
  • Tokens Frozen: 40 billion IGG — November 3rd.
  • TRX Raised: 14.1m TRX

We have 40 billion IGG frozen until November. More information on the distribution plan for this frozen supply will be released very soon. The total supply of IGG is purely on the basis of liquidity. For our vision to be executed correctly, there needs to be sufficient liquidity across our digital esports economy. 50 billion total supply is a conservative number when you look at the numbers within gaming. After all, it is the largest entertainment vertical in the world.

We are currently finalising a deal that will result in exposure of IG & IGG to the masses. We are progressing through our road map very quickly and we look forward to announcing these partnerships in the future. We have withdrawn 50m IGG out for this reason. We will incentivise adoption of our IG Esports Ecosystem which will benefit our platform, as well as the health of IG and IGG. More on this partnership will be revealed in due course

Social Media Presence

The nature of esports and IG means that our social media presence is absolutely fundamental for brand exposure. We intend to be active across multiple channels to ensure maximum exposure for our vision for the esports industry. We have seen some astonishing statistics for our social media accounts, particularly considering we have not spent a penny on marketing as of yet. Soon, we will intensify efforts to increase IG’s brand exposure to the world.


Below are our Twitter statistics over the last week. When compared with the 10th-17th August results in the brackets, you can see the astonishing results from a community driven campaign.

  • 1.7M Retweet Reach (610k Retweet Reach)
  • 2.38k Mentions (631 Mentions)
  • 88.8k Mention Reach (10.6k Mention Reach)
  • 5.24k Likes (2.23k Likes)
  • 2.9k Retweets (695 Retweets)
  • 1.39k Replies (504 replies)

We have a number of other social media accounts that are experiencing significant growth. See the bottom of the article for all social media accounts you can follow. We are expanding our community in Telegram


First Esports Partnership Announcement

We have recently announced the first professional esports organisation that will be competing in our first competition in approximately 6 weeks (more information TBA). Mazer Gaming LLC have around 50 players competing across 12 titles. They will begin utilising IGG immediately for some of the prescribed uses — more on our strategic partnership with Mazer soon.

We are finalising several other esports organisations and will announce them when appropriate.

1 Billion Airdrop Complete

We had a hugely successful airdrop on Sunday 26th August. As stated, we successfully distributed 1,000,000,000 IGG to eligible holders. To be an eligible holder, Galacticans needed to hold at least 50,000 IGG ($25~) and have a verified account on our website (www.iggalaxy.com)

The amount airdropped was proportional to the amount of IGG held. On our website you were able to add your TRON receiving addresses where we could work out your total IGG holdings using the TRON Mainnet, not relying on TRONScan or Trxplorer. Eligible users had received around 1:0.82 ratio~.

100,000 IGG holdings would have given you 82,000 IGG!

The Eligible Circulating Supply Pre-Airdrop: 1,217,021,017 IGG

Total Circulating Supply Pre-Airdrop: 1,375,398,695 IGG

This is a pretty good turn out! Since the airdrop we have a number of others who have applied to join the Intergalactic Esports Galaxy. People have Intergalactic Fever, particularly with the amount that there is to look forward to. We are proud to have generously rewarded all those that have offered us extensive support, enabling us to execute our vision for a digitalised competitive gaming economy.

We will have another 1 Billion Airdrop at the end of next month as well!

Intergalactic Waves

We are now beginning to get the wheels in motion for the development of our alpha platform that will have sufficient features to enable us to host esports competitions for our community.

We also have been scaling up, particularly with our team. We have been bringing on a diverse range of individuals that significantly believe in the IG project. Our diverse characteristics and backgrounds make us a formidable team. We will continue to recruit and bring additional members to support the execution of our vision. We are reliant on a community led campaign so we want to bring individuals from the community on board, who are often very intelligent individuals! More on this recruitment campaign later.

There are huge elements of IG that we are now finalising and look forward to revealing in the immediate future.

What To Look Forward To:

  • We are heading into an exciting direction — more information will be imminent regarding this. We would love to get the communities feed back in relation to our next move.
  • We will be hosting a mini FIFA 18 tournament this weekend — more details to follow soon! It will be an exclusive tournament for 32 players, demonstrating the brilliance of utilising IGG as a competitive reward token.
  • Another 1 Billion Airdrop — October. We will distribute another 1,000,000,000 IGG to all our verified users, based on their IGG holdings. The requirements for this airdrop will be similar to our previous one — please standby for further instructions.
  • Alpha Platform — We will soon begin developing the pre-beta platform (alpha platform). The primary function will be to facilitate competitions to be hosted by IG for the community. It will enable us to test elements before integrating the additional features. We aim to host our first competition on our web-based platform within eight weeks at the latest (more information to be announced).
  • Various Partnerships & Strategic Moves — We are working in a dynamic and vast environment. We have built extensive networks over the last 3 years and beyond. Where timing is everything in IG, so we’re reaching out and continuing dialogue that we have started over the years to begin looking at synergetic possibilities. We will begin announcing partnerships and strategic directions, which we have had planned for sometime in the coming months.
  • IG — Substantial more information about IG & IGG will be released in the coming months as we draw closer to the full IG platform being developed. We are excited to share more information with you about our plans when the time is right.
  • 1:1 Airdrop — Following the unfreezing of the 40 Billion IGG in November, we will distribute more IGG to our eligible holders.

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. We are truly landing and expanding. STAY TUNED!

See our previous weekly report below:


We will be rapidly progressing through our Road Map over the next few months — we will release further information providing greater insight into our planned platform.

Twitter Community Poll : Please leave vote on whether you believe IG should run as an SR or not? Leave your feedback. We are keen to hear the communities thoughts.

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:

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How to purchase IGG using Fiat



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