IG Partners with LimeJuice Group: 3D Style Fighting Game Coming Soon to the IGGalaxy!

Intergalactic Gaming is excited to officially announce our partnership with LimeJuice Group, a company focused on blockchain gaming and DApps.

With this partnership announcement, comes some further exciting news from LimeJuice. LimeJuice have become part of the ownership group of BlackSalt Coreuption Franchise, which includes a 3D style fighting game. With that said, we are excited to announce that BlackSalt Coreuption will be a game that features on the IG platform!

Read on to find out more about what this partnership means and the new game to be supported by the IGGalaxy!

LimeJuice — An Overview

LimeJuice has been formed by a group of individuals around the world, connected through the IGGalaxy, who collectively saw a niche in the market and decided to seize the opportunity. With offices in the US and Australia, LimeJuice can support blockchain projects in pursuing a global presence quickly and efficiently, using a mixture of grassroots and mass marketing techniques.

LimeJuice has a diverse portfolio and clientele, building strong relationships with blockchain gaming projects, traditional gaming projects, esports teams and DApps. Over the course of working with its many crypto project partners, LimeJuice has already developed tested strategies and learned valuable lessons.

Current LimeJuice Portfolio:

LimeJuice are working a diverse range of projects, including:

  • Pizza Heroes
  • Klout
  • Eggies World
  • Alienegg
  • Everdragons
  • Esports Teams — presently supporting three teams, including: Team KaiRos, Proton Gaming and Mazer Gaming (all partners of Intergalactic Gaming).

LimeJuice Group Online Presence:

Website: https://www.limejuice.io/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LimeJuiceGroup

Telegram: https://t.me/LimeJuiceOfficial

Scope of Partnership

The scope of our partnership will be revealed in greater detail in the coming months as we work on collaborative projects and initiatives to push both entities respective missions forward.

LimeJuice Group have a fantastic team who have been supporters of the IGGalaxy from the very beginning (OG.Galacticans). We have been working hard together behind the scenes, laying the ground work for building a solid network that provides mutual benefits.

What you can expect going forward:

  • Joint ventures/initiatives — working with LimeJuice on a number of things including potential esports team recruitment for the IG Galaxy, etc.
  • LimeJuice as an official sponsor within the IGGalaxy platform for events such as FIFA, Fortnite tournaments and league play.
  • Supporting the IGGalaxy through providing services and value to our ecosystem participants as LimeJuice will be expanding its esports players and roster of content creators through Proton Gaming and its other esports partners.
  • Furtherance of the IG vision of tokenised esports competition via the IG platform.

LimeJuice’s growing infrastructure naturally complements the IGGalaxy and we strongly believe this partnership will provide mutual benefits to both ecosystems.

Intergalactic Gaming and LimeJuice will continue to strengthen the tokenised esports landscape by rewarding those who play, compete and give their time to gaming!

LimeJuice Acquires Stake in BlackSalt Coreuption Franchise!

LimeJuice has become co-owners and investors of a 3D style arena fighting game called BlackSalt Coreuption, which is already available on Steam. In Q4 this year, the finished version of the game will be distributed on the Nintendo Switch console. Distribution on Xbox, PlayStation and PC will begin in 2020.

BlackSalt Coreuption has already won a several awards including “Bestin Action” at Dreamhack Dallas, 2019, and is being presented at more gaming conferences. LimeJuice have purchased a stake in the entire BlackSalt Coreuption franchise including merchandise, etc.

BlackSalt Coreuption will be brought to the IGGalaxy by LimeJuice and Proton Gaming. We are extremely excited by this collaboration. Through ownership of the game, there is greater scope for blockchain integration and “esportsification.” Ownership of the game will provide significant benefits and greater opportunities for what IG x LimeJuice can do.

LimeJuice and Intergalactic Gaming will collaborate to promote the game with tournaments being held on the IG platform. LimeJuice and IG will also have contests and steam code giveaways for copies of the demo version!

Once the game is released, IG partner team, Proton Gaming, will be the official esports team of the BlackSaltCoreuption Franchise. Proton will recruit players to their team for future competitions.

About BlackSalt the Character:

Samuel Lincoln Tharpe, better known as BlackSalt, is a comic book character turned video game hero in the new title BlackSalt Coreuption.

In the game, BlackSalt is separated from his world and stranded in a magical forest. He soon runs into Gatling, who is responding to a distress call from an unknown source. After being sucked into a dimensional portal, Gatling and his team find themselves stranded in the same mysterious forest. Black Salt and Gatling decide to team up to figure out what is happening and find a way home.

About the BlackSalt Franchise:

The Black Salt franchise includes

  • Black Salt comic book series
  • Black Salt award-winning mini-film (First Prize-Cinemax Action Short Film Competition; 2018 Action On Film International Film Festival) starring Kinyumba Mutakabbir as BlackSalt
  • Ken O’Hara-directed official Black Salt game trailer
  • The award-winning BlackSalt Coreuption 3D arena fighting game (Bestin Action, DreamHack Dallas 2019)
  • Black Salt apparel line with Champion Athletic Apparel and the Black Salt merchandise line including the Hoot BlackSalt Coreuption phone case.
  • BlackSalt Coreuption 12-inch collectible toy action figures. Austin St. John, internationally known as the Red Power Ranger, carries a starring role in BlackSalt Coreuption.

To experience Black Salt Coreuption on Steam, click here: https://lnkd.in/gCr-rZN

For more information about the comic book series click here: http://blacksaltstorefront.com

To watch the official Black Salt movie trailer click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOiXjgk4f1M

To browse through Black Salt merchandise and apparel click here: https://teamstore.gtmsportswear.com/BlackSalt

You can see LimeJuice’s official announcements below:

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