IG SR Announcement: Esports Representation on the TRON Blockchain (#IG4SR)

Entertainment is unquestionably the most dynamic industry of the twenty-first century. Our inherent desire to be entertained, coupled with the evolution of technology since the turn of the century, has resulted in phenomenal advancements for the industry. It is therefore no surprise that the entertainment sector generates trillions of dollars annually.

Over the past couple of years, gaming has risen from a place of obscurity to gain mainstream recognition within the entertainment segment, generating an annual global revenue of $135 billion. Now, we see individuals being rewarded for the time they invest in doing what they love; gaming, particularly in a competitive environment. This has been facilitated by the rise of social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube; consequently, spectatorship in gaming is on the rise. The evolution of gaming from a stereotypically “geeky” form of entertainment, to something to be enjoyed by the masses, on a wide scale will soon see gaming engulf a considerable portion of the entertainment industry. Gaming is the future of entertainment.

Esports Overview
Electronic Sports, or esports is competitive gaming, typically involving spectators. The variety of esports titles available within different genres, as well as the exhilarating nature of competitions ensures esports attracts a diverse demographic. With esports propelling itself into mainstream acclamation, it now generates millions through revenue and spectatorship, growing rapidly each year.

Like traditional sports, esport players can generate an income through contracts and sponsorship deals they are offered. Alongside Basketball, Football, and Hockey, esports is now considered as a truly global sport, allowing anyone to participate. An influx of new investors, players, teams, and tournaments has resulted in esports developing at a rapid rate! Yet despite this growth, the esports scene tends to predominantly cater to professional gamers, leaving the landscape fragmented, with grassroots gamers, the main consumers, an afterthought.

Blockchain Application in Esports
Blockchain technology will undoubtedly revolutionise the ways in which we interact and exchange value across various established and future industries. Over the last few years, applications powered by blockchain technology have made remarkable progress for mainstream attention. Cryptocurrencies, the most popular application of blockchain technology, has also shifted from obscure scepticism to a disruptive alternative form of storing, managing and transferring anything of value.

Esports is primed for the introduction of blockchain, smart contracts and tokenisation. Possible applications of these innovative technologies include player contracts, sponsorships, statistics or even tournament prize pools. Smart contracts can be put in place to ensure players are paid for their services, without having to acquire third party services for interactions/transactions one would in present times. They are agreements that are programmed to be automatically enforced and executed. The contracts, which will be stored blocks of information are secured, immutable and readily available, executed when predetermined conditions are met. Of course, this will be more applicable to smaller decentralised tournaments and specific use cases.

Intergalactic Gaming
Inspired by traditional sports, our plan is to fundamentally improve accessibility and monetisation across the esports landscape by the development of a multifaceted platform. Our mission is to digitalise and tokenise the competitive gaming landscape. Through our vision, we will aim to nourish gaming from the grassroots level and connect the fragmented esports landscape so that all benefit from the revenue generated by esports.

Intergalactic Gaming grew from a passion for gaming, spending hours on end, but with very little return; this is the case for many gamers and IG’s mission is to challenge and disrupt the status quo.


Community Support Plan
With complete transparency, Intergalactic Gaming would like to take this opportunity to enforce that our Community Plan will be executed in three phases:

  1. Phase One — SR Election
  2. Phase Two — IGGenesis of the Esports Revolution
  3. Phase Three — IG the Esports Representation on the TRON Network

Phase 1: SR Election
TRON offers 115,200 TRX to all candidates, delivered proportionately, to the total number of votes during SR cycles every six hours. During the candidacy phase:

  • IG intends to distribute 100% of TRX rewards to voters; the amount of TRX voters receive will depend on the percentage of an individual’s daily vote contributions.
  • Moreover, IG will distribute IGG equivalent to the TRX reward total to a factor of 300% to all voters, all early voters will be rewarded for their support.
  • For example, if you receive 10000 TRX you would also receive 30000 IGG.

Phase 2: IGGenesis: The Esports Revolution
Success during the election process will initiate the following reward structures designed to benefit our supporters, but also to execute the next phase of IG’s vision.

  • 85% of TRX will be distributed to voters proportioned by individual percentage of contributing votes.
  • IG will distribute IGG, at a rate of 150%, for every TRX rewarded: 100 TRX received by a voter will result in a further 150 IGG distributed. The percentage distributed will be reviewed on the first day of each week depending on the current value.
  • 15% of TRX will be retained to establish the Intergalactic Foundation; IG will be a founding member.

Phase 3: Esports Representation on the TRON Network
Following the completion of the first phase of our Intergalactic Gaming SR election, the following reward structure will be implemented, thus solidifying our benefit and vision to the community:

  • 75% of TRX to be distributed to voters; TRX will be directly proportionate to the individual percentage of contributing votes.
  • 15% of TRX to be retained by IG; IGG will be utilised to fund the Intergalactic Foundation.
  • 10% of TRX to be retained by IG; IGG will strictly be for operational expenses of the nodes. All surplus accumulated in a side pool for distribution to be decided by community voting. Use cases required for voting could include: community distribution; system upgrades, charity donations, community competitions.
  • IG will distribute IGG, at a rate of 100%, for every TRX rewarded: 100 TRX received by a voter will result in a further 100 IGG distributed. The percentage distributed will be reviewed on the first day of each week depending on the current value.

Please note: We anticipate passing through the first two phases quite quickly. When we reach the final phase, we may adjust the reward structure depending on the state of the landscape. We will notify all via our usual channels should the reward structure change.

SR Plan
With over 160 SR candidates on the TRON network, IG will need to be ranked within the top 27 candidates to become an Elected SR. This is done through TRON’s democratic consensus mechanism; Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). At the time of writing, a minimum of 138 million TRX votes, which equate to TRON Power, would be needed to successfully be elected as the 27 Super Representative. SR’s are essentially Guardians of the TRON blockchain, striving to steer the TRON network towards innovative excellence. They provide technical governance, maintain system performance, whilst representing their community for key decisions made on the network. TRON are yet to have an esports representative as an elected SR, which appears to be a fundamental limitation in their quest for a decentralised entertainment platform.

The TRON network will underpin our overarching plan to digitalise and tokenise the esports ecosystem, whilst interconnecting the sub-ecosystems via our platform and our native digital token. Our plan to become an elected SR acts in synergy to IG’s vision. The value that we add as an SR is not from the rewards we provide, but rather, the value we will add to the whole TRON ecosystem.

We strongly believe that the SR function should revolve around providing real world value to the TRON blockchain. We will achieve this by adopting the esports industry onto the TRON blockchain, via our multi-faceted platform.

Intergalactic Gaming intends to run all SR operations as a non-profit venture, ensuring that maximum value is instilled back into the TRON network and we execute our vision to its maximum potential. We thank the community for their overwhelming support.

The Intergalactic Foundation:
The Intergalactic Foundation will also be a non-profit entity that will have the key objective of executing plans that further adopts esports onto the TRON blockchain. It will utilise the TRX allocated to support aggressive plans to push gamers, teams, brands, organisations and the wider public to adopt the TRON blockchain, via IGG. The Foundation will also aim to support projects in developing countries that look to utilise blockchain technology to accelerate their economy.

SR Server Configuration
Primary Configuration

Our primary infrastructure will consist of a witness node and 3-times full nodes, co-located in a data centre based in Manchester, UK.

The sentry node acts as guardians for the witness node, which is isolated from the main network.

SECONDARY Configuration
As a secondary configuration in-case of a disaster involving our primary infrastructure, we have a back-up witness node running on AWS.

Budget Expenses
We have allocated $40,000 to cover our initial SR costs, but we would like to stress that these costs will be covered entirely by IG and only when successfully within Phase 3 of our Community Support Plan will retain a percentage for operational expenses. Our budget has been distributed as follows:

  • 70% physical servers
  • 20% maintenance
  • 10% development

SR Team

Naeem Shabir: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Josh Robson: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jamie Bell: Lead Developer

Simon Gatenby: Developer

Alex Dakin: Business Analyst

Phil Watkins: SR Project Manager

Lavantha Wickramaratna: Network Infrastructure Advisor

Jason Neely: TRON SR Advisor

+ Many more individuals that will be supporting the execution of our vision as a Super Representative on the TRON network.

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:


- Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE)

Esports Telegram Groups:
— Rocket League
— Fortnite
— Overwatch

Fantasy Football Telegram Groups:
— Fantasy Football (BPL)

Partner Telegram Groups:
— Mazer Gaming
— TRON Esports
— GSIN Esports
- Demise Esports
- Sangal Esports
- Fuego Gaming
- Proton Gaming
- Masked Esports
- For F1FA Sake
- TRONWalletMe



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