IG Esports Project — The Future

In 17 days, we have issued over 1 billion IGG in the process to over 9280 holders. There have been over 18,000 IGG transactions on the Tron Mainnet.

The road ahead looks very exciting. We intend to fly through our road map over the coming months as we look to scale up. We will also release a detailed plan of the distribution of the frozen 40 billion IGG tokens in the coming weeks.


  • Website Updates


We are in the process of making several updates to www.iggalaxy.com

Several updates will be made to user experience as well as the sign up/login process and account profile aspects of the website. Some of these changes include:

  • Account Verification to ensure that all users only have one account. This will prevent users from creating new accounts to reset their level, ranking and reputation for heinous reasons or otherwise. It will also prevent users from trying to claim several 5,000 IGG sign up rewards.

We will release a statement when these website updates have been completed providing clarity in terms of the updates we have made. We anticipate to roll these updates out very soon.


All users that sign up to www.iggalaxy.com in the next 6 weeks will be entitled to several benefits. This includes:

  • 5000 IGG

You will be eligible to receive all benefits upon successful sign up and verification of account. We will release these rewards when appropriate as we need to ensure account verification and protection against multiple accounts is place. This will protect the IG ecosystem from users who create more than one account to gain more IGG sign up reward, for example.

More information will be released on these benefits in due course.


As a result of this strong support from the IG Community, we are in a position to move forward our road map significantly. Over the last 3 years we have laid the foundation to ensure that we can scale up and execute this project effectively when the time was right. The time is definitely right!

One milestone we stated we would complete by Q1 2019 is going to be completed by the end of Q3 2018/early Q4 2018! We intend to launch our pre-beta platform for an exclusive number of users. This platform will facilitate Exclusive IG Esports Competitions.

We aim to launch our first esports competition by September/October 2018, where an exclusive number of users will be able to participate in our IG esports ecosystem. Following from this we will host several other competitions, supporting a variety of other popular games.

This will mark an important milestone for us as it will begin to shape the direction we wish to steer the infant esports industry towards. It will demonstrate how some of our use cases will work in action as we add additional features to the beta platform. It is a pinnacle aspect of our platform that will enable us to immediately cater to gamer and teams needs of competing. We can then build our full platform off this as we integrate the additional features and components.

IG’s First Esports Competition

For our first competition we want to support a game that will get the most participation from our early adopters. Would be silly to choose Dota-2 if no Galactican played it or had an interest in it. We have seen some Galacticans very keen to purchase any game that we support, to be part of the Intergalactic Experience.

We ran a vote on Twitter and the results were convincing — Fortnite (43%), FIFA (29%), LoL (9%) and Other (19%). We intend to launch our first competitions on games that are popular within our ever growing community, as well as the current state of the individual title’s esport landscape. There will be a variety of factors that will determine the esport titles we will support.

Although Fortnite makes sense due to its cross platform capabilities and surging popularity, there is no feature to be enable the hosting of private matches for the public right now. A custom matchmaking key is something we have to obtain to enable fortnite tournaments. We will look into this and inform the community with regards to it when appropriate.

As a result, we have decided to support EA Sports’ FIFA title for our first competition. It has longevity, whilst also being accessible and relatable to all. It is a game that we know very well and the timing is perfect too as FIFA 19 comes out towards the end of September.

Following from this first competition, our platform will be built to enable IG to support multiple games. There will be in built features that will enable some of the use cases of IGG to be utilised.

We will release further information about this competition and beyond soon!


We released an article on medium outlining our Airdrop Schedule for 2018. On this article, we provide the past Airdrops we have completed along with the specs of the Airdrop. We have done this in more depth for the upcoming airdrops.

For this airdrop on Sunday — you MUST have at least 50,000 IGG and MUST be signed up and verified on our website. We will release further instructions on how to ensure that you are eligible for the airdrop.

Please refer to this if you wish to clarify whether you are in fact eligible for an Airdrop. This is a live document and will be updated over the year. See the Airdrop Schedule below


What Happens to the TRX Raised ?

Majority of the 10 million TRX will remain in the IG Wallet. Our offering will still continue via Tronscan until October. We intend to utilise our Tron Power to obtain TRX rewards from the SR system over the next month. It does not make sense liquidating any TRX at this price, particularly considering we do not need a lot of it immediately.

You can find the IG wallet with the following TRX receiving address — TSbhZijH2t7Qn1UAHAu7PBHQdVAvRwSyYr

This week, we will release a more detailed distribution plan as to what we will utilise a proportion of the TRX for. This will be a short term plan to provide the community with a clarity on where the TRX is going. We will release this ahead of us liquidating any TRX.

The use of the TRX raised will primarily be to support the development of our platform and strengthening our infrastructure. This entails strengthening our team, marketing and ecosystem development, to name a few. We will also be looking to lock down a Office Headquarters in the UK soon (we have a few options at the moment).

We do not need to liquidate much at this stage because we have reserve capital there that we intend to utilise. Furthermore, we have an ever growing team of over 18 members (doubled in the last month) — this growth in support is providing us with further opportunity to scale up and grow even quicker! We are ensuring the necessary infrastructure is in place to support those who want to actively participate within the IG project.

Who are the Team Behind IG?

We will release extensive information about our whole team in the coming weeks. We are growing and bringing on additional members at an exponential rate. We will look to provide significant insight into our whole team in the immediate future.

What Does The Success of IGG Offering Mean to IG?

We cannot tell you how much this means to us. It is a passion that we all share. We live, breathe and dream IG. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds but share passion for gaming, blockchain, Tron and a number of other things. Our diverse backgrounds but common vision make us a formidable team.

We understand that our team requires strengthening in pertinent areas. The success of this offering will enable us to attract top talent, which in turn will ensure that our vision is executed effectively and smoothly.

Are You Hiring?

If you’ve followed us on our journey so far, you will see that we’re very much community orientated. So with this in mind, we are keen to speak to people who believe in the future of esports, IG and blockchain. If you are interested in getting involved with the IG project, in whatever capacity, then by all means get in touch. Send your resume/CV to info@iggalaxy.com

Alternatively, you can message one of our co-founders on our Main Telegram group. We will release a clear structure for Galacticans to participate and add value from within the IG team in some capacity.


Thank you again for all your support. There is lots more information coming your way over the next few weeks. We have had extensive meetings over the last few days and many more planned over the next few weeks.

We will be looking to share our news on all areas of IG to demonstrate how thought out our esports ecosystem is and how it differs from others. Our offering is still going and we intend to continue to instil confidence and trust in our community and beyond.

Thank you for your patience!

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:

Website: www.iggalaxy.com


Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/official_igg

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OfficalIGG/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergalactic_gaming/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intergalactic-gaming

Medium: https://medium.com/@info_91865



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