IG Announcement: New Signing!

Amidst all the chaos of the airdrop, it is important that we do not lose sight of who we are, what unites us, and what we want. Intergalactic Gaming’s primary aim is to ensure that the everyday gamer is an integral part of the esports impetus. Through our platform, we will utilise blockchain technology to make gaming more profitable and sustainable for the masses, not just the few.

How will we do this? In simple terms, we will tokenise the landscape and galvanise esports from the bottom up. We will utilise our layered-tokenised model to interconnect the fragmented landscape, which has already proven to provide extensive benefits to those within our ecosystem. In all facets of society, we have a select few who are propelled to the very top and maintain their position through the injection of money, support and time from loyal consumers, who get very little in return. This is the status quo, which we intend to challenge. For an industry that generates billions of dollars annually, more money should trickle down to the heart of the ecosystem — the gamers and teams.

Aside from particular developers, and more pertinent to esports, this is the case for many esports organisations. They more than often have the resources to nourish esports at a grassroots level but instead attempt to preserve profits. And still, loyal consumers will continue to follow, continue to invest, and continue to support. The foundations at IG are set, our partnerships are proliferating, and we have the backing of a fantastic community behind us. However, if we are to truly become a dominating presence within esports and execute our vision, we need like-minded beings. Those who truly believe in rewarding individuals for the time they invest and the value that they add.

We are therefore very fortunate to have the opportunity to recruit an individual who holds these values close to him. An individual who has accumulated over 13 years of experience organising over 26 live seasons and countless grassroots community tournaments. Nigel Morrison independently established an online PC FIFA League back in 2003 on MSN Messenger. What started with 12 players online eventually led to a partnership with one of the biggest UK FIFA community sites, Sweetpatch TV. Through Sweetpatch TV, Nigel has worked alongside the likes of EA Sports, European Gaming League ESL Gaming, Multiplay and Virgin Gaming, to name a few.

Nigel’s expertise with planning and running community FIFA tournaments and supporting at 20 live LAN events across the UK will prove invaluable to our IGGalaxy.


Even more prevalent, is his desire to address the current issues within the industry. Nigel agrees that despite esports’ potential to be profitable for all, unfortunately not enough is being done to nourish grassroots competitive gaming scene, particularly in the UK. Sweetpatch merged with Ultimate FIFA in 2016 in order to try and capitalise on the esports boom but due to limited resources, these individuals who are dedicated to bridging the current inequalities are unable to do so.

For Nigel, education is the key. If individuals can be educated about esports, specifically the opportunities of applying the traditional sports model to esports then we will undoubtedly see more mainstream adoption. But again, for this to happen huge esports organisations must be responsible for ensuring the millions of their loyal supporters are rewarded for the time they invest to holistically benefitting the esports landscape. The current FUT Champions Weekend League is a prime example of casual gamers not being adequately rewarded for their engagement. Quite simply, not everybody has the luxury of being able to play 30 games of FIFA over a weekend; if they do, how are they rewarded for this?

Although the transition to from casual to professional gamer has always and will continue to be difficult, measures can be put in place to ensure competitive gaming is tangibly rewarding for casual gamers. Regardless, discussing the path for avid gamers who have the potential to make it professionally drew interesting conversation. With an increase in ‘institutional’ investment, and Football teams like Manchester City, Besiktas and FC Shalke 04 owning professional esports teams, brings with it an opportunity for an influx of new gamers. Nonetheless, whether this new wave of professional investment will combat present issues of poor provisions for the casual gamer is yet to be proven.

Intergalactic Gaming’s acquisition of Nigel marks an important day, not just for us, but for all Galacticans. Nigel welcomes the plans for our platform tournaments and is excited to contribute to the IGGalaxy. Welcome aboard!

LinkedIn: Nigel Morrison

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Building a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform that empowers gamers and teams! 👽