We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the Tron Community and so would like to ensure that all early adopters of Tron and IGG are rewarded.

We want to reward the early believers in our vision to bring competitive gaming to the Tron Network. Our next Airdrop formats will ensure this by utilising a formula that will determine how much IGG you receive, based on the Tron Power, IGG & TRX you hold.

Please read the information below and contact us on Telegram if you have any queries.


In the space of 24 hours since the launch of our token sale, at the time of writing — we have raised over 277,000 TRX and have exceeded 190 holders.

Our official Telegram group has grown to 216 members. Our Twitter has also grown from 60 followers to 280 in less than a week.

We have also issued over 70 Million IGG to the Tron Community so far!


We will be running a surprise 100M IGG Airdrop in the next few days to all IGG token holders. You can become eligible for the airdrop by meeting the below requirements.

To be eligible for the Airdrop you MUST:

  • Hold at least 1000 Intergalactic Gold (IGG) in a Tron Wallet on Tronscan.
  • Must Sign Up to Our Website ( www.iggalaxy.com ) *
  • Must Follow Our Social Media Accounts (see bottom of announcement).
  • Must Like, Comment & Retweet Our Tweet Announcing This Airdrop

*You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your sign up in the next few days.

Distribution of the 100M will be based on the following:

  • Amount of Tron Power
  • Amount of IGG Held
  • Amount of Tron Held

All three elements will be included in our formula determine the amount of IGG you will receive. We do not want individuals who are voting for SRs to miss out on the Airdrop. The amount of Tron Power will provide the biggest boost to the amount airdropped, followed by numbers of IGG and TRX being held.

We will snapshot all Tron Wallets that meet the 1,000 IGG requirement on: Sunday 05/08/2018 (no time specified!)

We will then distribute the 100M proportionally within an appropriate period of time. We will announce once the Airdrop has been distributed.


This Airdrop will have a similar format to the above Airdrop and will still take place next weekend.

Snapshot of Wallets will take place between 10/08/2018–12/08/2018.

We will then distribute the 500M proportionally, dependent on the amount of Tron Power, IGG and TRX that the Tron Wallet has.

More information about this Airdrop will be announced in the next few days!



Total Supply: 50 Billion IGG

Frozen Supply: 40 Billion IGG (3 months)

Available Supply: 10 Billion IGG

Exchange Rate: 1 TRX = 50 IGG

Start Date: 3rd August 2018, 13:00 UK Time

End Date: 3rd October 2018, 13:00 UK Time

Distribution of Available Supply:

  • 6 Billion — Offered to the Tron Community in exchange for TRX
  • 3 BillionAirdrops & Community Rewards
  • 1 Billion — Community & Ecosystem Development

The remaining 40 billion has been frozen for three months. When these are unlocked in October, we will then pursue listings on exchanges. More information on the distribution of the frozen supply will be released in due course. There will also be a 1:1 IGG airdrop following the unlocking of these tokens.

Use Cases of IGG

Value of IGG will be determined by the utility and hence will be susceptible to supply and demand economics. For there to be increased demand and adoption of a token, there must be real world use cases. Considering there are 2.2+ billion gamers across the planet, there will undoubtedly be interest in holding an IGG token.

IGG will have extensive use cases for all key stakeholders within our esports ecosystem. This includes use cases for gamers (regardless of skill), teams, professionals, brands and the wider public (audience, fans).

We will reveal our use cases over the coming weeks. Here are a few;

  • Teams can pay their players a salary in IGG for completing matches whilst representing the team.
  • Utilised in the Galactic Grand Exchange to purchase products or commission services.
  • IG Esports Competitions — Used in prize pools for gamers and teams.
  • Loyalty rewards to users

Opportunities are endless with a digital token.

Website: www.iggalaxy.com

Telegram: https://t.me/IntergalacticGaming

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/official_igg

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OfficalIGG/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergalactic_gaming/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intergalactic-gaming



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