Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! In today’s feature, we will be focusing on the female representation within the competitive gaming space.

Earlier this week, Chiquita Evans became the first female player drafted to the NBA 2K League, securing a spot on Golden State’s Warriors Gaming roster in the fourth round. The former college and semi-professional basketball player is set to earn between $33,000-$37,000 per season, plus housing benefits.

This fantastic achievement will undoubtedly go down in NBA2K esports history: fact. Yet the lack of female players making it to the professional scene remains disappointing. To further reinforce this point, the League of Legends Championships and Overwatch League had only one single female player representing in each. It would be naive to suggest that leading industry figures are ready to face the bleak truth that a disproportionate amount of people do not thrive. We would be even more naive to think that we are “almost there”; we are not.

The NBA 2K League was announced back in 2017, set to tip off a year later in 2018. In its inaugural season, the League and 2K publishers Take-Two-Interactive came under fire for failing to include enough female players. Research later conducted by the 2K League concluded that many male players had failed to pass to their female teammates; a variable not considered during the player analysis to form the draft pool. In addition to this, many players, including Evans herself states that offensive language directed at female players is not uncommon.

These are only a few of the many barriers facing female sports and esports athletes, which is deeply saddening when you consider the nature of these industries. But first, we must look to game publishers. Whilst it does not entirely mitigate the risk of disproportionate gender representations, providing positive females within game titles is essential; especially considering women’s sports exists. That said, EA’s NBA Live features the WNBA, 2K is still male-only.

We imagine the presence of in-game female players in NBA Live, FIFA and UFC would suggest that 2K must look to address this.

Presently, the 2K League, with the support of the NBA aim to tackle gender inequalities pertinent to the 2K competitive space. Inspired by the NBA’s Rookie Symposium initiative, the 2K League have implemented measures to support athletes like Evans, overcome the barriers that may continue to obstruct their careers. As the female presence in esports continues to gain impetus, we will hopefully begin to see many female players benefiting from these initiatives across a broad range of titles.

A Statement of Intent

Released in 2012, Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) is a first-person shooter developed by Valve. Enjoyed by millions of gamers globally, the main competitive feature of the title focuses on two teams of five players; Terrorists (T) and Counter Terrorists (CT). Both teams are tasked with the aim of eliminating the other or completing a set objective and usually lasting 30 rounds.

Team Objectives
To win, Terrorists must either:

  • Eliminate the CT side
  • Defend and keep the hostages on one of the two sites: A + B
  • Successfully plant a bomb and defend the site until it has detonated

Counter-Terrorists must either:

  • Eliminate the Terrorist side
  • Rescue the hostages before the timer runs out
  • Defuse the bomb before it detonates

CSGO is one of the most prominent esports titles and will continue to dominate the competitive scene for years to come. There are a number of tournaments hosted throughout the year with large prize pools making it one of the most watched competitive games in esports. Most recently, IEM Katowice, one of these CSGO tournaments saw professional team Astralis win the competition winning $1,000,000 in prize money.

At this point, a lot of readers may wondering what CSGO has to do with International Women’s Day. Today, it is with great excitement that we strengthen our Galacticans United by signing a competitive CSGO roster.

Galacticans United Signs All-Female CS:GO Team

We are excited to announce the signing of Team Tripping, an all-female CSGO competitive team founded in October 2018. Team Tripping will now play under Galacticans United in future CS:GO tournaments, including the Copenhagen Games next month.

Our new CSGO team comprises of the top 0.8% of players, collectively amassing over tens of thousands of hours, and all average a rank of Global Elite. Despite the difficulty many female players face, Tripping are a true inspiration to all gamers, and a testament to the industry itself.

Benefits of to the IGGalaxy
Team Tripping have a wealth of gaming experience, demonstrating their success over the years. Despite their amazing stats, issues of accessibility have blocked them competing in events. With our overall aim to promote the accessibility and inclusivity of competitive gaming, we must begin to take steps towards actively executing this vision. Having the opportunity to support a CSGO roster under the IG brand is extremely exciting for them.

Our new roster will be representing Galacticans United at the upcoming Copenhagen Games next month!

The Copenhagen Games

By supporting them in pursuit of their dreams, we will provide invaluable exposure to the IG brand and the TRON network, encouraging adoption. Over the coming weeks, we will look to further activate Team Tripping into the IGGalaxy as we tie them into other events we have planned.

On behalf of all Galacticans, we want to welcome Team Tripping to the IG family! We have full confidence that they will reach the very top, breaking numerous barriers in the process!

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

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