Get Over Here! Launch Mortal Kombat 11

It’s been 27 years since the Mortal Kombat franchise, with Mortal Kombat 11 due to be released on April 23, 2019 to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC players. With the game’s public release quickly approaching, and only a day prior to the game’s early release, check our key details surrounding MK11!

Pre-Ordered Beta Release!
Game publishers, NetherRealm confirmed that fans will have the opportunity to try out the game’s (closed) Beta version, where you can see details for the release below:

Series creator Ed Boon revealed in a Twitter post that the Beta will only be available to those who have pre-ordered the game; once you have pre-ordered MK11, players will receive a code which provides access to the Beta.

So, What’s New?
Last weekend at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, fans were given insight to two characters that will feature on the new Mortal Kombat 11 title: Noob Saibot returns and DLC character, Shang Tsung will feature! Noob Saibot is an Elder God-worshipping shadow initially appearing as a background character in the second Mortal Kombat. With still much speculation surrounding potential features of MK11, die hard MK fans will understand why two is in fact better than one!

MK11 is also set to introduce two, well technically one, new characters to the franchise: Geras and Kronika. Geras, a formidable fighter, capable of time-control has the ability to stop and rewind time, which will no doubt give him the upper hand over enemies. Other attacks in Geras’ arsenal includes teleportation and controlling objects made from sand and stone.

New character confirmed: Geras!

The relationship between these two characters surfaces as we learn Geras fights in service of Kronika. As it transpires, Kronika, who has remained dormant since the first Mortal Kombat, will now make her appearance demonstrating the underlying influence she has had on the story’s progression. Although Kronika has not been confirmed as a playable fighter, she will feature as the game’s first femme fatal.

Story Mode
Before we say anything, we’ll leave it to you to watch the MK 11’s official story prologue!

Thanks to Geras defying conventional laws of time, the MK 11 story is quite complex…

MK11 is not the sequel to MKX, but actually takes place after the events that occured in MK9; the events of MKX are still relevant notwithstanding. Why? Well, Kronika has used her ability to manipulate time, which of course becomes problematic in the Mortal Kombat universe.

MKX’s main villain Shinnok is being tortured by an evil Raiden that has been corrupted by dark magic after he absorbed the Jinsei, which is the Earthrealm’s life force. Raiden subsequently beheads Shinnok, but because he is an Eldergod is unable to be killed he remains alive. Following this, Kronika appears and approaches Shinnok’s decapitated head revealing that everything is going according to her plans…very ominous…

Gameplay: Finish Him!
NetherRealm has introduced some few changes to the game’s combat mechanics. Firstly, the horizontal bar is now reserved for offensive attacks, and vertical for defence. We will start with the addition of the “Flawless Block”; if perfectly timed a brief opportunity for a counter attack presents itself.

Arguably the best part, the deadly attacks! Unlike prior MK titles where players posses one meter for special moves like the Breaker, X-Ray and enhanced attacks, there are now a further two meters at the bottom right and left corners. Players will also find that “Fatal Blows” have replaced the famous “X-Ray” attacks!

For players wishing to use “Fatal Blows” on their opponent, this will only be accessible once the opponent’s health is below 30%. Fatal Blows allow you to execute deadly combos to opponents, yet players should be mindful to the fact they will have one opportunity per game, so timing will be everything! In the event that “Fatal Blow’s” do not connect, players will have another opportunity, yet will need to wait for a prolonged “cool-down” period first.

In addition to “Fatal Blows”, “Crushing Blows” have also been added. “Crushing Blows”, a similar graphic move to that of X-Ray attacks, is executed by meeting specific criteria during combat. Each character will have roughly five or six core moves that have the ability to evolve into deadly “Crushing Blows”.

We will be keen to hear what you guys think of the Mortal Kombat release! Of course, with this new release, we are exploring the possibilities of expanding the IGGalaxy, building a “solar system” for the fighting genre. As we begin to diversify our proposition to different segments of the gaming industry, we will further the awareness and adoption of the TRON protocol and the IG social competitive gaming ecosystem.

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