Galacticans Utd Announces FIFA 20 Trio

FIFA 20 has been marked as the best FIFA of all time by some pros, with many acknowledging a positive skill gap that gives scope for improvement through practice. There have also been some suggestions that EA have also changed the FUT qualification requirements in an attempt to level the playing field for competing players; teams must have a maximum team chemistry of 84, use only two icons and have a minimum bench rating of 75. Although that is yet to be confirmed, this 2019/2020 competitive season is set to be very, very exciting.

Over the last week, Galacticans Utd have revealed the signing of three FIFA players ahead of the new competitive season. Not only will they be representing Galacticans Utd in the FIFA 20 competitive season, but they also will be supporting with content creation. These players have collectively have amassed thousands of hours of FIFA over the years, and are now ready for a new challenge in their FIFA esports careers; let’s meet the players!

Joseph Cowler

Joseph Cowler has been a member of our community for some time now; since January to be exact. He has represented our partner’s FIFA roster, Demise Esports, and has participated in two test tournaments on our platform, which is currently in the beta phase of development. Joseph, who plays his fair share of FUT, is more active in the Pro Clubs scene.

He is a player that plays with flair, a demon with skills anywhere on the pitch, and deadly in the opposition’s area. Joseph, who is a Sports Psychology graduate, is also an extremely engaging content creator, so his skill-set lends himself nicely towards the prospect of also fulfilling a coaching role for Galacticans United.

  • Graduate of Demise Esports FIFA Academy
  • Demise Esports
  • Multiple top level Pro Clubs teams
  • FIFA 19 Xbox winner in the Alpha Cup, our first test tournament on the IG platform.
  • Seeded 12th place in Huddersfield ePL qualifiers. Although Joseph had seeded 12th place, he had only played six games and won all six; he was the only player to do so.


Sean ‘Dragon’ Allen

Sean Allen is the most experienced of our players, having participating in FIFA tournaments since FIFA 08. Sean has had a fantastic esports career, becoming the first esports player to sign a professional contract with a Premier League football club (West Ham United).

In terms of FIFA 20, at the time of writing, Sean has recorded a total of 105 victories and seven losses of FUT.

  • excel esports
  • West Ham Utd
  • No Fuchs Given
  • Lightning Pandas
  • Noxious esports
  • Runner-up (2nd) in 2015 FIFA Interactive World Cup
  • Runner-up (2nd) in 2016 FIFA Interactive World Cup
  • 5–6th Ultimate Team Championship Series 2017 (Season 2 Europe)
  • 17–32nd Placement in FIFA Global Series 2019 Play-offs for Xbox
  • Top 100 Weekend League

See below for the IG Dragon’s full achievements to date:


Liam Henney

Liam Henney began his esports career with amateur side AfterShock, and is also an Academy graduate of Christian Fuchs’ No Fuchs Given. Liam has spent time on loan at Scunthorpe United esports and most recently featured in Everton’s Xbox ePL qualifiers, just missing out in the final match by a 5–4 loss to the player that went on to represent Everton at the main event.

  • AfterShock
  • Academy graduate of No Fuchs Given
  • Scunthorpe United esports (loan)
  • Qualified for Everton in the ePL Xbox qualifiers, just missing out in the finals (T2 Placement)
  • Top 100 Weekend League


What does this means for Intergalactic Gaming?

Our first year has consisted of establishing our core community, whilst developing the foundations to the IGGalaxy, our social competitive platform. As part of our enhanced marketing, these calibre of players are a real signal of our intent to really leave our mark on this year’s FIFA competitive circuit; these players possess all of the attributes to take Galacticans Utd and the IGGalaxy to the next level.

As such, whilst these players will primarily feature for Galacticans Utd in the competitive circuit, they will also serve as ambassadors for the IG brand. They embody all the attributes of what it takes to be top level esports athletes; dedication, hard working, but more importantly, just enjoying what they do. For Intergalactic Gaming, player acquisition does not stop here. We are confident that these players will be able to drive more FIFA players towards the IGGalaxy, where they will be able to inspire the thousands of players we hope to have participating in our platform over the next year. What’s more, these signings present opportunities for coaching, and of course, as per our pledge, will facilitate bridging the gap between the ever-widening amateur and professional scene.

Last, but by no means least, the platform’s testing and iteration. The development of the IGGalaxy is a terminal process; we will always look for ways to ensure our platform is better than the rest. Sure at the moment we have the capabilities to host FIFA tournaments, but these players will be able to use their experience to suggest ways in which we can improve all players’ competitive experiences.

Over the coming weeks, we will release a detailed profile of all our players, giving our community the opportunity to gain a further insight into the new recruits. Follow their Twitter and Twitch accounts to keep up to date with their respective journey’s, and show you support to the new Galacticans in the IGGalaxy!

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:




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