Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE) Announcement

Today, we are proud to announce the next phase in our plans for the Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE) component of the IGGalaxy. Presently, the temporary Telegram GGE is used for Galacticans to acquire IGG and partner tokens from an official source, whilst asking our core team any particular questions regarding the IG project.

From 3 October, Galacticans will be able to trade tokens within the IGGalaxy in a P2P ecosystem, via our Telegram GGE.

Core Function of the GGE

The Galactic Grand Exchange, or GGE, is a core component of our planned platform. It will facilitate the exchange of IGG for products or services. Partner tokens will also be integrated into the GGE, enabling perks like discounts and access to acquire exclusive items.

The GGE will play a fundamental role in facilitating monetisation and a diverse value proposition for IG and our partners. Exchanges of value on the GGE will be facilitated by smart contracts and powered by the TRON blockchain.


  • Our partners will be able to sell their apparel and merchandise on the GGE to a global audience. For example, hoodies or customised gaming accessories.
  • Our partners will be able to market their services on the GGE to a global audience; for example, FIFA 19 coaching or graphics design.
  • Ability to trade tokens within the IGGalaxy.

There is a lot more in the pipeline for the GGE. We will look to integrate the GGE into the platform during the beta phase of development. For now, we will utilise Telegram to demonstrate what the IG digital economy will look like.

Our temporary GGE Telegram Group:

The GGE’s aim is to enable our partners to provides a completely different value proposition. By creating a component that enables the monetisation of a strong brand, we solve an issue that many esports organisations face.

The GGE will evolve to become a pivotal component that allows IGG to interconnect the fragmented esports landscape. It will enable our partners to monetise their fan base and generate alternate streams of revenue, as they are able to market their products or services to a global audience.

The New P2P GGE

From 3 October, Galacticans will be able to securely trade partner tokens with other Galacticans in the Telegram GGE. By utilising the seedit bot and the “/trade” function, we are able to facilitate the secure trading of tokens within the IGGalaxy.

This function utilises smart contracts and an escrow function to ensure that scams do not occur. We will release further information about how the Seedit bot and “/trade” function work for those new to the ecosystem; notwithstanding, there are also plenty of fellow Galacticans that will be keen to assist you if you have any issues.


The rates for listed tokens will be based purely on market value. We will provide the standard rates for all partner tokens bought from official sources— but we would HIGHLY advise you to do your due diligence.

We will release the rate information prior to the opening of the GGE for listing new and re-listing old partner tokens. This will be accessible at all times during the GGE in a live document.


All listed tokens below MUST only be traded for IGG.

  • IGG / Mazer Gaming Gold (MGG)
  • IGG / TRON Esports Gold (TEG)
  • IGG / Global Sports Gold (GSG)
  • IGG / Demise Esports (DEG)
  • IGG / Sangal Esports (SEG)
  • IGG / Fuego Gaming Gold (FGG)
  • IGG / PRO (PRO)
  • IGG / For F1FA Sake (FFS)
  • IGG / Noise Creative Gold (NCG)
  • IGG / TRONWallet Me TWX (TWX) (not exclusive)

Make sure you head over to the Telegram GGE now, ahead of the partner token listings and the launch of the P2P exchange component.

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