First Details of FIFA 2020 Released!

FIFA 20 will officially be back on 27 September 2019, also available by pre-order for an early release date of 24 September 2019. FIFA 19 will arguably go down as a strong contender for most disappointing FIFA title, so EA will need to ensure they get this year’s edition spot on!

FIFA 20, like last year, will be available for PS4, Xbox One PC, and Nintendo Switch.

With EA also previously citing a decline in the number of physical FIFA sales, this could very well be the last physical game we see produced, many more are contending that a subscription model looking increasingly likely.

As we approach the end of the current and start of the new competitive season, FIFA, being our leading title, will see platform development focused on the release of FIFA 20 later this year.

FIFA 20 Trailer


As previously stated, many FIFA players expressed their disappointment with what EA had produced last year; most notably, in the overall gameplay. FIFA 18 was notorious for the ability to put the ball out to a speedy winger, who could subsequently tear defences with their blistering pace, leaving defenders eating dust; it was a bit too easy, reducing the skill gap. FIFA 19, completely scrapped that in an attempt to level the playing field, but then AI-controlled players were often found astray, leading to catastrophic errors.

FIFA 20 promises enhanced ball physics and player interaction systems that will innovate the game’s overall gameplay, providing a new level of realism, and physics-driven behaviour.

EA have commented that the game’s authentic game flow gives AI-controlled players a greater understanding of time, space, and position on the pitch; there appears to be an even greater emphasis on user play.

Decisive Moments
Decisive moments provides players with greater control over the pivotal moments that decide games. Ranging from splitting dribbles, controlled tackling at the back, and from composed finishing in the final third, players will find they have greater autonomy in these key aspects of each game.

Strafe Dribbling
The strafe dribble is an added mechanic that provides a further dimension to attacking options available during matches. Players move with more agility, which presents itself the opportunity to lure defending players in before beating them with speed or skill.

Controlled Tackling
Defending. It has been an issues that appears consistent with the game’s annual releases.

Fans and pros alike have been clamouring for changes to FIFA’s new defending system in recent years.

EA admitted the need to revamp the defensive aspects during gameplay. A huge change in defending this year is with regards to AI defending. FIFA 20 provides a far better environment for the AI defending to thrive, which should compliment players controlled by users; AI will offer intelligent defensive support, whilst simultaneously complimenting user defending. Tackles will be much cleaner, with a greater probability of retaining possession following tackles.

This year, manual defending will play a prominent role: the AI will no longer just do the job for you!

With a focus on the world’s best leagues, FIFA 20 offers an enhanced game flow: accurate spacing of players and game tempo, resulting in more, and realistic, one-on-one opportunities.

Composed Finishing
EA has updated the foundations of the shooting mechanics that should provide consistently clinical finishing. The shooting experience, according to EA should replicate real-life shooting experiences that “better rewards authentic finishing and offers risk and reward in more difficult situations like volleyed crosses.”

The level of difficulty relating to timed finishing is expected to increase as the time to execute the perfect shot is halved, and extravagant shots harder to hit.

Whether you control your goalkeeper, or allow the AI to save your shots, developers have claimed that the effectiveness of keeper movement is significantly reduced. With that said, a goalkeeper’s speed will be more realistic, with manual keepers forced to actually commit to a direction to dive.

The Introduction of VOLTA Football!

Those of you that are old enough to remember, FIFA Street promised to be huge, but ultimately failed to live up to expectations managing a total of only three titles. The first release of the game was fantastic, offering the opportunity for action-packed, skill-frenzy, which included some of the game’s then greats!

Volta will be available through FIFA 20 and will allow players to compete with fewer players in a street football style fixture. You can watch the official trailer reveal for FIFA 20’s Volta below!

Where does Intergalactic Gaming stand?

As FIFA is our test, and therefore leading title, the launch of FIFA 20 is essential for us. By the time FIFA 20 launches, not only will Intergalactic Gaming will be over a year old, but FIFA 20 it will also be the second FIFA title our tournament hosting platform support. Our existing FIFA player base have already voiced their happiness with our online FIFA tournaments; we must ensure that we can retain our existing player base first and foremost. This permitted, we will undoubtedly accelerate our drive for player acquisition giving us optimistic user numbers as we approach the public launch.

In addition to this, the introduction of FIFA’s Volta game mode will provide us with yet another edge to the competitive FIFA leagues and tournaments hosted on the platform. Unlike traditional competitive FIFA match formats, we envisage this game mode providing the opportunity for greater users, increased exposure, and a variety of fresh content pieces, that will not only nourish the IG ecosystem, but the esport as a whole.

As more information relating to FIFA 20 becomes public, we will be sure to provide further coverage of the details, with a specific focus on how it will feature within our very own competitive IGGalaxy.

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Building a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform that empowers gamers and teams! 👽