FIFA 20 Esports in the IGGalaxy

The release date for FIFA 20 (27 September 2019) is quickly approaching, so with that, we aim to provide our community with an insight into what to expect over the coming months as the FIFA 19 season concludes and the new season begins.

Over the last year, our platform development has been focused on FIFA gamers; more recently, we began development for our platform’s Fortnite hosting capabilities. It is important to reiterate that we will strategically select and support major esport titles, as it is important that we build bespoke infrastructures around each game due to the nuances across each segment. The FIFA esports market is not the same as the Fortnite market, for example, and should be tackled differently.

The current IG platform enables FIFA players to compete in single elimination knockout tournaments, whilst being fairly rewarded for participation and performance. Prize pool distribution in the IGGalaxy utilises the TRON blockchain to facilitate automatic, fast and cost-effective distribution of prize pools. This provides players with certainty of prize pool payments from competition operators. Furthermore, with the use of IGG in prize pools, we can ensure EVERYONE is rewarded for participating!

With FIFA 20 warming up on the sidelines to replace FIFA 19, join us as we reveal the direction of IG heading into the season ahead!

Adios FIFA 19

FIFA is a seasonal game that often sees player activity and engagement significantly decrease several months after its annual release. As the next edition of FIFA approaches, players will once again flock back to the previous edition, brushing up on their skills ready for the new season.

We hope that with the IG platform, we can shift the game’s life cycle to a full year, by focusing on ensuring competitive gaming is fun, rewarding and meaningful — meaningful here can refer to genuine pursuit of a career as reinforced by one of our overarching objectives, specifically, or in a general sense of the word.

We are pleased to inform our community that we will be hosting multiple FIFA 19 tournaments in the coming weeks for both PS4 and Xbox consoles.

Upcoming FIFA 19 Tournaments

The upcoming FIFA 19 tournaments will provide players with the opportunity for practice ahead of the release of the much-anticipated FIFA 20. Participants will have the ability to earn rewards in cash, IGG, TRX and FIFA points to contribute to their FIFA 20 Ultimate Team pack budgets.

A good start for FIFA 20 is important for anyone wanting to make it to the pro scene this year!

Key Objectives:

  • Trials FIFA players to provide opportunities to be signed by professional esports organisation.
  • Enable both practice and competition ahead of the new FIFA 20 season.
  • Enable players to earn rewards to support their FIFA 20 season.
  • Obtain further feedback on the IG platform from experienced competitive FIFA players.
  • Welcome new FIFA players into the IGGalaxy.

The upcoming tournament schedule for FIFA 19 will be made available on the platform and communicated via our usual channels closer to the tournament dates. We will aim to host tournaments throughout the week, and on weekends, so we can cater to players in varying regions, and with different schedules.

Please only join tournaments that you are certain you can play.

FIFA 20: Enter the IGGalaxy

With the new FIFA 20, comes new opportunities for all players to get involved and for us to explore various engaging competition formats. FIFA 20 will be new for everyone; millions of gamers globally will be working to build their Ultimate Teams, train their Virtual Pro players and finally hone their skills for FIFA’s new game mode, Volta!

We have and will continue to build our platform to ensure a seamless, fun and rewarding experience for FIFA players competing. We will also work to support the Pro Clubs mode this season as we firmly believe that this game mode has the potential to thrive in FIFA’s competitive circuit. Furthermore, the support of team based tournaments is the logical next step — as we have the team function in place — but will also enable a much quicker diversification into other team based esport titles. Notwithstanding, we will only do so once the time is right. With our upcoming platform launch later this year, we will add serious value to the FIFA esports scene!

Our objective is to not only become a leading tournament hosting platform for gamers of all skill levels, but to facilitate personal development, promote fairness and integrity, and rewards for all! Through regular tournaments, fair rewards and an effective ranking system, we therefore intend to support all FIFA players in making a sustainable income from doing what they love!

Expect a lot more activity in the IGGalaxy prior to, and post-launch of FIFA 20!

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:





Building a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform that empowers gamers and teams! 👽

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Building a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform that empowers gamers and teams! 👽

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