End of August Progress Report

August marked the first year anniversary of Intergalactic Gaming (IG) on the TRON network! To celebrate, we released a variation of content that would shed further insight to the IG team, our proposed plans for the future heading up to the platform launch and a first opportunity to hear first-hand from our co-founders, Josh and Naeem.

Thanks to the support of our great community, we have been able to reach milestone after milestone, carefully setting each part of the jigsaw to prepare us for taking the competitive gaming scene by storm.

As it is the beginning of a new month, we’ll provide you with all of the developments that took place in August.

Intergalactic Gaming’s First Year on the TRON Network

As stated, we celebrated our first year anniversary on the TRON network this month, sharing our reflection of the year. To think about how far we have come from our early days on Telegram with fewer than 200 followers, to now having a solid community presence behind us and a beta platform in place is outstanding!

What’s more, we have secured promising relationships with esports organisations, both endemic and non-endemic, who will play a vital role in the expansion of the IGGalaxy, and thus our tokenised solution. For Galacticans that have been with us since the very beginning, we extend our gratitude and very much hope you have enjoyed the journey so far. To those that have just joined, our early adopters can confirm that the future in the IGGalaxy looks very bright and exciting!

As part of these celebrations, our co-founders Josh and Naeem also answered some questions from members of the community; you can view this Q&A below!

Intergalactic Gaming’s Letter to the Community

As we enter our second year now, with a much larger community behind us and a tournament hosting infrastructure in place, we felt it necessary to provide a second letter to the community.

Discussing the current state of play for IG, we revealed that we had initiated a fundraising process following a year of validating our market. We have received some high levels of interest from investors keen to enter the exciting world of esports, social competitive gaming and blockchain.

Check out our Letter to the Community Part II!

IGG Pre-Platform Launch Token Sale

Part of our Letter to the Community outlined the launch of our pre-platform token sale directly via the IG website. During our initial token sale in the summer of last year, we had allocated 16% of the total IGG supply; we had sold 2.75 billion of that. As such, we have provided the community with an opportunity to acquire IGG, at a fixed rate, prior to the full platform launch. Each week, the rate of IGG:TRX will also increase.

This would give those that missed out on the initial token sale an opportunity to acquire some IGG, as well as provide those wanting larger orders the ability to purchase — lack of liquidity on exchanges previously made this difficult. For instance, in the first round, 153m IGG was purchased in one transaction, evidencing the demand for IGG.

In addition, the burn incentive is such that once the full IGG for each round has completely sold out, an equivalent amount is burned from existence.

Check the IGG pre-platform launch announcement below; if you would like to know how to participate, a demonstration video can be found just below the announcement.

Enter the IGBountyWay!

Marketing is central to growth for any organisation, especially one in the process of infiltrating a very nascent space in social competitive gaming. In the early stages of Intergalactic Gaming, we rewarded all those that added value to the IG ecosystem, specifically those that would promote the IG brand. With this, we were able to achieve millions of impressions on Twitter each month and we saw community numbers spike from hundreds to thousands.

Now, with over 7,500 Twitter followers and a Telegram channel with over 3,500 members, it is important that we continue to market the IG brand with the intention of acquiring new Galacticans.

The IGBountyWay has its own official Telegram channel in which bounties will be set by IG. At a later point, we will allow members of the IG and wider TRON community the opportunity to set bounties, for a fee of IGG. The main benefits of this will allow for exposure to a fantastic and engaging community, as well as further utility for our IGG token. To find out more, including how to participate in bounties, follow the link below; you will definitely not want to miss out!

IG Gold Available to Trade on Trade Satoshi

IGG can now be stored on Trade Satoshi wallets and is also available to trade against BTC, DOGE, USDT and ETH. After holding a poll on Twitter to identify what tokens the crypto-Twitter felt should be listed, Trade Satoshi felt the full force of the Galacticans, as IGG claimed a clear victory over the other proposed tokens (despite not being one of the tokens on the poll). Once again, our community has demonstrated themselves to be one of the most active on the TRON network! We thank Trade Satoshi for the opportunity and look forward to IGG listing on further exchanges!

Change in ORB Distribution This Month

IGLabs, our first application that is tasked with facilitating the adoption of cryptoassets with gamers, is in its third month of operation. With over 6,000 capsules created, 35bn IGG in total stored, and 70m IGG burned, IGLabs will play a crucial role for members of the gaming and crypto community!

The rate of ORB distribution for storing IGG in IGLabs’ capsules will change on Saturday 21 September 2019. To remind Galacticans, storing IGG in IGLabs capsules is the only way ORB enters circulation; that said, ORB is available on secondary markets for peer-to-peer trading, paired exclusively to IGG. In addition, ORB obtained from storing IGG in capsules can be sold back to IGLabs for a fixed rate of 4 IGG : 1 ORB.

The change in distribution of ORB therefore means the following for the IGG stored in IGLabs’ capsules:

Current ORB Distribution

  • 100k IGG frozen for for 30 days: 759 ORB
  • 10m IGG frozen for 30 days: 75,946 ORB

New ORB Distribution

  • 100k IGG frozen for for 30 days: 606 ORB
  • 10m IGG frozen for 30 days: 60,580 ORB

ORB Use Cases
ORB will be the central token within the IGLabs application, but to reiterate, the full development for IGLabs will commence in Q1 2020. Use cases for ORB tokens will include:

  • Participating in “quests”: ORB tokens fuel spaceships for exploring parts of the IGGalaxy
  • Processing “space rocks” obtained from “quests” into resources & items
  • Items creation
  • Establishing clans

For the full announcement, including an insight to the future utility of ORB tokens, please read the announcement document below!

IG x TRON Community Fortnite League

Preliminary details of our IG x TRON Community Fortnite League’s Season 1 was released a few weeks ago as we begin to finalise platform development. Fortnite, the popular Battle Royale title that has a registered player base of over 250m, will be an integral engagement tool for spreading awareness of TRON to end users.

In addition, participating teams will find themselves able to mobilise their respective communities, encouraging engagement through social competitive gaming; something entirely new for the TRON network!

Further details of the IG x TRON Fortnite League will be released once we have selected the teams to take the final two places. The TRON community can expect a series of Fortnite tournaments during the next month so participating teams can draft their players. Think you’ve got what it takes? If so, check the announcement below and make sure you keep up to date with the developments surrounding this!

Still Men FC’s ‘Children are Butterflies’ Cup!

As announced in our last progress update, in September, IG will be supporting a charity event hosted by Still Men FC. The Children are Butterflies’ Cup in memory of the tragic passing of children’s families — especially supporting fathers and brothers.

The event, which will be hosted on Saturday 14 September, will involve a 5-a-side tournament,, football skill related challenges and a VR and gaming booth that will be operated by Intergalactic Gaming. Still Men FC have the vital framework in place to ensure their initiative is a success; however, with the power of competitive gaming, they are ready to take their organisation to the next level.

We will release more on this, including our collaboration with Still Men FC closer to the date. In the meantime, show your support and the power of Galacticans worldwide and follow them now!

IG x Partners

IG Partners with LimeJuice Group: What does this mean?

LimeJuice Group, who are no strangers to the benefits of the unification of blockchain and gaming have shown a real sign of intent to push for its mainstream adoption. Intergalactic Gaming and LimeJuice Group have entered an official partnership that will see our growing infrastructures as we continue to implement our unique value propositions for the mass gaming market. Not only will LimeJuice Group utilise our tournament hosting platform to provide esports teams around the world the ability to compete, practice and grow their brands, they have also acquired a stake in BlackSalt Coreuption’s franchise to add to their ever-growing portfolio.

BlackSalt Coreuption franchise includes a 3D-style fighting game currently available to Steam users. In Q4 of this year, a finished version of the title will be distributed to Nintendo Switch users; in Q1 2020, the game will be available to PS4, Xbox One and PC users — it truly is exciting times!

Platform development for this title will begin shortly, which will see both our third title, and third genre implemented into the IGGalaxy. For now, you can read our initial announcement, which provides a brief overview of what this partnership means. With LimeJuice’s ownership of the game, we can do much more. Over the coming months, we will release a detailed outline of what platform development our community can expect!

Back of the Net: For F1FA Sake (Acquire UK Grime Artist!

August has been a fantastic month for our partners, too! First, both Mazer Gaming from the USA, and Fuego Gaming from the UK competed at the CWL championships, finishing the tournament 22nd and 24th, respectively. Both partners had a fantastic season in the CWL this year, each leaving with $15,000 in prize winnings from Los Angeles just over two weeks ago.

Last week, For F1FA Sake (FFS), also Intergalactic partners, secured UK grime artist P Money on Sunday 25 August. P Money has been a key figure in promoting the UK’s grime scene and will now rise to the challenge of promoting the UK’s esports scene. As a dedicated FIFA player, P Money is taking part in the “Unknown2Pro” project, to rise to the challenge of becoming a professional FIFA player. In addition, there are three other players, that are taking part in this initiative, where they will receive support from FFS.

We are thoroughly excited to welcome P Money and all other players FFS will be working with to the Intergalactic family and will keep all community members posted on the developments of this. To read more, follow the link below!

Get Ready for FIFA 20 in the IGGalaxy!

As the countdown to FIFA 20 begins, our developers have been iterating the platform’s tournament infrastructure to ensure a seamless transition to the new FIFA title. Before we get there, however, we will be hosting our final FIFA 19 tournaments, providing Galacticans with the opportunity to win IGG, FIFA Points, and even a copy of the next edition in the FIFA series, FIFA 20!

With the release of FIFA 20 just around the corner, it is important we provide our FIFA community with pivotal playing time before the new release. To find out more about these FIFA tournaments, including the key objectives and what to expect in the next edition of FIFA in the IGGalaxy, read more below!

A Look Ahead

As Q3 comes to a conclusion, our platform’s public launch is only a quarter away meaning there will be loads to look forward to. Most exciting of all will be the first season of our community Fortnite League, where we will soon be working with participating teams to identify the players that will compete. For now, we hope you enjoy the teaser image of the spectators’ view; we hope you are all as excited as we are!

What’s more, we look forward to releasing more exciting news pertaining to our Intergalactic partners, including their full activation in the IG competitive platform, as well as further utility for our respective tokens! Be sure to stick around!

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:

Website: www.iggalaxy.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/igg_esports
Discord: https://discord.gg/5kx4tKR
Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/user/Intergalactic_Gaming
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/IG_Galaxy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IGGalaxy/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_iggalaxy/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intergalactic-gaming
Medium: https://medium.com/@IGGalaxy
Telegram: https://t.me/IGG_Official



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