DAY 9: Intergalactic Initiative for Partners within the IGGalaxy & Beyond

Yesterday, we were pleased to confirm that we will be listed on LATOKEN exchange in January 2019. This exchange listing comes with with four base pairings; BTC, ETH, USDT and LATOKEN.

The LATOKEN Exchange is currently ranked 31 in Coin Market Cap’s Top 50 Cryptocurrency Exchanges by trade volume,with over a $100 million 24-hour trade volume. This is comes at a pivotal time as our Alpha development is progresses well. As we enter the competitive scene, this increase in liquidity is sure to see the proliferation of further esports organisations and players joining the IGGalaxy. We have said it before, and it certainly will not be the last time we say it: adoption is coming.

For Day 9 of our Intergalactic Countdown, we are unveiling an Intergalactic initiative that will further our platform to provide exposure and value to some great causes!

We will use our platform to generate support for our Partner teams, allowing them to compete against the heavyweights in the industry. Their success is our success; we believe it is important that the community can support our Partners in their endeavours to scale up. We will also look to utilise our platform to provide support to our wider community. As Super Representatives on the TRON Network, we feel an obligation to improve the wellbeing of less fortunate people around the world through opportunity and investment.

1) Partner Team Support

Our Intergalactic platform will have a dedicated section for Partner teams to submit plans for community support. Each Partner team will have an allocated wallet, and an opportunity to call on the support of our Galacticans in the IGGalaxy.

Our Partners have already demonstrated their hunger to expand. Each have set realistic objectives that they are capable of reaching; however, as we have witnessed, the current esports landscape is not profitable for all. In many cases, those that have the ability to succeed in this industry rarely do so; this is something that together we can change. Our Partners are raring to go, they just need you!

From today, our Partners will be able to submit their plans for the upcoming year. We will then share these plans with Galacticans and TRONICs, who will then be able to make informed decisions as to whether to support their plans. These plans may range from Partners wishing to improve their rosters, attending esport events and other organisational development plans.

The benefits of supporting our Partners will vary, depending on their plan.

2) Community Support

Community members will also have the opportunity to receive funding for projects they are working on. This initiative may be an opportunity for gamers to engage our community; for instance, supporting with attending tournaments, perhaps. These gamers can essentially use this as a platform to generate funds to support with costs for competing, with the intention of repaying that value to the ecosystem as a whole. We feel as though involving the community in this initiative will undoubtedly inspire innovation among our Galacticans and TRONICs alike; innovative projects that will undoubtedly benefit the TRON Network.

Like our Partners, community members will be required to submit proposals outlining the wholistic benefits to the ecosystem. Our community members will vote on each, and contribute IGG and/or TRX to individual projects they believe in. We will release more information detailing how to participate in this initiative in the coming weeks.

3) Global Support

Binance are proving to be a leading presence in the crypto-world as they strive to utilise blockchain and cryptocurrencies for social good. Binance Charity provides a platform for programs and campaigns to improve the wellbeing of less fortunate people around the world.

One particular active project, Restore Bududa Program, is providing life saving resources to those affected by the Bukalasi Sub-county Disaster in Bududa District. Four hours of heavy rainfall destroyed river banks, subsequently leading to disastrous floods and mudslides. The disaster victims are in desperate need of shelter, food, and healthcare. The IG Team believe this is a fantastic cause and have all contributed to donate 0.37 BTC (£1150) [].

Our plan is to utilise our platform to be able to carry out a similar function, whereby Galacticans and TRONICs can contribute to similar projects.

More information regarding these initiatives will be released in the coming weeks.

A Call to Arms!
Our Intergalactic Community have proven themselves to be true visionaries in the future of esports. More importantly, they are keen to see issues of limited accessibility addressed. Those that contribute to the growth of our Partners will be rewarded for doing so. We have always been extremely grateful to those that have supported our vision; as we grow, our desire to reward those that continue to add value to the IG x Esports ecosystem grows. Secondly, and by no means least, those that contribute will be integral to IG x TRON revolutionising the esports landscape.

We will look forward to Partners submitting their proposals for the coming year. Following on from this, we will call upon all members of the community to stay vigilant and provide support where they can.

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