DAY 4: Triple Threat — Esports TI, Galacticans United and BITEXBOOK Listing

It is day four of our ten day countdown to the New Year and we are excited to bring to you multiple developments within the IGGalaxy.

Later today, we will also release an update in relation to the Alpha platform development. This includes the deployment schedule over the next month as we enter the TESTNET phase today.

IG x Esports TI Conference Partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with Esports TI, a one day esports technology event for investors, sponsors and businesses wanting to learn about the nascent industry.

Esports Tech Invest brings together all sectors of the esports industry for a one-day event to discover new innovations and gain a competitive edge in this ever-changing market. Event attendees will be exposed to new and innovative companies that are shaping the future of esports.



Attendees will have the opportunity to have first looks at new technology, test new products, and network with gamers, investors, and thought leaders in the industry. You’ll view a tournament, hear compelling presentations, and have the chance to meet and network with like-minded and experienced individuals in the industry.

The conference runs from 9:00AM – 6:00PM. The day’s rich agenda is divided among presentations, panel discussions, networking breaks, and hands on esports technology showcase match, demonstrations & exhibits. Included in the ticket price is an invitation to attend the Networking Reception & Tech Showcase.

Date: March 22, 2019

Location: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011

You can see the agenda below:

We have providing ad-hoc consultation to Kayon Partners over the last year in relation to the conference and are excited to support this event as we further the cause for blockchain within esports. We look forward to representing the TRON network at the conference, outlining why it is the best blockchain platform for competitive gaming.

The initial speaker list for the event has been released, which you can view below:

Galacticans United & the IG Academy

On Day 3 of IG10, we announced our IG Logo Competition where Galacticans can earn rewards for submitting entries. One of the three competitions was to produce a logo for Galacticans United.


Galacticans United is our official professional competitive gaming club, which will begin to acquire rosters in a variety of top esport titles, with an initial focus on FIFA 19.

Please follow the official Galacticans United twitter account below:

In addition, the IG Academy will act as a feeder entity for Galacticans United. We will be primarily scouting players through FIFA tournaments hosted within the IGGalaxy and offering those with potential the chance to develop their skills with our FIFA coaches.The IG Academy will will facilitate accessibility for the grassroot players, along with another institution that will work synergetically with all our partners’ academies. We will provide the tools and environment for these players to access the professional scene.

WHY FIFA? Please see thread below:

We will focus to create an established infrastructure around FIFA 19, before expanding into other titles. This is the context of the game we support on our platform. Needless to say, we will look to support other games as quick as reasonably possible. We will still be active in building communities in other top esport titles. We will also look to acquire rosters in other top esport titles to represent Galacticans United in top tier competitions.


BITEXBOOK & TRON announced their intention to work together in November.. BITEXBOOK will be listing several of the top tokens on the TRON network, including Intergalactic Gaming Gold(IGG)

Trading is now live. Replenishment/Withdrawal function went live earlier today and the IGG/TRX trade pair is also now open.

We have been informed that the IGG/BTC pair will be added following from this and that BITEXBOOK will be ready to add fiat pairs(USD/RUB)if trading is active.

Happy Holidays to All from the IG TEAM!

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:



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Fantasy Football Telegram Groups:— NFL— Fantasy Football (BPL)

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