DAY 4: IG Alpha v1.0 [TESTNET] Goes Live 26/12/2018: The Deployment Schedule

As we progress through our Intergalactic journey, we are fast approaching a monumental landmark. Along the way, we have received fantastic support from members of the TRON and Intergalactic communities alike.

Intergalactic Gaming is founded upon the primary principles of reward and transparency; to reward the casual gamer for the time they invest in gaming in a fair way. More generally, we highlighted our mission to increase the accessibility of grassroots gamers in competitive gaming by tokenising the esports landscape. With much anticipation surrounding the release of our platform, this document will aim to outline our deployment of the Alpha platform.

Firstly, we wish to provide some perspective: this is the Alpha. It is the first stage of our platform, enabling continuous testing and improvement. Nevertheless, it is remarkable to think when our co-founders came up with the initial notion for IG over three years ago, they envisaged a platform that would enable online competitive gaming tournaments to be held. We are very close to this, even though it is a small aspect of our planned platform.

On the 26 December, we will initiate our Alpha v1.0 ‘TESTNET’ which would enable a controlled group of individuals to stress-test the first version of our platform. We will then gradually begin increase the number of Galacticans utilising the platform as we progress through our development plan. This method will provide us with invaluable feedback prior to releasing subsequent versions of our Alpha. Our deployment plan will enable us to ensure our foundational infrastructure is sound, before integrating additional features and scaling up, enabling us to innovate at every step.

Below, we have outlined our provisional development schedule for the IG Alpha platform.

Schedule for Alpha Deployment

Alpha v1.0: 26/12/2018 [TESTNET]
This internal testing phase will involve a closed group of users interacting with the Alpha v1.0, with their primary aim of bug hunting and providing initial feedback on usability.

During this phase, features will include:

  • Login
  • User Profile
  • Creation of Team
  • Ability to join team

Current issues with Tronscan’s API database mean it would be unwise to build a wallet functionality at this point; we will need to completely redesign the API database so it is compatible with our platform. Taking this precaution will bring with it optimal user experience, whilst dramatically improving wallet security.

Alpha v1.1: 10/01/2019 [TESTNET]
This version of our Alpha will provide Galacticans with wallet functionality. Users will have the ability to view tokens and transactions in their wallet[s]. Galacticans will also have the ability to tip fellow Galacticans directly to a Public Key or via username. The ability to send tokens on our platform via a username will prove to be invaluable in increasing adoption of the TRON protocol.

A security compliant key storage concept will be developed, on the principle that the user owns their wallet.

Alpha v1.2: 18/01/2019
Alpha v1.2 will be the public release of the Alpha platform, where Galacticans will be able to register their interest to participate in upcoming IG FIFA 19 tournaments. We will re-open Galacticanship Applications at this stage, enabling new users to join the IGGalaxy.

Galacticans will also be able to communicate with each other through a P2P chat function, where they will also be able to tip users through the chat window.

Alpha v1.3: 25/01/2019–03/02/2019
We will host the inaugural FIFA 19 IGGenesis Alpha Cup during this period, although we will confirm the precise date in the coming weeks . These tournaments will be held for PS4 and Xbox One players, with a £2500 prize pool for each tournament.

We will release further details regarding these seminal FIFA 19 tournaments in the next two weeks.

BETA Phase:

Following from the conclusion of the IGGenesis Alpha Cup for PS4 & Xbox FIFA 19 players, we will enter the BETA phase of our platform development. Having developed our foundational infrastructure for our platform, we will now bring additional developers to the IG team to support our journey through our development roadmap.

A few things to look forward to on the platform during the BETA phase:

  • IGG conversion to TRC20 token
  • IGG Freeze Function
  • Additional features for the competitive gaming component of the platform, including the support of additional modes on FIFA 19
  • Additional social features
  • Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE) — market place for products and services, particularly ones of a digital nature.
  • Reputational & XP Mechanism
  • Voting Functionality
  • IG Fantasy sports
  • Diversification into other esport titles.

And much more! We look forward to releasing further insights into our BETA when appropriate.

A Side Note

With Intergalactic Gaming very much at the forefront of speculation, it is imperative we remain vigilant. As many have witnessed, change is not always immediately welcomed, especially when it challenges the status quo.

For us to have the best opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to executing our mission, we must ensure we are strategic in our deployment of our platform. We must accept that there will be individuals out there that are set on compromising our Intergalactic mission because they do not understand what we are doing. Likewise we must protect against providing competitors with the model of our business plan; both of which we are sure you can understand. The platform will initially focus on FIFA 19; once we have demonstrated our model to be successful, we will look to diversify to support additional esports titles.

We are extremely thankful for those that have supported us on this journey, but please remember like yourselves, we are just as keen to get this Intergalactic show on the road!

Please note that we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure the execution of our vision is effective and efficient. We are currently reviewing our roadmap and will look to update it for the upcoming year.

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Oh wait. one more thing. Here are two little sneak peaks of the Alpha v1.0 😉

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Building a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform that empowers gamers and teams! 👽