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The Intergalactic Foundation (IF) is a non-profit entity that has the primary objective of executing initiatives that support the growth and adoption of esports onto the Tron blockchain. The foundation will also aim to support the awareness and education of blockchain technology in developing countries as we strongly believe it will provide the tools to support the growth of these economies.

Today, we are excited to announce a function that will be fundamental for the growth of the competitive gaming industry at large. The Intergalactic Foundation Player Association (IFPA) will represent the interests of both professional and grassroots players within the competitive gaming scene. Initially, this representation and support will only be available for FIFA 19 players.

This is a statement of intent. We are supporting the creation of a democratic organisation that simply does not exist yet. One that will be run for and by the players. Player representation is a fundamental component to our vision for esports. This function was a huge contributing factor for the successful commercialisation and stabilisation of many traditional sports leagues, such as the NBA and NFL.

In conjunction with this announcement, we are running a referral scheme for Galacticans to recruit FIFA players for the IFPA. For each verified referral, the referee will receive 50,000 IGG! See below on how to participate!

The IFPA will enable any FIFA player, regardless of skill, to submit an application to become a member of the IFPA.

We will encourage members to actively participate in, and contribute to the business and governance of the IFPA. Our model will seek to enhance the internal cohesiveness of the IFPA, which in turn will enhance the ability to be successful in external activities, particularly with regards to relationships with game publishers and leagues.

While all the IFPA members will perform the same type of work in the respective games that they play, they vary enormously in terms of their levels of skill. Some will be the legends who are known to every Galactican across the globe. Others will have respectable careers but will only be known to supporters of their respective teams. Majority will be young hopefuls who would only be known to their family or friends for their brief time playing games competitively.

The IFPA will have representatives/delegates who are elected members that serve two major functions:

  • Provide a means of communication between members and the IFPA
  • Participate in decision making processes of the IFPA

This diversity of the membership composition means that a challenge the IFPA may face is achieving the balance between competing demands, diverse interests and needs of members. We are well equipped to combat this as our policies and programs will take into account such differences. Our model will seek to provide the tools to enhance the ability for the majority to have respectable careers, or better yet become legends.

The IFPA’s primary objective is to enhance the income and welfare of the players that it represents. There are numerous privileges that will flow from the IFPA to the members.

Internal activities of the IFPA will be directed at the members. These will include:

  • Support: Promoting member interests
  • Continuing Education: Business of competitive gaming & how blockchain, smart contracts and digital tokens can change the game.
  • Advice: Occupational Consultancy (particularly for life after gaming)
  • Arbitration of Grievances: helping resolve player/agent disputes
  • Protecting Member Rights & Benefits

The IFPA will also engage in external activities that will be directed at the leagues, teams and game publishers.

Please note the criteria is subject to change and is only for guidance. Presently, we are only accepting applications from FIFA 19 players on the PS4 or Xbox One. To become a member, you must submit an application form (link below) and await to be contacted.

Click on the link below to submit your application to become a member of the IFPA. You will also be entered into the inaugural IGGenesis Alpha Cup, hosted on the Alpha platform. This will be for PS4 or Xbox, and will have a prize pool of £2500.

Sign up to the Intergalactic Foundation Player Association


We are a community-centric organisation and we want to reward our loyal Galacticans for joining us on this journey. We will be carrying out a reward scheme whereby Galacticans can go forth and inform FIFA players about IG, the upcoming tournaments and the IFPA.


  • Contact any friends or family that you know are FIFA players
  • Contact FIFA players on social media (Facebook & Twitter are best platforms to find FIFA players)
  • Inform them about IG, the upcoming tournaments and the IFPA
  • Send them the link to sign up to the IFPA
  • Ensure they select ‘referred by family/friend’ for question 8
  • Ensure they put your email address and TRX wallet address.
  • Ensure that they participate in the IGGenesis FIFA 19 Tournament

Once the player has been verified to have competed in the IGGenesis Cup for either PS4 or Xbox towards the end of January, the referee will be eligible for the reward. The referral rewards will be paid out within three working days of the tournaments concluding.

We will release further information about this initiative in January, prior to the IGGenesis Tournaments.

If you have any queries regarding the IFPA, please feel free to email us —

Thanks for reading!

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