Before we go any further, let us summarise this article:

  • Website Update- ID verification
  • Initiating Next Phase of Esports Disruption (1b Airdrop)
  • KYC/AML breakdown

Website Update

If you have already registered and logged into our platform, you’ll see the re-worked account section. This will now allow you to link multiple wallets which collectively count towards your eligibility, instead of just one wallet per person.

The second and most important update is the feature for ID verification. You must upload verification documents in the settings section; this must be done to be eligible for the next airdrop and claim your free 5000 IGG for signing up. This includes:

  • Verification document for proof of residence dated within the past three months.
  • Government verified ID; clearly showing you full name, DOB and photo.

Finally, if you’re interested in being part of our upcoming competitions and tournaments register your interest now to receive further updates on this as we develop our platform in the near future!


  • 1b Airdrop [26th August 2018] — Based on IGG holdings
  • 1b Airdrop [September 2018+] — TBC
  • 1:1 Airdrop [November 2018+] — TBC
  • Various Other Surprise Airdrops

Initiating Next Phase of Esports Disruption (1b Airdrop)

I’m sure you’re aware that we are four days away from our 1,000,000,000 Airdrop. This is our next milestone; we will be distributing 10% of the total IGG supply to our Galacticans. For those of you wondering how this will be calculated, IGG will be distributed according to wallet holdings; [Your Wallet Holdings] / [Total eligible IGG in Circulation] x 1,000,000,000. To ensure Galacticans receive a slice of the Airdrop, they must:

  • Hold 50,000 IGG
  • Must be signed up to
  • Verifying your identity (We will discuss this later)
  • This is huge and you will not want to miss out.

As always, we at IG are deeply grateful for those that add value, and as always, our Airdrops reflect this.

Why do I need to provide two separate documents?

As we are a UK company, we want comply with UK and EU laws, which state you cannot use one form of identification for both name and address; when undertaking a proof of identity checklist.

But why for the airdrop?

We want to ensure we are complying to the KYC/AML process.

What is the security for storing my documents?

The data is encrypted on a secure server that very few of the team actually have access to and requires multiple levels of authentication to access, including 2FA.

To remind those of what a KYC or AML process is:

KYC — Know Your Customer

This process is followed by many industries, within and outside the crypto world. This will enable IG to know the people we are dealing with, allowing us to filter out malicious individuals.

AML — Anti Money Laundering

Again very similar, this allows us to identify individuals that only intend to use their services or investment for money laundering purposes. This is why we require you to provide your full name, DOB and current living address. Your ID verification should be a government issued ID with a clear selfie.

Peace out guys

IG is in full orbit of social media, and its brand grows organically by the second. This co-creation of a global gaming community is a great way for the IG brand to become truly global in a short period of time. We will be releasing detailed information over the next few weeks, particularly with relation to IGG use cases, Airdrops, as well as pertinent information about IG and IGG.

Furthermore, we have a lot more exciting instalments to come, including information about our team. Galacticans have done a fantastic job to ensure the word of IG is spread far and wide; we have seen our Retweets skyrocket from 266,000 to 656,000 retweets, and we’re only gaining momentum. We are recruiting Galacticans from across the globe that is all thanks to you, it is important that we all continue to spread the word! Galacticans will rise with us, and together we will stamp our mark on esports. So seatbelts on, you don’t want to be left behind.

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