Alpha Development Update: Beta Phase Commencement, Updated Development Schedule & The IG Alpha Cup!

We are pleased to bring you an update of the progress we have made on the IG platform. Over the last five months, we have been working hard building the Alpha platform, our minimum viable product. This is the foundation required for us deliver our vision of a digitally tokenised competitive gaming economy, where everyone is rewarded for the value they add, regardless of skill. This will empower gamers and teams around the world and provide opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career in esports; this is THE Intergalactic Dream!

The FIFA 19 IG Alpha Cups for PS4 and Xbox, played last weekend, marked the successful conclusion of the Alpha phase of development, delivering a platform that enables us to smoothly host FIFA 19 head-to-head tournaments.

As we enter the Beta phase of development, we thought it would be appropriate to share the progress we have made, providing an overview of what the future looks like as we enter the second phase of our three-phase development plan.


  • The IG Platform

The IG Platform

As previously outlined, the development and deployment of our platform will come over three phases which are designed to allow innovation and optimisation at every step. An outline of our development plan is as follows:

Alpha Phase of Development — October 2018 to February 2019: Completed
We began development of the Alpha platform in October and initiated the v1.0 TESTNET on 26 December 2018.

In less than five months, we have successfully built a platform that enables us to host head-to-head competitive gaming tournaments. The completion of this first phase was marked with the hosting of our FIFA 19 tournaments on the IG Alpha platform! These first tournaments allowed us to test the platform before moving onto the next phase of development.

Although we will remain focused on developing our bespoke FIFA 19 competitive ecosystem, we are pleased to inform you that we now have the additional capability to host head-to-head online tournaments for other popular esports titles across various devices.

Beta Phase of Development — March 2019 to October 2019
As the Beta phase begins you will see us build on the platform’s current developed infrastructure as we implement and test further planned features. We will also increase the number of Galacticans with access to the IG platform as we begin to scale up for the public launch.

Furthermore, we will look to prioritise building our player database, introducing them to the platform as we continue to host competitive tournaments. Users can expect to see a variety of competition formats introduced; including team tournaments, leagues and custom formats. Alongside this, we will perfect of the overall tournament user journey, we will also look to enrich the matchmaking, ranking, and social aspects of the platform to take users’ gaming experience to the next level!

This phase will also consist of further implementation of the TRON protocol. As the network matures, we will soon begin find ourselves in a great position to utilising the TRON network to empower our tokenised esports ecosystem; primarily and predominantly through the integration of smart contracts.

For those of you who are new to smart contracts, these are self-operating computer programs that have the ability to execute contracts, without the need for human intervention. These agreements will resolve the issues that currently create uncertainty between the various stakeholders. For example, teams and players will be guaranteed to be paid prize pools, salaries and other bonuses in the IGGalaxy. This instils confidence in the stakeholders encouraging them to invest their time and resources into participating within our ecosystem. The IGGalaxy, smart contracts, and the TRON protocol as a whole, will provide game-changing technology, revolutionising the way users interact with each other. We will create a world where the gamers and teams are fairly rewarded for the time and value they add to the ecosystem.

The implementation of these technologies requires a thoughtful design to ensure an easy and pleasurable experience. To employ the words of Steve Jobs, ‘technology should either be beautiful or invisible.’ We believe this mantra is synonymous to blockchain technology and this same approach will be fundamental for mass adoption.

We will continue to develop our tailored infrastructure around FIFA 19, but Galacticans will also have the opportunity to utilise our automated infrastructure on a decentralised app to host tournaments in various electronic games.

Public Phase of Development — October 2019 and Beyond!
The third and final phase will entail the public release of our platform. Here, we will see a significantly richer ecosystem, with further implemented features, and a growing user base, subsequently adding to the entertaining user experience.

After the public release, we will continue to develop the platform and release new and exciting features and aspects that will attract new users, while continuing to engage, and retain and entertain our existing user base.

Alpha Phase Update

Before releasing of our Alpha platform, we had hosted a number of tournaments using various third-party platforms. At one point, we had even hosted a tournament for 200 players, without any platform, many of whom returned for the IG Alpha Cup! These tournaments enabled us to craft our Intergalactic Solution.

The IG Alpha Cup tournaments saw over 60 players establishing a profile on our Alpha platform to compete for the FIFA 19 crown on their respective consoles. Reflecting on the tournament, itself, the platform made the overall management of the event very much easier and enjoyable than when we did not have it in our toolbox before. It is important to reiterate that this is the Alpha and so there will be significant updates, new features and developments on the journey as we optimise the platform for the public launch towards the end of the year.

As the platform’s functionality becomes more streamlined, with the addition of further features, we are confident in providing our users with a market leading enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining feature rich user experience.

Sneak Peak

We appreciate that majority of our community is not able to access the Alpha platform. As we increasethe number of Galacticans with access to the platform, we want to leave you with a screenshot to accompany this update…for now.

General Feedback
We are very happy with the overall response from the very first participants on the IG Alpha platform. Below, we have shared some of the feedback we obtained from participants over the weekend. It appears some of them did not get the memo that it was only the Alpha!

Testing, feedback and new iterations are a continuous part of the development process, enabling us to improve our platform to create a better and thrilling user experience for all our participants. Exciting times ahead!

Thank you for reading and we look forward to sharing further developments of the platform with you all as you are all part of this journey with us!

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:




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