22/09/2018 — The Road Ahead

Today, we thought it might be pertinent to release further information as to our plans in the upcoming few weeks. Please read the whole article.

Overview of article:

  • ESI London & Beyond
  • IGG on TRONScan
  • IG Lite Paper Release
  • 1 Billion Airdrop to Verified & Eligible Galacticans
  • Alpha Platform
  • The Journey Ahead

ESI London & Beyond

Over the last week, our co-founders have been in London for the ESI London 2018, a leading esports business conference. Despite IG being the only present representative from the TRON community, the panel provided Naeem with an opportunity to provide extensive exposure to the IG project and TRON blockchain.

Whilst in London, our co-founders also had set up a number of meetings with the aim of securing IG’s foothold in the esports x blockchain landscape. We are excited to reveal the outcome of these meetings, when appropriate.

More information about the conference will be provided in this weeks weekly report, due to be released tomorrow.


As you all know, you are currently able to unilaterally exchange TRX for IGG at a 1 TRX to 50 IGG rate, via TRON’s official blockchain explorer — https://tronscan.org/#/token/IGG

As we are often asked about exchanges, our conservative plans are to list IGG on exchanges by Q1 2019 at the latest. Our priority at the moment is developing our esports infrastructure and demonstrating adoption for our proposition, as opposed to exchange listings. Exchange listings will become a priority in the coming weeks.

IG LitePaper

As we appreciate that we are growing at an astounding rate — we feel it is important to have a document that is easily accessible to newcomers and provides comprehensive information for the reader to make an informed decision about our project.

We have already outlined the obvious reasons as to why we will not release our extensive White Paper in the immediate future. We have extracted the relevant information from our White Paper to form this Lite Paper, which we anticipate to release in the next few weeks.

The Lite Paper document will provide an insight into the following:

  • Intergalactic Gaming — Overview, Objectives, Key Results and the Why
  • Esports — Driving Factors, Market Snapshot and Brands in Esports
  • Barriers within Esports – The Opportunity
  • The IG Multi-Faceted Solution
  • IGGalaxy — Stakeholders, IGG and the Tokenised Esports Galaxy
  • IG Business Model Overview
  • The IG Platform — Three-Phased Development Plan, Why Blockchain and TRON?
  • Super Representative Candidacy Plan
  • Marketing Plan Overview
  • The IG Journey – Updated Road Map

We will release further content in the coming weeks in addition to the Lite Paper. We aim to provide a further simplified explanation of blockchain, esports and our vision, as we want to ensure that anyone can understand and relate to our mission. This will come in the form of summary documents, videos and other infographics. This simplification will be important when exposing IG to the masses.

As we progress further along our roadmap, we will be able to release further information to our community.


This airdrop will take place around the 30 September 2018. In order to be eligible — please ensure:

  • You are a registered and verified Galactican on our website (www.iggalaxy.com )
  • You have verified at least one of your wallets
  • You hold sufficient amount of IGG

If you have any issues with any of the above — please head over to our main Telegram group and one of our admins will be able to assist you. A more specific document related to the 1b IGG airdrop, including the verification process will be released soon.

Alpha Platform

The alpha platform is our minimum viable product that will have enough features for us to further demonstrate our vision. This is currently being developed as we speak! We began developing our alpha platform a few weeks ago and we are on track to host our first IG esports competition in Q4 2018.

We will then build upon the alpha platform, adding additional features during the beta phase of our platform development. We intend to release the beta in Q1 2019. The purpose of building our platform in phases is to ensure that our final product is executed perfectly. It gives us ample opportunity to continually test and improve our platform.

The Journey Ahead

We have moved very quickly over the last 6 weeks but we will begin to pick up the pace from October. We are excited to share our revised road map with you all soon.

Very soon, we will also outline our plans to utilise a small proportion of our TRX to support our aggressive plans over the next few months.

Thank you for reading ! Adoption is here. Make sure you tell a friend ☺️

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:

Website: www.iggalaxy.com

Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/user/Intergalactic_Gaming

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/official_igg

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OfficalIGG/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergalactic_gaming/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intergalactic-gaming

Medium: https://medium.com/@info_91865


https://t.me/IGAnnouncements — ANNOUNCEMENTS CHANNEL

https://t.me/IGgge — Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE)

https://t.me/IGG_English — ENGLISH (MAIN)

https://t.me/IGG_Korean — KOREAN

https://t.me/IGG_Spanish — SPANISH

https://t.me/IGG_German — GERMAN

https://t.me/IGG_French — FRENCH

https://t.me/IGG_Dutch — DUTCH

https://t.me/IGG_India — INDIA

Esports Telegram Groups:

https://t.me/IGFIFA — FIFA

https://t.me/IGRocketLeague — Rocket League

https://t.me/IGFortnite — Fortnite

https://t.me/IGOverwatch — Overwatch

https://t.me/IGNHL — NHL

Fantasy Football Telegram Groups:

https://t.me/IGNFL — NFL

https://t.me/IG_FF — Fantasy Football (BPL)

Partner Telegram Groups:

https://t.me/MazerGaming — Mazer Gaming

https://t.me/TronEsports — TRON Esports

https://t.me/GSINesports — GSIN Esports

https://t.me/DemiseEsports — Demise Esports

https://t.me/SangalEsports — Sangal Esports

https://t.me/FuegoGaming — Fuego Gaming

https://t.me/TronWalletMe — TRONWallet Me



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