1 Billion IGG Airdrop: What You Need to Know

Today is another huge milestone for the IG team and our community. The 26th of August will be forever remembered in the Intergalactic history of IG as we issue 1 billion IGG to our fellow Galacticans.

We hope that this article provides clear instructions on how you can ensure that you will receive your share of the 1,000,000,000.

Airdrop Details:

Amount to be distributed: 1 billion IGG

Eligibility Deadline: Must complete the requirements, including application to verify IG account by 10pm (UK time) today.

Distribution Formula: Amount you will receive will be based purely on your IGG holdings, compared with the total eligibile circulating supply:

[Your IGG amount/Total Eligible Circulating Supply] x 1,000,000,000

Eligible circulating supply refers to the amount of IGG that is held by eligible users wallets. It also excludes the co-founders personal and tipping wallets.

Snapshot Time: 11pm GMT

The Airdrop will begin to be distributed shortly after the snapshot.


To be eligible to receive the Airdrop today, you must:

It’s really important for you to upload the required ID verification. This is so IG can proactively comply with the KYC and AML regulations which we are governed by. So if you haven’t already, then please ensure you follow the instructions above to be eligible for the airdrop, as well as our 5000 IGG signup bonus. If you’ve followed the instruction and are yet to receive your confirmation email, then contact us at: info@iggalaxy.com or via our Telegram main channel.

The verification element will also provide a number of benefits for our IG esports ecosystem going forward. It will prevent users being able to create multiple accounts to take advantage of our generosity or to reset their ranking, to name a few.

Is This the Only Airdrop?

Do not worry if you have missed out on this Airdrop. We have scheduled multiple airdrops over the next few months to reward all early adopters. Here are the upcoming Airdrops:

  • 1b Airdrop [26th August 2018] — Based on IGG holdings
  • 1b Airdrop [September 2018] — TBC
  • 1:1 Airdrop [From November 2018] — TBC
  • Various Other Surprise Airdrops

With a script that has been perfected over the last few weeks, we will be able to surprise Galacticans with Airdrops on the basis of different formats. We will inform you about them in advance if appropriate and required (particularly if tasks need to be done to become eligible).

Intergalactic Gaming & Mazer Gaming Partnership

Yesterday, we announced our first strategic partnership with a professional esports organisation. Mazer gaming has also confirmed their interest in competing in our first esports competition. We are proud to announce they will be the first esports organisation to utilise IGG in their existing infrastructure for some of the use cases already outlined (See more here).

Coming soon: Referrals

We will be soon launching our referral campaign, where galacticans will have the ability to use their referral code to invite friends and receive 10,000 IGG once they’re verified on the platform. Let’s make some noise!


We highly value and appreciate the role of the community — we believe airdrops are a fantastic way to reward participants within our IG ecosystem. They are a way to reward those that have become early adopters of our IGG esports token. It is for this reason that we will distributing billions of IGG over the coming three months to our community, with the first mothership dropping 1 billion in less than 12 hours.

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:

Website: www.iggalaxy.com


Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/official_igg

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OfficalIGG/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergalactic_gaming/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intergalactic-gaming

Medium: https://medium.com/@info_91865




Building a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform that empowers gamers and teams! 👽

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Intergalactic Gaming

Intergalactic Gaming

Building a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform that empowers gamers and teams! 👽

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